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Creative Sound Blaster X7 - Detailed Review & Impressions

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by earfonia, Feb 22, 2015.
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  1. HawkBat
    Has anyone tried to use a USB powered headset with the X7 i.e. one plug goes into the headphone jack, one plug goes into the mic jack and the USB connector is plugged into the X7's USB port? I've tried it and it works, but there is a high pitched whine. Has any one else experienced this?
  2. Onik
    Not with X7 but I did try with my Xbox 360/PC one Turtle Beach gaming headset yes the noise was there while using USB 2.0 port but less noise on usb 3.0 port.

    I was thinking to ask this question long time ago but I forgot. I will be happy to know if anyone knows the cus of this harsh noise and knows how to eliminate it.
  3. HawkBat
    Are you plugging your Turtle Beach headset into the X7 at all?
  4. Onik
    No I never tried any gaming headset with X7 cus I use it just for music atm, and I don't wanna use any cheap usb powered headset with it.
  5. Digitalis
    I have been listening to the Oriveti New primacy Hybird IEMs - I got them on sale. They pair very well with the X7, soundstage is a bit narrower than what i'm used to with my Klipsch speakers and bass can get a bit boomy with SBX on*. Vocals are generally oustanding. The only thing lacking with the Primacy is the extreme high end is a bit restrained - thankfully you can use EQ to give a subtle to boost the high end and open the sound up.

    Though I noticed something rather wierd: even with the volume turned all the way down, I can still hear my music. Is this just a thing with sensitive IEM's?

    * all criticisms aside, Sub bass quality and quantity from these IEMS is unreal with SBX on. The depths the primacy can reach is jaw dropping. There is, what i'm pretty sure, is a typo on the back of the box stating they have a frequency response from 20hz to 40hz i'm pretty sure it's 20hz to 40Khz .Though: from what I have heard I'd be confident they can pull off 5~7hz. I have SBX set up as follows: Surround 15%. Crystalizer: off. Bass at 50% with the crossover set at 31 hz. Smart volume: off. dialog Plus : Off.
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2018
  6. conquerator2
  7. Yethal
  8. conquerator2
    No, no time or money for that :D Though it would be really cool! Just not much time for games. Just stereo is sufficient for the occasions when I do game now. The R2R11 offers a very enjoyable listening experience overall (though no surround obviously)
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2018
  9. Onik
    Why my volume drop when I select Line+Amplifier Out and not with Line Out?? whats the difference and dont really understand what Line+Amplifier Out do?

    And If I use Asio/Waspi mode is the Direct mode still necessary?

    sorry for the silly questions as X7 is my first DAC I ever bought in my life, and still not sure how its software really works :thinking:
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2018
  10. ColinMacLaren
    I am not sure but maybe this option is for pairing passive speakers with an additional subwoofer and/or rear speakers? Have to try this after work.
  11. msidhu93
    You would think that's how it should work, however I currently am using a pair of passive speakers with a separate active subwoofer using the sub line out and I have that option set to just amplifier. It doesn't seem to make a difference if I set it to Amp+Line out or just Amp. If I select Line Out, then I only get the subwoofer channel which makes sense however.
  12. Onik
    guess nobody really knows the reason, no worries I will ask Creative and then I will post my answer.

    Edit: Reply from Creative Tech:

    Creative Support (Creative Labs Pte Ltd.)

    Mar 13, 11:43 +08

    Hi Onik,

    Thank you for your patience with us.

    With regard to your last email, you may refer on the following information provided below:

    Line + Amplifier out = Both passive + Line out are active
    Line out = Only the speakers connected to the line out are active
    Amplifier out = Only the passive out will work.
    However if you want to connect an optional speakers to create 5.1, only the Rear and C/Sub out will work.
    Front L/R (analog) will not work since this will be handled by the passive out.

    This could also explain the volume drop since passive out is not applicable for your Z906.

    The front L/R are disabled when you choose Amplifier only mode.

    For now, we have no idea what audio connection(s) that you're using with the SB X7 in this case. (Via Optical or Analog)

    On the other hand, Direct mode is not necessary for ASIO mode.

    If you require further assistance, please reply to this email and we will get back to you.

    Creative Labs Pte Ltd

    Hope this Helps everyone now to understand the difference.
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2018
  13. mexx
    I'm considering buying a X7 and I've tried to read through the whole thread but there are 2 things I still do not understand, so maybe someone could explain those to me.

    1) I read that the X7 cannot be used with bluetooth headphones/headsets as it only receives bluetooth audio and not transmits. But then again some state that you can use a BT-W2 plugged in a PS4 and use a microphone plugged into the X7 to use voice chat on the PS4. How could that work if the X7 could not transmit the audio via bluetooth?

    2) I've seen claims that the X7 cannot use 5.1 PCM over TOSlink because that would be too much data for the optical connection. But it seems to support 24bit/192kHz stereo over that connection, wouldn't that be even more data than let's say a 24bit/48kHz 5.1 signal?

  14. Yethal
    1). It can transmit to the btw2 dongle so it is compatible with ps4
    2) it can do 5.1 if you use Dolby digital
  15. mexx
    Thanks, I know that. That is the point of my questions. I was just puzzled...
    1) Why can it transmit audio to the dongle at a ps4 but not to a standard bluetooth headphone?
    2) Why can it only use compressed DD 5.1 or 2-ch PCM@24/192 when 6-ch PCM@24/48 would have less bandwidth than the 2-ch PCM (or even using something like Dolby TrueHD with additional lossless compression)?
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