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Creative Super X-Fi headphone holography

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  1. Richter Di
    I think it would be so important that companies have their say in our discussions.

    What a great motto.
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  2. voidPtr
    I don't understand much of what this guy is talking about, but what seems a bit wrong to me is that he tries to say that picking the right headphone setting has little impact by measuring the impact it has, when in reality, for everyone who has the device and has supported headphones it should be pretty clear that picking the right headphone in the settings is crucial to the effect sounding great.The point he is trying to make was maybe a different one, but i am not sure he has even heard the proper sound of the device?

    Edit: Thanks @johnn29 for recommending pot player, nice to be able to select all these different output modes. It has a much higher base volume it seems, so i am not sure it sounds much different, but certainly doesn't sound worse.
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2019
  3. whazzup

    I don't think he meant that there's little impact. Quoting his words below (and I do agree):
    If you have the device and liked it, great!
    My intention is just to provide balanced viewpoints. Some are totally fine with what Super X-Fi gives. Some, like myself, after experiencing what HeSuVi and Out of Your Head provide, hesitate to agree that Super X-Fi is the 'holy grail'.

    Muddying the waters further is the fact that some reviewers get to have the personalized ear calibration profile done, while paying customers can only use the head mapping calibration, which Creative insists is '80%' of the ear calibration performance. Do be aware of this difference when reading what reviewers say.
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2019
  4. illram
    I'm not going to disagree with the measurements, frankly I am not knowledgeable enough to do so, and also I have not tried the X-fi with any music to really give it a critical listen. I just use it for PC games (which I play sparingly right now.) I do know it is no good with my Andromedas, as it introduces hiss. Those are very sensitive IEMs. Disappointing given it is a tiny phone dac/amp and would be perfect for that.

    I do know however that VSS DSP's are hugely subjective, and it is one of those things where people may have wildly differing opinions. I for one do think the DSP being used here works very very well for accurate sound cues in games. For example, I agree with him that the X-fi really puts audio in front of you, but I disagree that it is putting stuff in front that does not belong in front, and I disagree with his conclusion on its rear audio cues. I think it has very well articulated rear cues; the best I have heard thus far. To my ears, better than the huge number of DSP's (including OOYH and almost everything HeSuVi offers natively) I have tried.

    I'm not saying he is wrong, he hears what he hears. People should be aware that this might not work for them. I guess my point is just that none of us are really the definitive answer to whether it "works" or not, given the science behind HRTF, and people just have to try it out.
  5. RRod
    Haven't noticed crosstalk issues in normal stereo mode. I would call -47dB as-far-as-you-go-south before issues probably arise. Now that's a separate question than 'what does Creative's marketing promise.'
  6. HiFlight
    1. The cable needs to be an OTG cable. I don't think the Amazon Basic cable is OTG.
    2. I have the same issue when using the UAPP app with my Samsung phone. I believe it is a Samsung bug.
  7. edwardsean
    @HiFlight, I see that you also have a DX200 have you had any luck using the Xfi app with the DX200 DAC/amp. I want to just use the processing but avoid the DAC/amp in the Xfi dongle.

    The issue is that the DX200, like other DAPs, doesnt’ have a camera. I’m trying to find a USB-c cam that might work for the application but can’t find confimrmation that one will work.
  8. Richter Di
    1. Yes. understood the problem and now use an OTG cable and it works.
    2 That is unfortunateley.
  9. HiFlight
    I didn't try the app with my DX200. I just used my old HTC10 to take the pix then uploaded them via Wi-Fi as I no longer have a phone account on the HTC. I got the App but didn't order the amp, but rather the SXFI Air headphone. While I could use the amp with my HTC, the current draw would likely run the phone battery down very quickly. For me, the Air checks all my boxes and is about the same price as the Amp. Once my profile is sent to the Air, I can use it with any input (according to specifications). Plus, the ability to use a micro SD card will be very handy.
  10. oferpo
    uick tip: How to install the SXFI android app if you don't live in Singapore or U.S.

    as you probably know, the app is only available for US and Singapore google play customers, according to the sxfi site, it's also impossible to install the APK from anywhere else in the world.
    follow this guide, no need to buy Tunnelbear, it will give you free 500mb, you only need 186mb.
    worked perfectly
    I hope this helps someone out there
  11. johnn29
    Just signed for mine - jesus the HRTF is by FAR the best I've heard for locailsation. With every other one I've tried, the GSX and Waves/Mobius being the best the sound does sound out of your head but very close to it. So when sounds are coming from the rear - it's close to your head but behind it. This sounds like a loud speaker placed in a proper 7.1 position. The center channel is also the most realistic I've heard so far.

    Creative do need to offer more options for customisation - not everyone is going to like the reverb from the theatre room they used. But after reading those measurements I thought I might have been scammed by the hype but now I'm very much looking forward to watching a few movies with this!
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2019
  12. Falkentyne
    You should try the Overwatch training room with this. (Assuming you play PC games, but this IS head-fi, not overclock.net so I guess not a lot of people here do that). The same 'rear' sounds you hear in the GSX-1000 as in the X-fi, but the DEPTH of them in the X-fi is much greater! It's, like you said, like the sound source of more distant objects from the player is actually sounding like it's coming from a distance. It's very impressive.

    I wonder how that Realiser A16 sounds now...but that thing is priced way out of anything I will ever be able to afford.

    The one thing the GSX-1000 does well is that it doesn't alter the basic sound at all. No theater type reverb or other processing seems to be apparent. I think Creative CMSS-3D headphone on the soundcards also kept the sound rather clean as well.

    Dark Souls 2 sounds better on the Super X-fi though when you're in a dungeon.
  13. johnn29
    I don't actually game - apart from NHL game son the Xbox!

    So I' spent yesterday watching my regular weekly shows and a few Netflix Atmos (but in 5.1 of course) shows. I have the Sony HW-700DS, Astro A50, Mobius Audeze and SXFI. But for this comparison I'm concentrating on the Audeze and SXFI. My SXFI has their certified headphones which I'm confirmed has the correct config uploaded. My primary purpose for all this is to try and replicate my 5.2.4 loud speaker setup because dual SVS PB-13's playing the shuttle take off scene did cause me one noise complaint. My only one though! I have Dual Quake 10B tactile transducers - so I don't actually miss the physical impact of huge subs as the Quake's put those subs to shame. So all headphones are with the Quakes.

    I played the Dolby Atmos 7.1.2 test tones to get a gauge of how accurate the channel placement is. I then used select Atmos Demo disc material for movie clips. My initial thought of the SXFI was that it was the best I'd heard - especially the rears and center. I then went back and forth between the Audeze and SXFI with the same signal being played via Potplayer's dual audio outputs so I could quickly switch between each headphone.

    Center channel - This is important for dialogue. The SXFI immediately feels like it's up front and well out of your head. If you're watching a movie in a lit environment the illusion is lost a little - but soon as you turn off the lights and sit in pitch black your brain just thinks the dialogue is coming from the TV. I have a velvet curtain laden batcave for my projector and I find pitch black is important into fooling your ears with headphones. Otherwise you expect the dialogue to be coming from the visible center channel.

    Mobius - there's a center image for sure but it feels less up there. However, soon as you move your head - the head tracking really pins the center channel to the screen. If you're looking up at your TV or reclining ,you can even press the 3D center button to "lift" the dialogue so that it eminates from the centre of the screen - almost like an acoustically transparent screen.

    Rear channels - SXFI immediately feels like it's where my real speakers are in the room - it's direction and position feel way out of your head. The mobius feels much closer.

    Front Channels - Both are pretty good here - again when you start moving your head the mobius feels more pinned than before. But without head movement the SXFI sounds better.

    Sound quality - Now here's where the mobius really shines. I actually like listening to stereo music with the 3D effect enabled - especially with the Warm EQ. If I like listening to music on this - it should also sound better for movies. The SXFI - I don't really enjoy listening to music on it - it has way too much reverb. I suspect they didn't actually use simple reverb - it's measured from a real room like Out of your Head does. But I don't like it from a pair of headphones. Headphones have advantages - one of those huge ones is clarity and taking the room out of the picture. I've spent days tweaking my AVR setup with Auddssey's room correction to try and improve clarity. With headphones I get it by design. Mobius enables you to control the reverb effect. In my real room when I play white noise on my center channel and move my head it doesn't feel like what the mobius does. However, if I turn up the reverb on the mobius - the head tracking effect is much less prounounced which emulates a real room. So I suspect that's the effect SXFI went for.

    For the future I hope Creative add head tracking and give us more tweaks.

    Edit: Some more thoughts

    The bass on the SXFI is pretty amazing with the bundled Aurvana Special Edition. The LFE channel seems to hit home like a real sub. I'm struggling to describe it but it's almost like you're expecting to feel the bass like you do from a sub. With Waves it certainly doesn't get like that even with the same headphones. I know in real AVR systems, the LFE channel gets a 10db boost. I've tried to replicate that in HeSuVi but it still doesn't have the impact.

    Waves App has a movie theatre preset - it's still much less reverb than SXFI. But it's closer between them for movies with this preset. SXFI beats it for positioning and true surround sound, especially when things get loud in movies. Waves is clearer.

    The ultimate is going to be SXFI with Head tracking and tweaking reverb/room.
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2019
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  14. eliwankenobi
    Great comment! Appreciate it! Now I’m even more excited to try it when I get it.

    I would also add, ability to make out own measurements? But I guess that can be improved by improving on the picture setup side of things..

    I have HD600s and ATH-M40x so I plan on testing with the HD650 and M50x profiles respectively and try without them vs the In-Box Creative hp. Should be fun!

    I do wonder, how it would sound on great Imaging HPs like the HD800!! Someone here with that combo?!
  15. x7007
    I do with 800s , it sound impressive, but it does compete vs Cmedia XEAR Headphones 3D surround . I still can't decide which I like better.
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