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Creative Super X-Fi headphone holography

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  1. dandiego

    "During a brief meeting with Mr Sim at CES 2019, The Straits Times was shown a prototype of a Super X-Fi media box, called Sxfi TV. This media box has two HDMI ports - one input and one output - and four USB ports. Users will need a pair of new Super X-Fi headphones - called Sxfi Theatre. It looks similar to the Sxfi Air, but is not Bluetooth-enabled. Instead, it comes with its own USB wireless dongle known as Sxfi Transmitter. The user's Super X-Fi profile will be stored on the Sxfi Transmitter. When the Sxfi Transmitter is plugged into the Sxfi TV, users can enjoy 3D sound on the Sxfi Theatre, regardless of the input source, whether it is from a PS4, Blu-ray player or Apple TV. As such, up to four can enjoy 3D sound right at their homes with the Sxfi TV. The Sxfi TV, Sxfi Theatre and Sxfi Transmitter are expected to launch during third quarter of this year. Pricing is yet to be confirmed."
  2. illram
    They are really trying to eat Smyth's lunch but there are so many more details they need to release to tell us if this product is worth anything or not. When it comes to home theater stuff the real hit or miss is in what audio the box can decode, what HDMI board it has, which types of HDR it supports, etc. Also disappointed it looks like you cannot use your own headphones though, that's a dealbreaker for me. It would make more sense if the wireless dongle plugged into your headphones, not the unit.

    If this was actually going to compete with the Realiser, at least in its set-top box decoding abilities, it would be Dolby Vision/HDR10 capable, HDMI 2.0b (at least), and decode all the popular surround codecs (DTS, Atmos, DD+). If that winds up being the case then this would be a very interesting product...
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2019
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  3. obiwon
    They apparently won Best of CES 2019 from 4 groups including AVS Forums and SoundGuys so that must mean they are pretty impressive. I wonder if they will come with the in-ear calibration instead of the ear mapping. That should make them sound even better.
  4. Richter Di
    First of all, I share your frustration. I had the same.
    Secondly, I wrote them a lengthy message about my frustration and how I as an early adopert and active Head Fi member would love to be one of the first to listen to it. That really changed their way of looking at this.
    According to their messages they fear that too many people might just download the app without having the dongle and get frustrated finding out that they would need the dongle too. So they want to be able to deliver the Super XFi at the same time.
  5. x7007
    I wrote them what I can , I don't know if this would help... I mean I love music and games, I have the Sennheiser HD800s ,, I bought the HT Omega Eclaro sound card because it has the best 3D surround at the time called XEAR . now there is the SXFI and I can't use it ! . so I hope they'll help me cause I am frustrated as hell ,, I want to play games with the SXFI but I can't wait ages.. it's been like 3-4 months since I got it and I couldn't use it cause it sound bad without calibration .

    I even took photo written my name, date and country to show them I have the USB dongle amp.. so they know I have it.
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2019
  6. obiwon
    If u want it that bad just VPN for a different country and download it.
  7. x7007
    It doesn't work man...... how far did you read the messages here ?
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  8. limjohn5
    Seems like it will be HDMI 2.1

    "It has HDMI-in and HDMI-out ports, both supporting the latest HDMI 2.1 standards to help pass through all the relevant HDR video data to and from your connected devices"

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  9. Richter Di
    I am so sorry to hear this!
  10. innocentblood
  11. illram
  12. dragon5
    if you need it badly, try this:
    1. install and run fake gps location from playstore, then turn off phone's gps and set the app to set location to singapore
    2. install and run turbo vpn from playstore and set location to singapore.
    3. set phone to aeroplane mode
    4. turn on wifi and install super xfi app from playstore
  13. x7007
    MANAGED to get it WORKING !!

    screw u creative :D

    Don't forget to disable Location/GPS on the phone before everything

    1. You need remove your google account from your phone and create a new one that specific on USA . you can use this number to authorize your identification and location cause gmail needs that .

    2. Register with Gmail a new account with USA number

    +1 469-373-3020
    and use this site to get the code like a bunch of other people use this and do refresh when you get the verify code , just find yours


    Then use a VPN like bearbuddy or what's it called to connect to USA or Singapore , do it from the phone.

    make sure your remove DATA from the Google play store . then the app will be visible, register with any email you want.

    Sounds amazing !
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2019
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  14. Richter Di
    Genius. Congratulations!
  15. johnn29
    If they support eARC the SXFI amp will be able to just process audio. So whatever future video standards come, it'll still work.

    I'm really frustrated by their lack of turning on the app for non US/Singapore. I've ordered a device but can't even play with the app. The work around just are't working for me and I think they've blocked install on international variants of the s9. So even when I do get through, I can't install it. Really odd policy but I guess they are guarding the ratings. The latest reviews look low.
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