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Creative Super X-Fi headphone holography

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  1. eliwankenobi
    New version of the software is out! Ver
  2. Cevisi
  3. Lifted Andreas
    They actually added my Massdrop Sennheiser PC37x, I'm totally impressed!

    Wonder why there's still barely any of these units on the market, maybe they're just being bought up too quick...
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2019
  4. billqs
    I just purchased the Creative Outlier Gold which incorporates Super X-Fi via software. They are a great pair of TWS buds even without using the SXFI app. I can hear differences when I use the SXFI on, but I am wondering if I am getting anywhere near the quality I would notice if I purchased the SXFI Amp. Does anyone have experience here, or would like to offer up an opinion? I'm still shocked that Creative directly is about the only way to pick up the amp. Not even Amazon appears to have it.
    Cevisi likes this.
  5. Cevisi
    Can you compare them to other iems or tws
  6. Lifted Andreas
    Yep, I find it kinda strange since every other recent Creative product is pretty widely available. The SXFi amp on the other hand is almost non existent...

    I bought mine with somewhat of a discount on eBay, when there was a couple of units listed there. It was a great price compared to the RRP, I think in GPB it was like £89 (same as a Dragonfly Black). Instead of being lile £129 or whatever it costs on the Creative store.

    Since I've bought mine they seem to have almost disappeared from online unless you go straight to Creative. Also, strange that nobody is even selling a used one right now lol
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2019
  7. billqs
    Well, I think the Creative Outlier Air or Gold both sound extremely good. I wouldn't trade them for my best set of wired IEMs or my electrostats, but they emit a balanced sound, support aac and aptx, will stay in your ear if you're exercising, and now at least do not constantly drop out. Originally dropping out was a problem with these products but it appears to have been settled and neither pair of Creative buds I've had have exhibited this. They have the best battery life for TWS and are just an overall excellent product. They are better than the airpods at almost half the cost.

    I didn't find the Super XFI simulated surround sound to be totally convincing, which is why I was trying to see how a more advanced product that had an onboard chip might have a more advanced algorythm. Even without using the Super XFI the Outlier Gold are completely worth it.
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2019
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  8. AudioManNewb
    How does Super XFI compare to creatives original SBX surround?
  9. Falkentyne
    Super X-fi > Sennheiser GSX-1000 > SBX > CMSS 3D.
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  10. x7007
    You forgot DTS Unbound, sounds great compare to SXFI, this is the next competitor.


    1. Click on the following link to go directly to the DTS Sound Unbound product page in the Microsoft store:

    2. Select DTS Sound Unbound from the Spatial sound settings from the taskbar. This will bring you directly to the Microsoft Store page.

    • Right-click on the speaker icon in the taskbar

    • Select "Spatial Sound"

    • Select “DTS Sound Unbound

    On windows 1903 on Spatial Selection I don't have DTS Sound Unbound. I only have Windows Sonic for Headphones , so just use that, it's the same and it's detected on the software as working
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2019
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  11. eliwankenobi
  12. billqs
    Well, on the surface this does a lot more than the SXFI AMP and it's cheaper... could explain why they aren't hawking the AMP as much. Still the AMP has a high quality DAC chip, whereas the X3 doesn't identify which DAC chip they are using.
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2019
  13. pokerlife
    I wonder why this new soundblaster doesnt list that it works with Xbox but does PS4... Since it has a optical input couldnt i simply plug it into my xbox or plug it into the back of my TV??
  14. billqs
    So, Creative is back ordered on the SXFI AMP... would the X3 be a good replacement product, and also a little cheaper?
  15. eliwankenobi
    It’s because XBOX does not support USB audio. PS4 and Switch do but only stereo. Would be interesting if the X3 does surround over USB with PS4
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