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Creative Super X-Fi headphone holography

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  1. Falkentyne
    Looks like Creative is looking into the reverb issues related to gaming and will address it in a firmware and software update.
  2. eliwankenobi
    Please share the post where they said that
  3. Falkentyne
    Was an email reply.
    They said they knew a lot of people were complaining about excess reverb and/or echo and that users wanted to adjust or eliminate it and they would issue a firmware and software update in the future but it would take some time to be fixed.
  4. whazzup
    Nice to hear that. Hope that's not just standard PR talk and that it actually happens within this product generation.
  5. eliwankenobi
    Me too! As I shared before, they also told me they’ve been working on the iOS version of the App and the guy who replied was telling me he actually testing it as he was replying. So that sounds promising! As I wait for mine to arrive when my brother in-law brings it on his next trip, maybe then it will be released, and the reverb/echo fix firmware is out too!

    Gotta say, bought it on pre-order because I wanted the free headphones. Anyone here tried those? Are they effective? They sound good on their own?

    I figure I get a ModMike 5, stick it to the HPs and to my hd600 or m40x and done!
  6. QuietKungFu
    Happy to hear they are looking into the reverb. While gaming on my PC, I've noticed a couple times in Wolfenstein 2 that get a little crazy. That being said, I've set the SXFI Equalizer to "Game" mode and 7.1. I should probably check to see if the other modes (Classical, Flat, Pop or Cinema) or switching to 5.1 tone down the reverb a bit more to my liking. As a side question, what firmware are people on? The SXFI PC app says I am at 1.19.05.
  7. Falkentyne
    .61 firmware (as well as a newer app, which i think is for the headphone versions) is out but you have to get it through mobile. Also 5.1 mode doesn't work; it has the the left and right channels instead of the rear surround ones. Really no point anyway; the GSX-1000 for example doesn't even have 5.1 as an option, so no benefit to that.
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2019
  8. QuietKungFu
    Gotcha. I don't use the mobile app. I use the PC software, which was just updated. I guess it doesn't grab the newer firmware yet.
  9. Falkentyne
    How did you do your custom head mapping without the mobile app? :)
    If it's installed, just plug it into your phone (assuming you didn't use someone else's phone to do the mapping) and it should download newer firmware automatically (I forgot if there's a manual check there).
  10. QuietKungFu
    I had a friend install the app on his Android phone, and he helped take the pics for the head mapping. I use the PC software and can change the settings on that. There is a manual check button, but it says I'm up to date. Strange that the PC and mobile apps wouldn't have access to the same firmwares. Maybe they are staggering firmware rollouts?
  11. Richter Di
    Bought the updated version, the Aurvana Live!2, because I hoped they would have an optimized profile. But they are just terrible headphones. Get a pair of Beyerdynamic instead.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2019
  12. whazzup
    Oh dear...As Richter Di has said, those headphones are a step up from earbuds bundled with mobile phones (when mobile phones were still cheap), but that's about it. Don't believe Creative's hype about how they're 'certified'. They're just trying to move as much inventory as possible.

    The SXFi didn't upset the world of physics and take away the need for good headphones. Especially when you're already on the HD600s...
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2019
  13. johnn29
    I really like the bundled Aurvana. They're super comfy and I love the sound profile even has a headphone. The DT990's have horrible treble - ortary1990's EQ curve he computed via a antrhomphic head in a lab really corrects this though. The Super XFI tames that nasty treble too when you select the DT990 as the profile. But the best movie experience I've had over headphones was with the Aurvana.

    More testing today - my NX Headtracker turned up which I combined with the DT990's. I really like Waves for music and it gets the front left and right well. But the rear channels are't really out of your head at all. The SXFI blows them out the water for that. And that's with my head measurements in there. So my conclusion still stands - Waves for music, SXFI for movies.

    Tried the SXFI with my new WH-1000MX3 - the bass for movies is so similar to my dual SVS PB13's. It's like it thumps your ears. Hard to describe. The difference is I don't need to faf around for a day getting a flat EQ for each seating position. I used the MDR-1000 as the profile as they're similar sound signatures per rtings.com.

    Also tried the windows app - was really well hidden as there's no references on the SXFI pages. Makes experimenting with different headphones/profiles so much easier.

    So the DT990 250ohm version I have has a big problem with clipping, even with EQ disabled during heavy explosion scenes. You can easily verify this by playing a 20hz test tone. This is likely because it's the 250ohm version and I need the gain at 90 to get to reference volumes. The Aurvana, on the other hand, has no clipping. Applying the cinema EQ really improves movies. I'm sure the DT990 32Ohm edition will be better - but there's not much output below 25-30hz which is important for explosions in movies - so you have the boost the EQ alot.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2019
    eliwankenobi likes this.
  14. x7007
    Whoever uses EQ do you lower the bass and treble to 0 ? because it is needed . after you did that do you prefer to use EQ Flat ? or is it good to use the Game for games and Cinema for Movies ? I can't decide

    I had the Sennheiser HD800s would I even want EQ for them ?
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2019
  15. RPGWiZaRD
    I don't know if the algorithm is not working well for me or what but I really don't find it that great sounding with SXFI turned on, I mean it's like the highs disappear is the biggest problem, even boosting the highs in the custom EQ setting to top, it doesn't sound like the highs (I'm talking around 10kHz and above) comes back to life even, like they sorta are deleted from the response altogether. This is the biggest reason it won't sound good for me, the resolution to sounds takes a nose dive it sounds like, also slight bass cut is needed for a flat response.

    I tried with all the headphone eq settings too, none did sound that good.

    The device sounds decent with SXFI turned off, a bit on the warm side and VERY punchy in the bass. A bit lackluster soundstaging, but at this point I start to believe it's rather Realtek's drivers which does something magical to soundstaging when using 5.1/7.1 speakers in the speaker settings (5.1 is my preferred option), it really opens up the soundstage even when listening to music. This device whether it's set to stereo, 5.1 or 7.1 it just sounds so closed-in in comparison to the Realtek onboard soundcard. SXFI when turned on expands the soundstaging greatly and it's more like a speaker "in-front of you" (if tad distant sounding to me, ie. not a monitor studio setup but more like sitting in a large living room with speakers and the sofa placed in opposite ends of the room) but it just doesn't sound good to me, too much detail and such is lost.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2019
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