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Creative Super X-Fi headphone holography

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  1. Falkentyne
    Hi, did you have the Super X-fi and did you test it with a headset (headphones/mic combo, that has them combined on one 3.5" jack?)

    The V-moda M-100 and Crossfade 2 have an integrated cable/mic on one 3.5" jack (it comes with a cheap mic/3.5" combo cable), and you can attach the v-moda boom mic to the headphones.
    There is also a mic/headphone output splitter adapter for devices that have separate mic and headphone jacks, like the normal computer soundcards.

    So how does this work in windows then? You set the Super X-fi to 7.1 surroundsound in playback properties, then in recording properties, does it appear as the "communication device?"
    I'd really like to be able to play Overwatch with the Super X-fi and still be able to communicate with my teammates.
  2. x7007
    can't help much with the mic. I am using the elcaro sound card with a mic connected didn't mess with the sxfi mic don't have boom mic or mod.

    but ye it how you said. you can just download the sxfi software connect and change everything from there.
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2019
  3. krismusic Contributor
    Is the app available in UK? I cannot see it on the app store.
  4. eliwankenobi
    Wait, can you explain? So it has mic input but is in mono? I thought it was always mono for mic input
  5. Falkentyne
    Yes this is what I'm asking.
    Does it allow mic input with devices that have a "combined" Mic+headphone 3.5" jack, like some headsets do (like the V-Moda's boom mic attachment?)
    (in other words, in windows sound panel, is there a "recording devices" option for the SXFI ?
    Because all I need is some nice 7.1 HRTF and ability to talk to my teammates in Overwatch.
  6. Richter Di
  7. eliwankenobi
    So I just email Creative about the MIC in and this is what they said:

  8. eliwankenobi

    In another email they confirmed that they are testing the iOS app and should be released very soon!

    Good news for me as I won’t have to bother soneone else for the setup. I figure they found out the camera connection kit kinda always works and can be easily supported
  9. voidPtr
    I just solved my issue. In order for the Windows 10 App to work the device needs to have the Exclusive Mode enabled (the first checkmark in the advanced tab of the device settings). I unset that manually as i usually do with all sound cards and didn't realize it could have negative side effects.

    The device is still super fun btw. Talking to people on discord is super spooky because it sounds like they are in the same room. I kinda hoped for a competitive advantage but i am not sure it delivers that. In rainbow 6 certainly not as that seems to have horrible surround sound. With Battlefield 5 i am not sure, if you can hear foot steps they are super accurate, but since i guess battlefield is made to be a spectacle it feels a bit like there is waaay more other stuff going on and it's just a giant chaos. It's super fun as everything seems to have more impact but it seems to me the normal headphone mix is better balanced to hear every little detail. I also really like how the device makes it sound like there is a subwoofer, again not really an accurate representation of what was recorded but super fun to listen to.
    Ripley likes this.
  10. Falkentyne
    Thank you! Best news I've had all week.
    My GSX-1000 broke (ok, the micro USB port broke!!!!) so I had to order the X-fi which arrives tomorrow.
    I have some micro USB connectors (I ordered 1 of each type; there are 5 types) coming from Digikey, so hopefully I can find someone who can solder it on the GSX-1000. The PCB itself seems to be just fine. I have a soldering iron but i can't solder things that small. I bought it (and a Hakko desoldering pump) for desoldering Cherry MX switches ...

    Once i get it running I'll let you guys know how it compares to my X-fi Fatal1ty PCIE with CMSS 3D in Overwatch. It can't possibly be worse than that for sure.
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2019
  11. Falkentyne
    I got mine.
    The positional audio is excellent (I would say it's even better than the Sennheiser GSX-1000, which I broke last week (USB Port came off, ordered 5 different micro usb ports from digikey, now i just need to find someone who can solder it on), however there is a LOT of reverb in games (Overwatch, etc). If a Creative rep is reading this, is it possible to make a firmware update to disable the extra "theater / room" acoustics processing for gaming, as an option, without hurting the HRTF? This can be easily added in windows sound device properties, but may take some work.
    It sounds like I'm playing Overwatch in a stage theater.

    What exactly does the center button do?
    Is that the reverb on/off button? Or is that disabling all processing? Seems like it's removing all processing but outputting a 5.1 signal as stereo. The manual says "turns off the super x-fi" but I can still tell if a sound is playing behind or in front of me, but a lot of directional depth seems to be lost...is it outputting 5.1 as stereo?

    Answered my own question. Outputting stereo. Overwatch is really good at built in sound cues.
    Anyway an option to keep the processed HRTF and removing some of the reverb effect would be great via a windows sound properties effect/disable option.
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2019
  12. johnn29
    You guys should post on their facebook page - they listen to feedback more through social channels. I agree with the reverb - I love the Mobius because it has the option of tailoring the reverb.

    If you really want to see how the positional audio works for you try out some of the 7.1 tones here: https://thedigitaltheater.com/dolby-trailers/

    Mine has shipped, should be here on Monday. Can't wait!
  13. voidPtr
    I was actually wondering about good 7.1 test "files" and also came across those movies, but i was wondering if i just play those files in VLC and i don't have any dolby codecs or dolby hardware, will they even play in surround? Don't you need certified hardware/software?
  14. johnn29
    Just use MPC-HC or Potplayer. Make sure you put the output channels to "same as source" if you use Potplayer and it'll decode 7.1
  15. whazzup
    For the technically inclined:

    Disclosure: I'm lxxxxl over in that forum.
    Personally, I'm a lot more critical of the end result currently. But who knows? It might improve over time. Or maybe have to wait for version 2. But do beware, in the hardwarezone forums, there were, and still have a number of suspicious users that only exist to sing praises and diss on other competing techs. I'm sure some of them are here as well. Just look for those posters from Singapore and only post in this thread....:smirk:

    Would have been happy to see an actual Creative rep in the forums providing transparent discussions and agreeing to disagree, but it is what it is....So keep a lookout, trust your ears and party on...
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2019
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