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Complement to the HD800 and LCD-2?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by brucysn, May 7, 2011.
  1. BrucYSN
    Hi all,
         I currently have the LCD-2 and HD650 with me now running on ( Vecteur D2 transport soon to be delivered )-> Wyred4sound DAC2-> moded WA22. I will get my HD800 in few weeks. I really enjoy the LCD-2 and had been impressed with HD800 at a local store. However the LCD-2 to me it's a bit recessed at treble, but has a fantastic bass department. LCD-2 is to date is the most natural cans I've heard, sorry folks I do think the LCD-2 is more natural and transparent than HD800. Its imaging it's fascinating. I love every bit of the LCD-2. However, I still like to have something with lesser bass but more treble for classic. That's why I will get the HD800. So that would leave HD650 on the bench. Don't get me wrong though, HD650 used to be my favorite hps, It holds itself pretty well even against the LCD-2. However, I'm trying to trade the HD650 for something else. Something totally different than LCD-2 AND HD800.  I listen to a variety of music. Metal, classic/post rock, gothic/symphony rock, some pop, some classic, chamber music. I enjoy the female vocal the most either some one with low voice but full of emotion like Amy Lee, or Powerful and graceful like Tarja, or high and airy like Kari Rueslatton. I found the LCD-2 handle them all pretty well but not giving the rock out feeling right now although I've only  70 hrs on them, and HD800 probably it's too bright and lacking of bass for metal. So I wonder what kinda headphone would be a complement of the two.   I have something in mind like RS-1i or other grado lines, or ATH woodies. I would prefer a closed cans so I won't always disturb my room mate. Please share your thoughts 
    Many Thanks



  2. ktsai1283
    Well, if you want closed, you're not going to get it with the RS1i or any Grado.
    You could check out something like the Ultrasone PRO 900.  Between the HD 800 and the LCD-2, you already have an impressive collection that should cover most, if not all, of your bases.  If you're looking into getting another open headphone, I'd recommend against it and suggest that you just sell your HD 650 and keep the money while enjoying what you currently own for a while.
  3. D_4_Dog
    was gonna suggest Grado until u mentioned the need for it to be closed AND with less bass than LCD-2.... ATH woodies certainly spring to mind, awesome with female vocals those things are!
  4. jackmccabe
    I have a pair of w5000's and prefer them to my rs1's for pretty much everything including rock and metal.
    I do think that the seal and fit plays a large part in the sound as people have complaints of too little bass,
    where as I find they have more than my rs1's and they also have more impact.
  5. BrucYSN
    Ye I've been always interested in the ATh woodies, however, they seems to have insane number of product lines and many of them could sounds very differently, at least based on what I've heard. I also considered the D7000 or D5000, but not sure how much difference will it make?
  6. BrucYSN

  7. BrucYSN
    It dose not have to a closed cans, although it would be nice if  it is. Although I've heard the RS1i is even better for rock and metal and ps-1000, I wonder at the level of Rs2i and above, are they all sharing same sonic signature? How do they handle opera vocal?
  8. grokit
    Edition 8, accept no substitute [​IMG]
  9. dasmodul
    I second grokit's recommendation.
  10. MacedonianHero Contributor


    I third Vince's recommendation.
  11. idletime1213
    I recently had a chance to try a pair of W3000ANV's and wow, they are very fun headphones. Fast and exciting. If you can spring for those, I'd suggest that.

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