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Creative Super X-Fi headphone holography

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  1. Lifted Andreas
    Cheaper yes, equal no.

    I don't like the sound of both the DACs you mentioned. To me the AK DAC in the SXFI is just pure wonder, it has the amazing AK silkiness with just the perfecr amount of definition and stereo separation. Oh and did I mention the super accurate cues in games? Honestly, to me it's the best sounding DAC at around $100.

    I wouldn't trade it for any other (not the (Dragonfly or Cyrus or FiiO, you name it), except maybe a FiiO BT DAC if I needed to get rid of wires.

    PS. My previous DAC was a FiiO Q1ii, and it was nice sounding for sure but the in-game cues weren't nearly as good and it wasn't quite as good sounding with music as the SXFI.
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2019
  2. Richter Di
    Okay, here comes a tip if you are gifting the SXFI to an older person, like I did to my 80 year old father.
    On one side the app did not recognize an ear. After trying a lot of different ways - even using another mobile phone - I got the idea to cover the head of my father with a black cloth until the end of the hair line. And yes, it worked. The white and not so full hair made it hard for the software to differentiate between head and ear. So in case you run in this problem, you can try this.
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  3. froes

    For checking purposes I created a setup being a little bit odd.
    I attached a generic 7.1 USB soundcard via USB host cable to my Samsung Galaxy Note 3.
    For checking the analogue output of the soundcard I attached my old Zalman 5.1 headphones.
    These have separate connectors for L/R, SL/SR and C/LFE so it can be checked at once from which channel the signal comes.
    I simple stereo headset would do the job by checking the output of each channel pair separately.

    I played 5.1 flac files with music and a channel checker with the help of the Samsung Music app.

    First surprise: I can hear anything.
    Second surprise: after removing F/L I can hear remaining signal, LFE.
    After attaching the SL/SR to the right jack I can hear the sourround part.
    Center didn't work.
    Even with the channel checker all Channels excepted the center were audible.

    So I'm shure now that at least 4.1 will be transfered via USB. The center must be another problem.

    After that I did the same with my Onkyo Granbeat and the Onkyo HF Player app.
    A little disappointment: Only stereo (S/L) worked. All other channels remained silent.

    Back to the Note 3:
    I checked the Onkyo HF Player and the Creative SXFi player. Only stereo was audible.
    The Onkyo HF player wanted me to buy the Pro version what may install a special USB driver.
    Maybe this driver can deliver 5.1. I didn't checked it yet.

    So I resume that the 5.1 output is possible on an (older) Samsung device with the Samsung stock app.
    It can fire the Sxfi Amp with 5.1 or 7.1.

    Can you check your devices this way? Do Neutron or USB Audio Player deliver 5.1?
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2019
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  4. illram
    Was there an update? Because the reverb sounds to me like it got a lot better.
  5. x7007
    update since when? last update was like 2-3 months ago or more. what version you have?
  6. johnn29
    I think the updates are on the cloud side - as they capture more data they refine their algorithm. I've noticed it too.
  7. AudioManNewb
    Does anybody else have trouble driving DT 770 80ohms with the Super X-Fi amp?
  8. johnn29
    SXFI Theater should be on display at IFA soon
  9. eliwankenobi
    Interesting, will have to check on it.

    What worries me is the lack of Headphones support. Just the same list of supported headphones since launch. None of my headphones are on the list expect my apple airbuds and the Aurvana SE... which are OK i guess.. That profile though, works suprisingly well on the M40x IMO
  10. mushy168
    There seems to be some updates via the cloud today. It sounds very different now!
  11. x7007
    They only added new devices, nothing new for firmware or software for windows. only sxfi app..
  12. mushy168
    You should just do a new headmap and try. It's different!
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  13. Cevisi
    I did since day one no new headmap
  14. Lifted Andreas
    Only new profiles now I think.
  15. johnn29
    Yep - definitely new - it sounds much better. Treble is less harsh for me. Actually sounds very good for 2 channel music.
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