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Cowon Plenue R - All Round Player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by kel77, Jul 14, 2017.
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  1. Arghavan
    Eagerly waiting for the reviews/comparisons with P1/P2/PM2. PR is about the same price here as AK120II , AK300 and Sony's ZX300. tough decisions :/
  2. cj3209
    Lots of choices in that price range. Personally, with all the companies having access to the same DAC chips, I’m not sure it’s easy to justify paying more than $1,500+ for a portable DAP anymore. My M3s and Plenue R are very resolving and I have decent IEMS and ‘cans. Granted I haven’t heard the latest AK SP1000 but at $3,500, it’s just bragging rights IMHO.. :)

    Thoughts, welcome.

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  3. NaiveSound
  4. erceve
    Has anybody already seen reviews for this device? I've taken the plunge and I am now waiting on it to ship. I'm a bit nervous since I don't normally buy stuff without reading tons of reviews but in the past I've used: iaudio x5, iaudio D2 (rockboxed), ibasso DX50 (perfect device but too fragile) and more recently Plenue D. I've been in a lot of doubt on wether to go for plenue R or ibasso dx80 but decided on the former. I'm looking forward to sharing my impressions when the device arrives!
  5. someyoungguy
    There seems to be a strange lack of reviews around - I've been eagerly awaiting Twister6's!

    I think I'll probably take the plunge soon too. I had a J3 that was my main player for many years and loved it. I few years ago I guess I started an upgrade process (or discovered upgraditis :wink: ) but I've kind of never quite been satisfied with the options I've been through since. Interesting that you were thinking about the DX80 - I had it for a while, brilliant sound but it just didn't quite gel with me, particularly the lack of lockable buttons. I also had the Plenue D at the same time for direct comparison, so since you've got one, take a look at the notes I made here: https://www.head-fi.org/showcase/ibasso-audio-dx80-high-resolution-audio-player.21124/reviews (2nd down: "DX80 vs Cowon Plenue D vs J3 vs S9").

    The R is looking interesting and I've always loved the Cowon ability to EQ/JetEffect in a way that enhances rather than degrades the sound, as well as their stable software. I'll be looking forward to hearing your thoughts too when it arrives!
  6. erceve
    Thanks for your reading suggestion, I had already read through most of the dx80 reviews, including yours, your comparison with Plenue D was especially helpful but the mixed reviews and the large buttons (normally a plus) without a lock-feature made me reconsider, especially with th edurability of the dx50 in my case in my mind.

    One thing I'm wondering about plenue R is wether there are advanced playlist controls (as I've been spoilt by rockbox in the past) such as: insert an album / song at the end of the album you're listening right now, with rockbox you could listen to an album and while listening instert another album or song as play next, end of list, insert shuffled etc. I really loved this on the go flexibility but haven't yet encountered this on official firmware of the now popular DAPs, I'm wondering why this aspect is often ignored by both manufacturers and reviewers as it could be a huge selling point for me. It is actually the reason I've also considered the fiio daps (X5 / X7) or pioneer ones since android OS gives the opportunity to try different apps. But reading through several threads on these players I felt like taking too big of a risk with a lot of small quirks in firmware and seemingly inconsistent customer support. If I pay several hundreds on a DAP I expect it to be (nearly) flawless when it comes to usability and firmware and this does often unfortunately not seem to be the case.

    In addition I found a few impressions, if you put it in google translate, most of the impressions are pretty clear and overall very positive!
  7. someyoungguy
    Thanks for the heads up about the Japanese site - just finished looking through the Googled comments. This sounds promising!

    Glad to know someone got some use out of my screed of thoughts on the DX80 :wink: I agree the lack of lockable buttons was a real downside, and given I wanted a mainly 'throw-in-your-pocket' kind of DAP I ended up selling the DX80. Pity, a lock was such a simple feature and they dropped it. Ironically, I've now picked up a second hand DX90, an older model, which does have a lock (probably like the DX50 I imagine) but it certainly doesn't have the sound of the DX80

    But since I wrote that review I've also picked up a Mojo and bought the DX90 to use as a source to feed the Mojo, then into an iBasso PB3 headphone amplifier. It's not the most portable solution, so I'm thinking the Plenue R would suit nicely for portable/travel use, and keep the Mojo + PB3 for a desktop/home solution. I had been considering the Plenue 2, but wasn't really keen on the price.. for me there's definitely a feeling of diminishing returns and wondering if the extra cost makes it worthwhile in that price range. But then Cowon announced the Plenue R at about half the price of the 2, and I've been lurking in this thread and other sites to find out more.
  8. someyoungguy
    To answer your question about the advanced playlist controls - the feature you describe of being able to cue up an album sounds incredibly handy, but I've never seen it anywhere, and not on any Cowon's I've previously had. In fact, I think this is first time I've heard of it being used on a DAP at all. Twister6 already has a Plenue R in his hands, so maybe he'll pop in and answer?
  9. erceve
    Agreed, it was my favourite function, almost makes me loathe Rockbox for spoiling me with its advanced playlist/ cue functions which cannot be found on any modern device. It would be a huge selling point at least for me as I stated but I've virtually given up on it being implemented.
  10. twister6 Contributor
    Sorry guys, I will try to finish it within a week. I literally received about 20 products for review in the last 4+ weeks. Physically impossible to get through everything, considering I have full time job and family/kids lol!

    Dx80 vs PR, on sound quality alone - without even thinking for a second, PR all the way!

    BTW, Cowon J was just released, replacement of D.
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  11. someyoungguy
    Sorry wasn't trying to hurry you up! :wink:

    Thanks for the heads up on the Cowon J. Interesting that again they don't mention what the DAC actually is (like the D). Surely next there will be an upgrade to the Plenue S? It will be interesting to see what they do with that - some of their releases, like the M to M2, were fairly incremental, but the Plenue 1 to 2 was a bigger step. If the new S is also a big step, with bluetooth and a reasonable battery life, I might even consider that as an option.
  12. erceve
    Good to hear that it is an improvement over the DX80, don't worry about it twister6, nobody's life depends on it. It's just normally I read reviews and impressions for weeks before buying something but this was a little impulsive on my side (recently got a new job so a bit more money to spend) so now I'm trying to make up for my lack of research to varify I made the right choice. You made mea little bit scared when you mentioned the J but seeing it's not yet released I would not have waited on it anyway, in addition it doesn't seem to be much of an improvement on the D based on specs alone.
  13. twister6 Contributor
    yeah, J is their lower entry level DAP, and still with 53hrs of battery. But I think sound will be improved, 123dB SNR is not a joke :wink: PR has 123dB SNR over PM2 with 120db SNR and you can really hear an improvement in noise and hissing level being lower. As I mentioned before, P2 is still a step ahead in performance and has higher power, but if you are using IEMs and on a budget, PR has a much better price/performance ratio than P2.
  14. sklaus28
    At first i thought plenue R was just a below Plenue S level, above P level. Usually they names their product alphabetically such as Plenue M, P, R and S.
  15. PapaThrust
    The Hiby R6 will have cueing- albums, songs, insert while listening etc.
    You can get a feel by using the app. However, that player will have less battery life - but more driving power.
    Arguably a (somewhat) better EQ for folks that need adjustment and control at sub bass below 60hz.
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