1. annar

    Little dot Mk iv suitability .

    Am wondering if anyone can advise on suitability of Little dot Mk 4 for pairing with Audeze LCD 2.2f Thanks Anna R.
  2. Blegas78

    Little Dot MK IV Tube Rolling

    Hey everyone, I just got my LD MKIV in the mail last week, and was wondering if anyone has any experience with tube rolling on it, as I am looking into buying more tubes. I currently have them laced with DT 880s, 600ohm. I tend to like bassy music, but I really like classical music as well...
  3. Brooko

    Comparison / Review : A tale of two Sennheisers – HD600 vs HD700

      INTRODUCTION   It’s been a while since I joined Head-fi, and since that time I’ve owned, and also auditioned, a lot of different cans.  I’ve also learnt a lot about my own listening preferences and habits.  One of the things I have learnt is that I seem to prefer a certain measure of...
  4. sixty2strat

    Little Dot MKIV Amp to power speakers??

    I am considering a little dot mkIV to power small desktop speakers..   I will be using this system in a small apartment, so volume is not an issue, but SQ is. Would this be a viable option or would I be better off looking at something else?  I would plan on using the amp with headphones some...
  5. lcyedwinyin

    Question about Little Dot pre-amps

    Hi everyone! I'm planning to buy a Little Dot mkiii and use it on my speakers and headphones. But I have a question: if I plug in both RCA and headphone jacks, which equipment is going to play — the speakers or headphones? Thank you for your time in answering this question!
  6. acidogio

    Need advice for upgrading amp, Sennheiser HD600

    As the title says, I am a proud owner of a nice pair of the classic sennheiser HD600. My actual set up consists of: hd600 > schiit magni amp > pre-amp > thorens turntable or hd600 > magni > modi > pc I feel as the magni is a tad on the bright side, and that I could really improve the sound...
  7. plonter

    how long do you leave your tube amp on?

    I noticed that it take my earmax pro at east 2 or 3 hours with music playing to sound it best,so lately i just leave it on when i leave home or go to sleep. with my headroom SS amp i feel no worry in doing so..but what about tube amps? how long can I keep it on? I don't care so much about tube...
  8. vegeto626

    LittleDot MKIII, MKiV, or Bottlehead Crack?

    Hi everyone, I am looking into start in the world of tube amps and I am considering the LD MKIII (ebay, 235 from china), MKIV (ebay, $329 from china) and the Bottlehead Crack ($279).   Current Equipment: Sennheiser HD 202/280pro/595/650 UE 5 pro Koss KSC75 Monoprice IEM's   Fiio...
  9. izal650

    LCD-2 Amp / DAC Upgrade

    Hey guys,   I'm looking to upgrade my headphone set up and was wondering if you might have some suggestions.   My set up is as follows: Macbook Pro - Little Dot DAC_1 - Little Dot MKIV - Audeze LCD-2 / HD650   I feel that the MKIV isn't quite doing the LCD-2's justice power-wise, and...
  10. Bencrest

    Yaqin / Yaoin tube amp opinions - 6V6GTx4

    Hi all, I've found some amps on eBay which would appear to be exactly what I'm looking for (tube based, multiple inputs), and would also allow me to add speakers at a later date if required. The main thing that puts me off is the name - and wondering if I'd be better off getting something...
  11. voxx

    Running a Little Dot Mk 3 or 4 from an Epiphany Accoustic E-DAC

    I have an Epiphany Accoustic E-DAC (same as a JDS Labs ODAC) on order and have always wanted to try a Tube Amp.   My question is has anyone had any experience running a Little Dot 3 or 4 from this DAC and what was the sound like. My current headphones are ATH 50's but I'm looking to upgrade...
  12. mediumraresteak

    Beyerdynamic DT990 / 600 Ohm Amp Recommendation and misc.

    Hello All,   I just received my Beyerdynamic DT990/600 Ohm headphones and have it paired with the Fiio E17.  It sounds really good but I was wondering if it was worth the upgrade to a tube amp <$200.  My budget is really tight at the moment.  I would like a WA3 or MKIV but not happening at...
  13. TrollDragon

    What would be the proper way to connect dual headphone amps.

    Greetings All!   I am looking for the best or proper way to combine a single line out for two amplifiers. My current setup consists of a FiiO E17 / E09K combo and a Corsair SP2500 High Power speaker setup.   The connection is setup with the FiiO combo through USB to the computer for...
  14. davisxu

    NuForce HDP (DAC only) vs. Little Dot DAC-I for Little Dot MK IV Amplifier

    Hi guys,   I recently bought a Little Dot DAC-I + Little Dot MK IV Amp, but the DAC-I was completely broken.   Given all the rave about the NuForce HDP's DAC function (only talking about DAC/RCA output here as a preamp), how does it compare to the Little Dot DAC-I? Am I missing out on...
  15. hamperstamper

    Advice needed to get the most out of my Sennheiser HD600s

    I have tried to work this out for myself by searching the forums and reading extensively, but there is so much conflicting opinion out there, even about the equipment I already own.   Please could some experienced members advise me - what ONE upgrade would they make to my current setup, in...
  16. MuZI

    Did I make a mistake? (AKG K 272HD)

    Hi guys, I recently purchased a pair of AKG K 272HS headphones. They arrived today and compared to my Koss Porta Pros they seemed a bit muffled. I understand they are closed vs. open headphones but I'm slightly disappointed.   I do have to set the volume much higher so I was wondering if the...
  17. xiangyu1129

    AMP for DT880, HD600

    Hi,   I got a DT880 and HD600 for classical music only. And I am considering an AMP for about $800 (500 to 1000,cheaper will be appreciated).   Looking through several amp:   Little Dot VI (balanced output is attractive)   SPL auditor (a little expensive)   beyer A1 (heard it...
  18. jarvis2010

    Little Dot MK V or MK VII? help

    Hi head-fi people!   First of all, I love this board and I've been learning a lot.   I own HD650s with a Xonar Essence STX soundcard (pretty common I guess) so they sound closed.   I'm planning on buying a good Amp this month to find back the wider soundstage/unveiled/non...
  19. Greg24

    DAC + Amp for HD650 (budget 800$ for each)

    Hi Guys,   First post on this forum I'm reading for a few months now... I've read a lot of interesting posts, but I'm a bit confused now with the choices I have to make. I listen to folk, blues, jazz, a bit of rock and classical. I will own a Sennheiser HD650 and have at the moment a RME...
  20. sebhoff

    Little Dot Amp gets very hot - normal?

    Hi forum, I just got my new LD MK9 and have been trying things out - so far, so good. But: I noticed that the whole amp gets really hot, and I'm wondering whether that's normal? The temperature is fairly even across the whole body - I can just about still touch it. I obviously expected the...
  21. martybu141

    LIttle Dot MKIV as a preamp

    I've been saving up to purchase a little dot MK IV because everyone says a lot of great things about it... for headphones.  I know this is a headphone forum but no one really talks about how well it works as a pre-amp for speakers.  Does anyone have anything good or bad to say about it when used...
  22. angelsblood

    upgrade from nuforce icon hd

    hi guys. thinking of upgrading my nuforce icon hd to another dac and headphone amp, and this time a separate unit. thinking of the little dot dac_II and little dot MK IV combo. what do u guys think? is it a worthy upgrade? reason i wanted to upgrade to tube amp is because i like the warmer...
  23. mmcgill829

    AKG k702 VS Sennheiser HD650: which would work better for my taste?

    I've been in the market for a new pair of headphones for a little while. I've narrowed it down to these two options.  The AKG k702 is the more affordable of the two. I can find practically new examples for sale for $200 or less. The HD650 is hard to find under $350. I have read much about...

    Little Dot MK IV SE with the DAC1 vs Maverick AI with the DC2

    I have narrowed down my search for a tube based amp (and DAC) to the Little Dot MK IV SE with the DAC 1 or the Maverick AI with the DC2.   I want to run my Sennheiser 700 with a nice starter amp and DAC.     Any recommendations?   
  25. mab1376

    Cambridge Audio 640p Phono Stage Mod Question

    Does anyone know if there is anyway to increase the gain on this?   It sounds pretty low to me on my LittleDot Mk IV and I'm hoping that there's a way to increase it.   If it requires soldering or something of that nature, I'm fine with paying someone who is capable to do this for me if...