ORIVETI NEW PRIMACY - Premium Triple Driver Hybrid HiFi IEM Headphones

General Information

* Whole Alumium Earphone Body
* Hybrid Driver Technology
* High Class 8 Wires Braided Detachable Cable
* New Tuning

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100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Build, Size/Fit, Price
Cons: Cable had some issues/intermittent connection loss
For the purpose of the review most of my listening was done through my Sony Zx300, and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, and Macbook Pro 2015 to see how easy they were to drive. The Fiio X7II was used to see what the sounded like with a different DAP. The volume on the Zx300 was always in the 35-50 range balanced and High Gain. The Oriveti New Primacy were compared to some of the other iems I had on hand such as the Campfire Audio Orions (~349USD), Creative Aurvana Trio(~149-99USD), and Earsonics Es Velvet V2 (~699USD). Just to be clear the Iems were run out of balanced using the Fiio LC-4.4 (Don't ask me if cables matter please and thank you), I don't have a 2 pin -> 4.4 cable at the moment so the Velvet V2 were run via SE unfortunately. (ONP= Oriveti New Primacy)

I apologize about the size of the images I would have preferred to use thumbnails but I was having trouble uploading them and had to imbed these.

The Songs I Listened to Were:

· Shiver by Lucy Rose

· On & On by Joey BadA$$

· Righteous Minds by Joey BadA$$

· Time Lapse by Ludovico Einauldi

· Labyrinth by Mondo Grosso

· For Now I am Winter by Olafur Arnalds

· Visions by Vanilla

· Ambitionz az a Ridah by Tupac

· Thriller by Michael Jackson

· Second Hand News by FleetWood Mac

These songs were 320kps, Flac, and the last 2 DSD just to cover all of my bases. It is important to note that the zx300 does not fully convert dsd unless you are using the Balanced output.

Packaging, Build, and Fit.

The Oriveti New Primacy (ONP), come in a nice black box, which displays an image of a the iems themselves in a glossy finish. Inside the box you have the ONP inserted in a foam sheet which the cable is wrapped around. When you remove the sheet and them iems you will see the circular case for the iems made out of metal. This is too large to be pocketable but will keep the ONP safe in a bag. The packaging includes and airplane adaptor and a good number of tips. The cable itself is nothing special it is a soft 8 core braided cable terminated in 3.5mm SE, and I did have some issues with this cable where I seemed to be losing connection on one side intermittently but when switching to a different cable there was no problem what so ever.



The Oriveti New Primacy comes in an a very small shell aluminum shell, with 1 dynamic driver and 2 balanced armature drivers. When worn with comply tips they provide a good amount of isolation and people should have little issue with getting a good seal or fit due to their compact size. I used symbio W to get a good Isolation.

Sound: (impressions Based on listening via the ZX300/4.4mm)



The bass on the Oriveti New Primacy is very nice it provides a good amount of impact when listening to music like rap. Not over powered or bloated, the speed is also great leaving nothing to be desire in regard to that. The amount of texture and extension is decent and these are the only areas where I feel the ONP can be improved,


The Midrange on the ONP amazing. They provide a good body to vocals which are not too forward or recessed whatsoever, just right. They provide a good amount of air to female vocals and do not come across as shrill or shouty at any point, they also provide life to guitars, producing a sense of reverb I do not get with other Iems I have tried. Especially when listening to something like Shiver by Lucy Rose. The only caveat being that when listening to ONP with the Zx300 and spinfits vocals did get sharp at times. Symbios and foam tips help mitigate this a bit.


Once again, the ONP really do wonders here they do not exhibit a fatiguing quality to them and I was able to listen to them for hours without a single problem. The provide just enough detail to be satisfying and not be bright. Separation is good at this price range too. Soundstage is very adequate, but while it may not be the best it does provide some depth which is a nice addition, the footsteps during the Intro of Thriller is what I used to listen for this. This may not be attributed to Treble but overall the ONP did not have any problems when listening to very busy tracks and did not sound congested, Listening to Labyrinth by Mondo Grosso and you get a grasp of what I am referring too.


For the comparisons, I will mainly be comparing the three other iems mentioned; the Creative Aurvana Trio, the Campfire Audio Orion, and the EarSonics Velvet V2, the reason for these three is because they are what I have available to me.


To start the comparison is the Campfire Orion (~349USD)

The Campfire Orion have been the iems which I have owned the longest and are used almost 4-6 hours a day, in and out of my pocket without a case. Their condition is not that great anymore but build is solid and all of that is just cosmetic. I am fairly familiar with the way they sound. The housing of the Orions is significantly larger and boxier than that of the ONP, it has been known to cause issues for many users and in this regard, I think that the ONP will be a much better option for people who are worried about fitting. The ONP and Orion are very different in the way that they deliver sound as well, One is a hybrid with 1DD and 2BA and the other is a single BA. When comparing the Bass with songs like labyrinth, On & On, and Ambitionz az A Ridah, the ONP has a greater amount of impact with each bass note and hit of the drum, while I feel the Orions are more articulated and provide a greater amount of texture. In terms of decay the Orion's seemed to have a longer decay but were slightly slower, whereas the ONP had a quick attack and shorter decay, the song I listened to for this was Righteous minds. In regard to the Midrange I listened to Shiver by Lucy Rose, it helped with determining the quality of female vocals and how an acoustic guitar sounded. Shiver sounded amazing on both of these iems, the ONP were ever so slightly recessed making Lucy sound a bit further into the mix. This is not a bad thing as I would consider the Orions, from my experience the Orions have a very forward midrange. The guitars sounded great as well on the ONP each strum strum having no harshness, and a good body to it. In terms of treble the Oriveti again are great. There is no glaring faults here, Cymbals have a good crash, no sharpness, there seemed to be greater echoey/ reverb-y sound with the ONP when listening to Labyrinth compared that was not present with the Orions. The ONP is much better than the Orion when listening to super busy tracks were there is a lot of instruments and vocals going on at one time. And finally, in regard to Soundstage and separation of instruments both were very similar with the ONP having slightly more depth and the Orion having slightly more width.

Next is the EarSonics VelvetV2 (~699USD)

The Velvet V2 are a tuneable iem unlike the ONP, but for this comparison I primarily listened to the normal tuning which i preferred out of the 3 options. The EarSonics much like the Orion are an only Balanced armature design with 3 Drivers one for each frequency. The sound is not very similar. The Bass on these Iems has better extension into the sub-bass than the ONP and provide some feeling of rumble when listening to the songs with extension. When listening to Ambtionz az a Ridah there is a greater thump and impact to the bass overall it is a much tighter experience. When listening to songs like Shiver the Velvet are too distant and the vocals are not where I would like them to be for this kind of music, the guitar also does not have the same body, the strings have a greater emphasis. The ONP were much more natural in the midrange as a whole. The Velvet have more energy in the treble, cymbals have more sparkly to them and greater separation. Soundstage was similar Thriller was used to listen for these things especially the first minute where the door opens and you can hear the footsteps go from right to left. I would personally take the ONP over the Velvet because of the Midrange.

Last is the Aurvana Trio (~99-149USD)

These were not as friendly with fit especially when using the Fiio balanced cable due to their design which is primarily for cable down use. These are the Iem of the three which is also a hybrid, it uses 2 BA and 1 Bio-cellulose Dynamic Driver. The bass on these is the first thing I noticed when listening to Labyrinth, there is definitely and emphasis here, much more quantity then any of the iems mentioned. I feel these are a little bloated here and this makes them not as pleasing to listen to on busier tracks. The ONP is also much better on vocals there is much more air to Lucy's voice and the guitar notes seem to linger longer on the ONP, The Trio are not as forward as the ONP and were also slightly thinner here. Finally, the Treble provides some texture to cymbals and snares but overall it is a little thin lacking in detail. When listening to thriller the soundstage is slightly smaller than the ONP and does not have the same depth. It seems a little incoherent compared to the ONP.

Pairings and Driveability:

At the time of doing this Review I had access to the Fiio X7II and the Sony ZX300 Both are amazing daps and both were listened out of the balanced output. Additionally, the ONP had no issue when being driven out of my phone or laptop and there was no noticeable his, as compared to the Campfire Orion which produces a lot of hiss. The Oriveti on balanced where listened to at a volume of about 27-30 on high gain, while on the zx300 it was 40-50.


This combination was my favorite of the two, it provided more detail to the ONP while not ruining any other part of its sound. The X7II to me added what I felt was lacking, the Fiio itself provided a lot more detail that I did not get with the zx300, the bass region had the texture I felt was lacking when listening with the Zx300, there was also an improvement with separation of instruments and vocals. The best part of this combination for me was that I did not experience the same sharpness I got with the ZX300, spinfits were not an issue here either. The only downside of this combination was that there was a major collapse in the soundstage but overall, I would take this combination over the zx300.


The Oriveti is a very good package for the price, with great build and fit, an easy recommendation for people looking for an affordable Hybrid. The sound itself is great. The bass on the ONP is very good and provides sufficient impact for what I want in my music, but can be improved upon with sub-bass extension, the midrange is excellent, no thinness making acoustic music and females vocals stand out. And lastly, they have a great soundstage that provides depth with enough detail to please most. It is an excellent all-rounder.

Thanks for reading my review, if you own these let me know what you think. Lastly, if there are any recommendations on how to improve please let me know, especially with my writing and format.

narco dacunzolo

New Head-Fier
I will do my best in order to write a comprehensive review, since I usually write my articles in Italian language on my personal blog and an important audio site in my country, but when I find the audio product that creates beautiful emotions in me , I am really happy to share my opinions worldwide. Really hope you will enjoy it.

DISCLAIMER: ORIVETI NEW PRIMACY unit was sent me as a sample unit, for this I really thank Marco and ORIVETI team. I am not affiliated with the company and all observations and opinions will be only my own.

LINK TO THE OFFICIAL FACEBOK PAGE : https://www.facebook.com/oriveti/

LINK TO THE OFFICIAL SITE : https://www.oriveti.com/new-primacy

PACKAGING: packaging is very rich with a lot of accessories : various silicone tips and foam ones( You surely will find the right tips for your ears), a nice looking hard case made of metal and a 6.3 mm adaptor. The new primacy is a nice looking iem and it is very comfortable and lightweight. I have to say that the matte black colour I received, is very fashionable and for 300 USD you can buy a very premium earphone both for its solid construction thanks to the metal body both for its high quality sound.

Just want you to notice that new primacy has a detachable cable, and the cable you get out of the box is very high quality one.


All my sound consideration has been made after 50 hours of burn in, using both my smartphone and fiio x 5 and ifi nano black label.

DRIVER CONFIGURATION: Dual Balanced armature +1 Dynamic Driver.

Thanks to its low impedance of 8 ohm you can easily drive it with your smartphone, but you will get better sound with a solid DAP. For example using with my fiio x5 and ifi nano I found a richer sound with better dynamic and a more coherent soundstage.

New Primacy has quite a neutral sound with a touch of warmth and romantic sound signature.

Bass is nice balanced and controlled, maybe I would prefer a faster bass like in the fiio ex1 2nd gen, but with a good source you get a stronger and a better decay for the bass response.

The star of the show is mids reproduction: very clean and organic; with Lana Del Rey “Get Free”, NEW PRIMACY is able to reproduce the sensual and romantic voice of this singer with great details and transparency. Highs are very controlled and refined but you can’t find a lot of sparkles, so you will get an extended treble response but without harshness and sibilance issues.

Soundstage is very good, in particular you get a wide soundstage with a good dynamic and detailed sound reproduction.

FINAL WORDS: if you are looking for a quite neutral sound with a touch of warmth and delicacy, a premium construction at an affordable price NEW PRIMACY will be a very good choice for you.


Driver: Exclusive Dual Armature Driver & 8mm Dynamic Driver
Impedance: 8 Ohm
Frequency Response: 20 - 20000Hz
Sensitivity: 105+-3dB/mW, 1000Hz

 Distortion: <1%

Plug: Gold-plated 3.5mm Stereo Plug

Cable: 1.2 m

Package Includes:
Earphone body - 1pair
Detachable Cable - 1pc
Aluminium Carrying Case
XS, S, M, L Silicone Tips - 2pair per size
M form tips - 2pairs
Flight adaptor - 1pc
Double Flange Tips - 2pairs
3.5mm to 6.5mm plug -1pc
Ear Hook - 1pair

MIDS: 8,6

BASS: 8,4

HIGHS: 8.4




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Dobrescu George

Reviewer: AudiophileHeaven
Pros: Smooth Sound, Build Quality, Soundstage Width, Excellent Travel Case, Well-Defined Bass, Non-Fatigue Treble, Natural Sound, Price
Cons: Minor Driver Flex for some people

Oriveti comes to challenge the 300$ price range with their New Primacy IEM, promising to bring us a very smooth, natural and romantic sound that will take us away into a world of fun and colors. We'll be putting their latest New Primacy IEM to test today, and we'll see how they perform compared to other IEMs!


Oriveti is a growing company from China, who has been behind a few IEM models which were well-received by music lovers from all over the world, with their newest additions being probably the most interesting ones, including their New Primacy IEM. Although Oriveti has less presence on Social Media and forums than most audio companies I've talked with before, their support and PR departments were very helpful and they are doing an awesome job at keeping in touch with their fans and clients.

It should be noted that I have absolutely no affiliation with Oriveti, I am not receiving any incentive for this review or to sweeten things out. This review is not sponsored nor has been paid for by Oriveti or any other company. I'd like to thank Marco from Oriveti for providing the sample for the review. The sample was provided along with Oriveti's request for an honest and unbiased review. This review will be as objective as it is humanly possible, and it reflects my personal experience with New Primacy. Every opinion expressed is mine and I stand by it, the purpose of this review is to help those interested in New Primacy find their next music companion.

About me


First Impression

It was a faded summer day when I received the New Primacy IEM. The one thing I really recall about it is that it was just another day in the Summer with the weather slowly fading to the unavoidable lethargic yet somehow romantic Autumn. I was sitting in my room, staring at the window, watching the leaves slowly turning from a lively green to a royal golden color as the rich season was slowly settling in. A blurred yet somehow shouty call disturbed from my immensely profound trance, as countless golden leaved were dancing in my mind.

A magical package was to be delivered to me in a few minutes, and I had to get out quickly as the driver was in a bit of a rush. I complied quickly, and I went to pick it up. I left my room in a rush, without taking much with me, besides my phone and my music listening setup. When the delivery man handled me the package, I was quite enticed by the size of the box, Oriveti being quite enthusiastic with their packaging and the number of accessories included.

I went ahead and plugged New Primacy in my Opus #2 DAP, not knowing exactly what to expect of their sound.

The song I played first on Oriveti New Primacy was something quite Romantic, a combination of Rock and metal, a moniker of music, Dope - Sing. A meaty, thick and musical composition started slowly enticing my mind with its magical flow and rhythm. The voices sounded sweet, the acoustic guitars played with a magical texture, and the bass notes were thick, playful, the whole thing being quite musical and relaxing. I left my work chair to lie a bit in my bed and enjoy the magical sound that this edgy-looking IEM was able to present to this listener. I spent the next few hours enjoying the magic of Oriveti New Primacy, being hard to go back to work when something so sweet and magical is there to entice your ears.


First things first, let's get the packaging out of the way:

The unboxing and unpacking experience of Oriveti New Primacy is very interesting as Oriveti thought of everything and included a lot of very useful extras in the package, starting with the awesome carrying box, which is made of metal, and which has a very fine velvety material on the inside to protect the IEMs during transport, and the very large number of tips that will ensure the best listening experience with Oriveti New Primacy.

The IEMs themselves are very nicely presented, one being decorated with Oriveti's logo, which looks delightful. The box has everything seated in a foam cutout, and the IEMs themselves are seated in a large foam cutout and presented as a high-end product to the buyer.

Besides the excellent carry box, and the IEMs themselves, there is a 6.3mm gold-plated adaptor, a flight adaptor, ear hooks, a selection of tips, including foam tips, and a few useful manuals. Oriveti New Primacy's cables are detachable, and although there aren't any spare cables included in the box, the default cables included with ONP is flexible, quite sturdy and looks awesome while in usage. The fact that the ear hooks aren't permanently attached to the cables is a bonus in my mind, as I found comfort to be best when the ear guide part is not attached to the cable.

The unpacking experience feels very premium, and Oriveti must be commended for using high quality materials for the package and for presenting the accessories in a very delightful way.

What to look in when purchasing a high-end IEM


Technical Specifications

Connector - 3.5mm SE, Gold Plated
Impedance - 8 Ohm
Frequency Response - 20 Hz - 20.000Hz
Sensitivity - 105dB
Driver Technology - BA + Dynamic Hybrid driver
Housing - Metal construction
Driver Features - Dual Balanced Armature Driver + 1 Dynamic Driver
Weight - 35g
Cable Length - 1.2m
Distortions - <1%
Fit Type - In-Ear, Shallow Insertion Fit
Low Magnetic Emissions - Yes (Inherent)

Build Quality/Aesthetics/Fit

Starting with the moment one opens the package, they know that Oriveti New Primacy is a IEM that's not to be taken lightly, with their incredibly sturdy metal housing, their detachable cables, and their wide selection of tips, including foam tips. Oriveti uses a hybrid Dual BA + 1 Dynamic driver setup for their current flagship, which is a technology concept proven to work well by the test of time.

Oriveti New Primacy are closed back IEMs, with two very small vents on their inner side, so they isolate quite well from the outside noise, and while the semi-open design provides a lot of advantages in fit and comfort, it can lead to some minor driver flex for some users. The IEMs themselves rely on the MMCX mechanism for their cables, but I tested them with cables that came with other IEMs as well, and they work flawlessly with any MMCX-compliant cable.

The default cable is quite excellent, and it is a braided cable that doesn't really tangle, it doesn't conduct any kind of microphonic noise, and it seems to behave excellently all around. I think that the plugs used by Oriveti are especially high-quality, feeling thick, serious and sturdy. There even is a rubber stress-relief on the plug that is quite handy for protecting the point in which the cable meets with the metal jack. Oriveti seems to have used a full metal construction all around, ensuring a durable future for anyone buying their IEMs.

The design is quite edgy yet elegant, Oriveti having a uniquely good-looking logo presented on the surface of their left IEM shell, with the name Oriveti snazzily painted on the other. The IEMs themselves are black, the carrying box is black, the cable is black, and the box in which they came is black as well.

They are a pair of very black IEMs all-around, and I can happily say that I really like the design, being a fan of dark-colored and edgy products.

ONP can be said to look elegant as much as it looks edgy, having a rounded yet supple body, and fitting quite nicely in one's ear, without protruding on the outside and without leaving a large footprint while being worn.

Sound Quality

While I never heard the old Primacy IEM, so I can't compare New Primacy to it, I have heard quite a few IEMs to date, so I have quite the large comparison table for ONP.

The general sonic orientation of ONP is a musical-sounding signature, being warm, romantic, rich and clear. With an enhanced bottom end, that has a great impact, a clear, organic, natural, pretty well-detailed, and spacious mid range, and a smooth, fatigue-free and musical top-end, ONP will make every listener feel comfortable with a recording, regardless of the recording age or quality. It can be said that ONP has a very analogue, life-like and natural sonic signature.


The bottom end is quite enhanced, presented with a good amount of impact and very good depth. The tonality is spot-on, and ONP offers a rich experience, even for those who define themselves as bassheads. ONP offers well-refined textures for its bass. A large part of ONP's warmth is provided by a good amount of mid-bass enhancement, which is enough to give voices a thicker sound, providing a very satisfying experience with all music.

Melanie Martinez - Play Date - There is a very good sense of air and space between instruments. The bass feels thick, heavy and has a natural speed to it, being quite resolving and clear. The top end is somewhat recessed, cymbals feeling rather relaxed and pleasing, although the relaxed presentation lacks some edge in the acoustic guitars, making them a bit smooth and friendly. Voices sound sweet and have a certain emotion attached to them. The story of the girl who loves the boy, but is unable to confess, is presented with a good amount of emotional attachment and in a story-like manner, the details being quite vivid.

Lady Gaga - Fashion - The song starts with a sweet piano introduction which leads to the actual song. The song has a groovy and funky bass, the voice feeling clear and well-toned, while the piano feels large and well defined in the background. The cymbals and other higher range instruments are presented very smooth. Stereo effects are presented with very good width to them, and all instruments have good textures to them. The message of the song, although not one that's very impressive, it is presented in a playful and retro manner.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Snow (Hey Oh) - The song starts with a quick and musical guitar solo played in the right ear, which is quickly accompanied by a thick and playful bass. The voices are quite sweet and melodic, with a very natural tone to them. All details in the guitars are easily understandable, but the guitars always sound musical rather than analytical. The cymbals and other higher range instruments are audible, but they are not the highlight of the song, being played in the background, and in a very smooth and fatigue-free way.


The Midrange of ONP is full-sounding, thic, rich and organic. Their musicality is the highlight of their signature, rather than their transparency, ONP providing a pleasurable signature that plays the music rather than dissect it, being playful rather than analytical. Guitars have a sweet vibrancy and vividness to them, and voices usually sound sweet and romantic, ONP being one of the IEMs that could make even savage Black Metal sound fun and enthusiastic.

Amon Amarth - Pursuit Of Vikings - The song starts with a strong, convincing and impactful intro, composed form a clear and thick bass guitar and a sweet song woven from a lead and a rhythm guitar, with the cymbals playing smoothly in the background. The voices are a bit smoothed out, so the strong and edgy growls sound a bit less offensive, this song being considerably easier on the ears this way. The message about the passing Winter and the coming of the Spring is painted in a vivid and warrior-like tone, ONP enhancing the musical elements of this rather cold and technical song.

Silverstein - My Heroine - The song starts with a lonely lead guitar playing an emphatic rythm, accompanied by a frail electronic element in the background. The voices come with good musicality and emotion. The bass is thick and it gives a thicker and warmer tone to the whole song, which is presented in a smooth and organic way. Guitars sound especially vivid and musical, making this post-hardcore song one of the most musical experiences it can be. The screamed part carries enough energy to impress the listener, and the whole song is a pleasure to listen to, despite its harsh usual appearance. The message about the man who finds his heroine in his lover, and how he is both saved and consumed by his love is painted with excellent emotional attachment.

Age of Days - I Did It For Love - The song starts with a playful guitar woven with a snappy drum set. The cymbals are a background element, while the bass guitar takes the forward position in this song, being melodic, well-textured and pretty impactful. The lead guitars are especially sweet and well-presented, bearing an excellent amount of emotion and vividness to the high pitched notes. The message of this song is presented in a vivid and comedic way, about the man who is obsessed with the woman he loves, and who will stay with her despite her shortcomings and misbehavior.


The treble of ONP is quite smooth, creating a fatigue-free and joyful experience for all listeners. I was actually captivated by how much I liked this presentation, as they still present a good amount of detail in the lower treble, yet in a very non-offensive way. Although it is quite smooth, the treble bears a good amount of dynamics, giving the whole sound a rather quick and light feeling, leading to a generally uplifting presentation, despite the rather thick and generally natural sound.

Brokencyde - High Timez - The song starts with a playful combination of electronic synths played along a thick and well-rounded bass. Voices sound natural and are presented with a slightly smooth character. The song is presented with excellent width to its soundstage, and the cymbals sound smooth and are less forward than the midrange and the bass. The story about the protagonists who like to have fun and to party is presented with a good amount of detail and vividness.

Escape The Fate - This War is Ours (The Guillotine Part II) - The song starts with its well-known quick and uplifting guitar solo. Throughout the song, the cymbals bear good clarity and energy, and the midrange feels sweet and presented slightly forward, with the bass in this song being presented at similar levels as the midrange. The drum patterns feel snappy and the lead guitars bear excellent, emotional high tones, while the rhythm guitars sound fuzzy and sweet. The message about the war is presented with good amounts of energy, and the song is an uplifting and energizing experience.

Will Smith - Men In Black - The song feels wide and has a good amount of space between the instruments and the voices. The bass is thick, large, and well-rounded. The cymbals are presented at a similar level as the voices, with the bass being presented slightly more forward, adding more rhythm to the whole song. The voices have a natural tone to them, for both the male and the female voices. The story about the Men In Black who are always fighting to save the Earth from Aliens is presented in a comedic and playful way.


The soundstage of ONP has been a huge surprise as they have a wide and deep soundstage, presenting music with a very good amount of air and separation between the instruments. The sound extends well on all axis, providing something that can even be called a holographic experience that reminds me of Edifier Luna's type of soundstage, where everything feels quite holographic. One of the best parts is that instruments are separated pretty well from each other, and while the bass is thick and meaty, it doesn't go over the midrange in a bloated way, but it is well defined on its own, being quite similar with the way I heard bass presented on a set of full-blown speakers.


The ADSR and PRaT (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release, and Pace, Rhythm and Timing) characteristics of ONP are fairly good and natural, ONP being a natural IEM in the bass, and relatively quick in the midrange, leading a good and organic presentation where bass has a natural decay to it, while voices and electronic instruments are quick enough to be presented with natural texturization.

Portable Usage

ONP is quite portable, being quite easy to drive, and extremely efficient, often requiring considerably lower volumes than many of my other IEMs. Even so, I haven't noticed any trace of hiss with most DAPs, ONP not being very picky about their source. Even so, some sources provide a better synergy than others, especially depending on what effect the listener wants to get with ONP.

The Isolation is good to very good, ONP providing enough isolation to be used while on-the-go, even at low volumes. The noisy streets of Bucharest pose no threat for ONP, and I've been able to use them at very low volumes as well, even while on-the-go. The cables are tangle-free, noise-free, and the fit/comfort is excellent, even while moving, ONP being a favorite IEM for taking a walk. Although Oriveti doesn't include any Spinfit Tips (which are my favorite tips in general), the default tips are actually excellent and I haven't experienced any issues wearing ONP.

Select Pairings

ONP + iFi iDSD Black Label - This is an excellent combination, but it should be noted that ONP requires iDSD BL to be set to Eco power mode, and for the iEMatch to be fully engaged. iDSD BL enhances the detail in the presentation of ONP, giving them a more neutral top end, along with a slightly thicker bass, giving them a good amount of dynamic force and energy. iDSD BL tends to enhance the depth of ONP's soundstage, giving them a very realistic presentation.

ONP + FiiO X7mkii - This is one of the pairings I've been using the most actually, X7mkii being one of my top-choice DAPs when it comes to taking a DAP outside. X7mkii helps ONP sound more vibrant and lively in the midrange, slightly enhancing their textures and vividness, along with the soundstage width, giving ONP a wide and airy feeling.

ONP + iBasso DX200 (AM1) - DX200 is an excellent DAP to enhance the detail retrieval abilities of ONP, leading to a very detailed, yet musical combination. DX200 tends to have a very natural soundstage presentation, leading to an excellent pairing between it and ONP.

ONP + Opus #2 - Opus #2 is one of the best DAPs at enhancing the organic and musical sound of a IEM, ONP being no exception and receiving quite a bit of love and extra musicality from Opus #2. The soundstage of Opus #2 tends to have a wide and airy presentation with most IEMs, ONP also receiving quite a bit of extra width from Opus #2.

ONP + Shanling M2s - Shanling M2s is actually an excellent DAP to drive ONP, since it emphasizes their warm and musical sound. M2s provides a more intimate experience with ONP, leading to a warm, musical and forward sound.
ONP + HIDIZS AP200 - AP200 is quite good at providing ONP with a very smooth and dynamic sound. The pairing works quite well for those who like a musical and emphatic sound.

ONP + HiFiMAN Megamini - Megamini is quite impressive once again, providing a very dynamic and energetic sound with ONP, along with very good levels of detail. There is a little amount of hiss with this pairing, but it isn't audible at normal listening levels.


ONP vs Sennheiser ie80 - This is an interesting comparison because ie80 is one of the closest in price and tuning to ONP. Starting with the bottom end, ONP tends to have a more snappy and rounded presentation, with ie80 pushes more air and provides a higher level of impact. The midrange feels a bit more forward on ONP, providing a similarly large soundstage when compared to ie80. ONP tends to differentiate instruments well from each other. The top end is quite similar between the two, but ONP tends to be smoother than ie80. The detail levels are similar, but ie80 sounds a tad more analytical, where ONP sounds a more musical in direct comparison.

ONP vs Sennheiser ie800 - The difference in price might be a bit high, but ie800 makes an interesting comparison with ONP. Starting with the bottom end, ie800 presents music with more raw energy and impact, while ONP tends to sound pretty good, even in comparison to ie800. The midrange is slightly recessed on ie800, while it is fairly natural on ONP. The top end is extremely smooth and somewhat recessed on ONP, while it is rather energetic, bright and uplifting on ie800. Ie800 tends to have better instrument separation.

ONP vs Beyerdynamic Xelento - Xelento is a very romantic and analogue-sounding IEM which relies more on its smooth and musical sound rather than detail, while ONP is quite similar, also relying on its musical and tonally pleasing sound rather than a pure technical approach. Starting with the bottom end, ONP and Xelento both have a very rounded and clear bass, with a lot of impact. The midrange is a bit different as Xelento tends to sound clearer, and to present music a bit more forward than ONP. The top end is similar, but again Xelento has a bit more clarity and a bit more definition to its sound. All in all, ONP sounds like a miniature Xelento, being an excellent IEM when it comes to this type of romantic sound.

ONP vs DK-3001 - Dunu tends to be an excellent producer of high [price/quality] ratio IEMs in general, so it is interesting to compare ONP with DK-3001. Starting with the bottom end, DK-3001 and ONP sound quite similar, with a very rounded, clear and impactful bass. The midrange is a bit different, with DK-3001 having a tad more clarity and detail, albeit it has a slightly recessed midrange in direct comparison. The top end is smooth on ONP, while it sounds more natural and airy on DK-3001.

ONP vs RE800 - RE800 is one of the most impressing IEMs I've heard this year, especially given their price range and build quality. Starting with the bottom end, RE800 tends to have a tighter bottom end, with a bit more definition to each note, while ONP tends to sound a bit more natural and have a larger bass. The midrange is considerably more recessed on RE800, but it is presented clearer and with more emphasis on detail and instrument separation, while ONP tends to have a more forward presentation. The top end is very polarizing, as ONP is extremely smooth and has a fatigue-free treble, while RE800 has quite an energetic and bright treble that highlights details and gives energy to all music it plays.

ONP vs Unique Melody Martians - Although in technology Martians have two dynamic drivers on each ear, they are actually tighter and more precise in the bass, rather than having a stronger and larger bass when compared with ONP. The midrange a bit recessed, but extremely detailed and precise on The Martians, without losing any musicality, while ONP is tuned to be a bit more forward and forgiving. The top end is pretty different, as The Martians are very energetic, vivid and bright in the top end, with an excellent extension, while ONP is smooth and relaxing.

ONP vs ER4-XR - ER4-XR is quite the interesting IEM, providing a very clear and analytical sound that brings forward every detail in a song, while ONP is a relaxing and laid back IEM. Starting with the bottom end, ONP sounds fairly rounded and has good impact, while ER4-XR is quite tight and has a very quick bass that trades its impact for detail. The midrange is presented more forward on ER4-XR, with one of the most analytical characters out there, while ONP is laid back, musical and relaxed by direct comparison. The top end is quite similar between ER4-XR and ONP, being smooth and relaxing on both.

Value and Conclusion

Oriveti New Primacy comes with a lot of useful extras, including their carry box, a wide selection of tips, ear hooks and jack adapters. They have detachable cable, and they are a Hybrid 2-BA and 1-Dynamic driver IEM, with 3 drivers for each ear. The price they are sold for right now is 300$ from Oriveti's own store, which places ONP in the "very good value" category, making them one of the better priced IEMs relative to the package and the sound they offer.

Taking into account that they provide a delightful experience, with a well rounded bass, a clear, musical, and organic midrange, along with a smooth and fatigue-free treble, Oriveti New Primacy is a IEM that'll be enjoyable for many music enthusiasts and music lovers from all across the world.

With a lot to be liked about them, starting from the edgy yet elegant design, to the high quality cable they come with, to the very solid sound, to the wide array of accessories they feature, Oriveti New Primacy is one of the most interesting 300$ IEMs, especially if you're looking for this type of smooth and relaxing sound signature!

I hope my review is helpful to you!

Stay safe and remember to always have fun while listening to music!

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