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Creative Super X-Fi headphone holography

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  1. sahmen
    Will the Super XFi App work on an Android Tablet, or does it strictly require an Android phone? I am usually an iphone/ipad guy, but I may have an android tablet or two that I could dig up for this. I would like to avoid the hassle of borrowing someone else's android phone, or buying one, if I do not have to.
  2. InfernoFZ
    No reason it shouldn't as long it's at least android 7. Couldn't hurt and try d/ling from the app store and see how it goes.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2019
  3. johnn29
    UK release is live on the playstore. I also got an email about shipping - so I guess they're going out soon.

    Shame they don't let you just try the virtualisation out without plugging in your SXFI amp to activate it. You should just be able to activate it with a license code or something.

    Very simple fixed banwidth EQ too - shame it's not parametric
  4. Richter Di
  5. x7007
    Does anyone else when you restart windows 10 1809 and you play any sound or music , while the sound plays you click on the windows little tray icon speaker near the clock , the sound stops for 1 sec and continues.

    Anyone knows how to fix this ?
  6. Richter Di
    Hi, I have two short questions:

    1. I connect my Super X-Fi to a Samsung A7 which still has Micro USB. So I used the USB C to USB C and the USB C to Micro USB adapter provided with the Super X-Fi, which works fine. Now I had the idea to get rid of the extra adapter and bought a USB C to micro USB cable from amazon basics. The cable itself obviously works, since when I connect the cable to a PC and then to the Samsung it works. But the Super X-Fi app does not recognize the Super X-Fi amp when I use the cable. Any ideas?

    2. Always when I connect my Super X-Fi to the Samsung a message pops up if I would allow the Super X-Fi app to connect to the USB device (obviously the Super X-Fi amp). I can mark a check box saying, make it a standard. Unfortunately even after ticking the box it still always comes up every time I connect the Super X-Fi amp.

    Many thanks in advance.
  7. Fegefeuer
    So, for those who have it:

    How is it on the PC for gaming and movies? How does it compare to SBX, GSX, CMSS-3D?
  8. illram
    Once I calibrated it, it is better than any I have tried as far as accurate directional cues. It has more reverb though, like I am in a big room.
  9. froes
    I asume you will need a host capable cable. I had the same problem with another device for wich my Samsung had to act as host.
  10. Richter Di
    Thank. But this should work, and it does not.

    66F4E497-098D-455E-BB97-11A78BCCE0A5.jpeg D3D0365F-64D5-4F6D-B17F-5DAED64DA68C.jpeg BF6F5E82-88F7-47AA-9A0E-84C976C601D8.jpeg CEF3800F-5F20-4FA0-9C0A-B31CD064251E.jpeg
  11. Richter Di
    Is there any official informaton how the Super X-Fi handles HiRes?
    I throw at hi 24 bit 96 kHz and it works. But does he actually process it or ist reduced to 16 bit 44.1 before it goes to the Super X-Fi?
  12. Fegefeuer
    Creative mentions the app not being compatible with the XA and XA1 Sony Smartphones. Doesn't work with my XZ premium either though. It has been nice never knowing you, Super X-Fi.

  13. eliwankenobi
    Hello All!

    Haven’t been over here in over year! I figured since I got my LH Labs Pulse Infinity and I was happy with it I would step away from head-fi and live happy with it and my balanced HD600s!

    Ok, so now I’m back because I pre-ordered it, but only because reviews from sites I trust are describing this as a revelation in audio short of going for a Smyth Research unit (which I can’t do). I also like that the amp itself should be plenty as I don’t have a dedicated HP amp.

    Got a couple questions to the experts here. So as I said before, I have HD600, I also have ath-m40x but the certified headphones are the hd650,hd598 and the m50x...

    So my question is: how close are my headphones in relation to the certified ones? Assuming that will be the profile I will be using with mine.

    Another one is: Will there be a way for us to do our own in ear measurements like Creative did to people in CES? Will there be a repository where people who have done so can share their profiles for us to test out? I know this already is a thing for the smyth realizers, just wondering

    Last edited: Jan 26, 2019
  14. Richter Di
    They are pretty close but for sure it is individual taste. The HD 600 has more veil compared to the HD 650 in my opinion. So you have to try.

    I had the same question in mind the last days. Wouldn't it be great to get the in ear measurement? I fear that this will not be done by Creative. But as they seem to be interested in licensing it could be that some other company might just do that. How about the http://www.soundman.de/ guys. They have allready the inEar microphones?
  15. Nerdybeng
    1) I tried the same type of cable from a different brand. Didn't work. Then I realized that the direction is wrong, it should be from micro-USB to USB-C. I searched on the China shopping platform Taobao but couldn't find any USB-C to micro-USB cable. I suppose this is a really rare scenario.
    2) Same. I guess it's a bug.
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