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Comparison / Review : A tale of two Sennheisers – HD600 vs HD700

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by brooko, Jun 30, 2014.
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  1. catspaw
    Im assuming its personal preference.
    I found the HD700 in germany pluged to a good rig in mediamarkt in germany and I listened to them for about 2 minutes.
    I thought "wow, those are perfect!". Then I read Davids review in the battle of the flagships and I wondered if I was really sure of what I heard (bear in mind this was compared to the HE-400).
    I figured that I needed to listen to a HD800 vs HD700 for a decent amount of time to figure out If I really want to buy em. So far I didnt get the chance.
  2. Brooko Contributor
    Some definitely don't like them.  Others love them.  Comes down to preference.  I thought it was a great headphone at around USD 600.00 - but it's got stiff competition if the T1 stays sub $700. 
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  3. MrEleventy
    Which kinda reminds me of their cousin-in-tiers, Beyer T90s. So polarizing.
  4. R Giskard
    An excellent review! Thanks!
    I was always impressed with HD600's ability to reach into the stratosphere with quality recordings. I never actually owned a pair and I was foolish to sell the HD650 a few years ago. It is by far the greatest mistake I have done in audio. 
    However, I own a pair of HD800 and am wondering whether this new HD700 would be useful to me. Some recordings aren't worthy of HD800's talents and this headphone sounds best with my main system which is hardly portable. So perhaps this HD700 would be good for use around the house, even though taking them outside is obviously out of the question. But perhaps they would sound excellent when directly connected to a CD player in the other room.
    Can anyone comment on this please?
  5. Greggo
    It is a bit funny but I just don't see the HD700 and HD800 staying in the same collection and complimenting each other all that well, unless your collection is around a dozen headphones or more...  I think they have more in common than they have differences in presentation.  I own the former and not the latter, but I did do a lot of auditioning of both and unlike most folks, I preferred the HD700.  I think you would have a much better option in something like an HE-560, HD650, or a Grado or even an MDR-MA900... but that is just me.
    I thought the HD800 was amazing by the way, but the size bugged me a little bit and for rock and pop I just liked the HD700 better.  If I was more into classical and jazz, or anything with groups of vocals, the better resolution and image detail of the HD800 would have been impossible to pass up.
    For me, the HD600 is a fantastic compliment to the HD700.  Many folks find both the HD700 and 800 to be a bit too treble focused, with the 800 being smoother but maybe a bit leaner overall, and the 700 having that spike around 5k but a bit more bass presence (not depth, just presence) to help make up the difference.  Other than that, they do share a general feel and signature.  I agree with some of what Purrin said in his early review trashing the HD700, at least I think it was him that mentioned a bit of a mix of senn and grado sound in the 700.  If that appeals to you then maybe having the 700 to go along with your 800 would be cool, but I think an actual high end Grado model would be cooler, and the HE-560 would be cooler still... I am anxious to demo the HE-560.
    Also, if you can stand the fit and physical design, the Focal Spirit Pro is something special IMHO, and the balance and punch and meaty midrange of that headphone would be a great addition to the HD800 if you are into closed headphones at all.  I haven't heard the recent crop of higher end closed headphones, but I never really got along with the early leaders like the older Denons but I love the new Spirit Pro.  Highly Recommended.
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  6. Byrnie
    Brilliant review and thank you so much for time in this.  I'm actually going to do the opposite that you did and get the HD700s as my dedicated gaming set.
  7. koolas

    Hmm, for gaming you say... why don't you give a try Alpha Dogs? IMHO they sound much better than HD700, and costs about the same...
  8. Byrnie
    I have enough closed cans and I prefer open cans for gaming.  Plus the HD700 are super comfortable and that's another important thing to me for gaming.
  9. Rob80b
    For those who may be stuck in the middle the solution may be the AKG K712s, warmth of the HD600s, but more bass.
    My recent insights here.
  10. jazzwave
    Thanks, your review conviced me to buy HD600.for listening jazz, vocal, .....came from DT770 250ohm
    I'm not basshead but still need a good bass, little bit picky with treble..so little bit roll off ok for me (that's why I got problem with my HE400 treble).
  11. Brooko Contributor
    If you like a natural sounding headphone - but still with plenty of detail, then you'll love these.  Let me know when you get them - will be interested to hear your impressions once the sound sig has a chance to settle in.
  12. jazzwave
    HD600 arrived, plug to Maverick DAC/Amp D1 (upgraded tube and opa627), source Dell laptop, Foobar.
    Play SmoothJazzz FLAC  file Nick Colionne feat. Maysa Leak - Born Again, ......as expected, the sound very natural, not added by any ingredient...perfect for my ear. 
    This cans deliver awesome vocals (both;woman and man), airy, slightly laid back make me more enjoy listening for long hours.
  13. moophus
    This is why I love the HD600's
    Physically and sonically, they are my all day cans at the office.
  14. Brooko Contributor
    Borrowed a pair of HD650s for a little while. Next comparison will be the two "twins" - 600 vs 650
  15. vertical

    Look forward to the results.
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