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Cowon Plenue R - All Round Player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by kel77, Jul 14, 2017.
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  1. pholcus1975
    Sorry to tell you, but in latest fws, dx80 had lock feature. Anyway now I have a PM2 and is miles ahead of dx80!
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2017
  2. someyoungguy
    Ah well, I'm glad they fixed the lock, even if I did get rid of it! Interesting you say the PM2 sounds way better than DX80, and Twister6 says PR is better than PM2. Hell I think I'll just go ahead and order this now :wink:
  3. pholcus1975
    Pm2 is overall better than dx80. Soundwise, for sure pm2 is less hissing, warmer and has narrower soundstage, in two words. I would be curious to test R...
  4. erceve
    Could anybody tell me wether this will be able to drive a sennheiser hd650 (300 ohm)? I can get a pair for 200e, seems like a good price but this is the only device I would consider using it on and I have no idea on pairing based on specs alone.
  5. twister6 Contributor
    Don't have hd650, but based on tests with other headphones, yes, it can drive it, but not to their full potential. PR is more friendly with iems and headphones with a typical portable-use lower impedance. You will need to step up to PS or P2.
  6. Cherubian
    R will definitely not drive HD650 to its full potential. Look elsewhere or get another headphone
  7. Deftone
    Quite possibly but could sound a little thin and undwhelming.
  8. qsk78
    Guys, do you think P1 will still be superior in comparision with the R? Taking into consideration better DAC first of all.
    I need a on-the-go source for a low impedance IEMs. On the other hand the R is 0,8 Ohm, and the P1 is 3 Ohm which basically makes the R a better choice in that regard.
  9. twister6 Contributor
    Don't think superior is a correct term, more like different. P1 has a warmer/fuller body, while PR is more like P2, being more neutral and revealing. Since you are talking about IEM pair up, especially low impedance, 3 ohm ouptut will mess up FR curve of lo impedance IEMs. I recently tested M2S which has 4.8 ohm output impedance, and it was quite noticeable. In terms of DAC/amp combo, hard to say if one is superior to the other. Also, if you look at the spec of 120dB SNR of P1 vs 123dB SNR of PR, I can tell you that 3dB makes a difference. PM2 has 120dB and you can hear the noise floor being higher in comparison to 123dB P2 and PR. Plus, if you want longer battery life, balanced output, and maybe wireless bluetooth - those are just an added bonus to PR.
    qsk78 and Arghavan like this.
  10. cj3209
    Anyone able to get the PR to stream Spotify via a Bluetooth link to a cell phone or other source? It works on my Shanling M3s. It would be great if the PR could do it as well.
  11. twister6 Contributor
    You need a duplex Bluetooth support for that, something N3, M3s, and M2s support, but majority of other DAPs (including PR) don't. You can pair up PR with BT wireless headphones, but you can't pair up your smartphone with PR. I'm yet to try USB OTG connection with a smartphone, to use PR as usb-dac. I think I tried it quickly and it didn't work, could be an issue with my aging Note 4.
  12. cj3209
    I believe the PR has an optical digital out and not a USB OTG digital out. So you would need an optical 3.5mm connector to a DAC that had an optical digital input.
    superuser1 likes this.
  13. twister6 Contributor
    I'm not talking about USB OTG digital out to use PR as a digital transport, but a digital in to use it as USB OTG DAC, like I used it with PM2:


    There is even a setting in PR for USB DAC power to be using either internal battery or PC/Smartphone.

    It works with PM2, but I wasn't able to get it to work with PR. Maybe something off with my cable or connection, or maybe it will be implemented in the next fw update.
    superuser1 likes this.
  14. qsk78

    cj3209, how would you compare the R with the DP-X1A?
    I had 1A in the past. So, I'm curious how it performs vs onkyo DAP.
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2017
  15. Love Music
    Which one has better sound the M2, r or M? Have the D right now and thinking of upgrading.
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