Chord Mojo vs ipad/iphone

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by roybenz, Feb 4, 2017.
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  1. Swiftfalcon
    There is difference between iPad Pro 9.7 and mojo. Mojo has slightly wider soundstage, better instrument separation and better dynamic range.
  2. Dvdlucena
    Yeah... but no 590 dollars difference.
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  3. sumeet3011
    hello.... was planning to buy mojo when i stumbled upon this thread
    Agreed ipad sounds almost as good as my AP100 dap with se846 and martian. I will even say with 846 it sounds better
  4. Swiftfalcon
    Comparing sound quality against iPad new potential buyers of mojo may be in for a disappointment after shelling out $600 especially if they didn’t audition it. That said I own both and always reach for the mojo over iPad especially when listening to orchestral music. Ipad mushes up the bass notes, coalesces instrument passages playing simultaneously and gives the image of the orchestra confined to a corridor. Granted these effects are subtle but once you appreciate them the music fails to engage. Ipad is miles ahead of my windows pc though.
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  5. ThomasHK
    I think the main take-away is this: audible differences between different devices/accessories can be ordered like this

    Headphones >> amp > dac >>>>>> cable

    Yes, there can be audible difference between amp/dacs but for those expecting WOW moments, you're out of luck. If your most important part of the chain (headphones) sucks, no DAC/amp will make it dramatically better. If your headphones are great, improving the source will make small improvements, if any.
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  6. Swiftfalcon
    For skeptics try listening to this track

    Lockdown, Transformers: Age of Extinction

    Pay attention to bass note defintion and depth, blackness of background, the absence of grating with the distortion bass notes, the separation of the bowed instrument at 1:20

    All this on mojo in comparison to ipad
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  7. Ike1985
    If you can't tell a difference between Mojo and apple products you need better headphones or better hearing.
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  8. AlanU
    I think many can hear a difference but questioning justifiable cash outlay especially since convenience plays a huge factor. 1 device instead of two devices.
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  9. mag3472
    Ok i have been doing some research and some tinkering. This is what i found out and have noticed. From a phone stand point you can use OTG cable to get it to work, but the only thing is that you get a better and noticeable difference on Onkyo hf Player. I been doing A-B for many hrs. streaming does not get the full performance, Tidal, pandora ect. On streaming there is a significan diiference, just sounds off. If you just use the default player, you will not hear a big or much difference. Same go's with a PC, I have also tried Nero player and Power Amp. these are good but i hear a significant difference on the onkyo HF. On PC i would recommend JRiver over Foobar, if you have the MOJO or any DSD player you can take advantage on JRiver. Jriver can input MP3,FLAC ECT and output it though DoP as DSD 2.5 or 5.6 :L3000: you can also do this for your phone with the Onkyo HF player :beyersmile: Try this and see if you hear a difference.:thumbsup:
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  10. chillaxing
    Belittling members this way is not condoned on this forum. Just because people have better things to do on a weekend than to sit at home with $8k worth of gear to listen for minute differences between them doesn't mean they have bad hearing or bad gear. with the tech that is out now a days, the difference between $400 equipment and $1000 equipment isn't that far apart anymore.
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  11. Blaze182
    FWIW I believe the Mojojojo is better than the iPhone 7.

    I've used Apple iPhones since the original, so I am well familiarised with the sound quality. I use Hibiki 3.9 to play ALAC - its cool, cause it tells you what its outputting. When I use iPhone 7s as source, I can't get it to output above 48kHz with Fiio or Oppo, or its own dongle; but, plug it into little mental Mojojojo and it outputs upto 384kHz - the sound difference is noticable, 20-30% improvement; wider sound stage, more juice, hard base, crisper sound. Can't say if its right for you - the difference is there, but maybe some people won't feel there is enough difference at the price point.

    Edit: Maybe not hard base, its a little more impactful, but, probably due to powering. Overall I think it just outputs better than the iPhone, because I feel the iPhone lacks... hope this helps, just my opinion.
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  12. Roybenz
    I have no problem hearing big difference when listening with my HE1000V2. But with examlpe ie800 and æon the ipad is almost just as good as the mojo.
  13. Ike1985
    I listen at work, my weekends are pretty busy. ^_- Sorry if I came off as a jerk, I didn't mean it that way! Just seems such an obvious difference to me. Best wishes.
  14. Swiftfalcon
    For me iPad is tolerable for ie800, iPhone 7 with lightning adapter intolerable for ie800, mojo of course is great (as claimed on numerous posts on ie800 thread ), I hear ifi idsd black label is as good as mojo for ie800. Never auditioned the black label though.
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  15. AlanU
    For giggles I tried my wife's iphone 7+ again with the Apple lightning adapter...... the dac implementation in that dongle is obviously going to be MEH!!! The lighting cipher cable on the Audeze Sine to me is not a very good lifeless analytical sound imo also.

    I can see people having ruffled feathers when someone claims an apple product sounds very good in comparison to the Mojo. I'm the odd one but I really like the sound of my Peachtree shift amp with it's warmer organic presentation but I also feel that with the high efficient headphone/IEM my iphone 6+ with headphone jack does a very good job for semi critical listening on the RUN.

    If your starting to talk about critical listening I think a full size headphone with a excellent source and desktop amp is more of an ideal combo. Anyone using a portable headphone amp or smartphone is very likely on the run/go so this is where I would assume non critical listening or chill enjoyment is involved.

    In my case I do most of my headphone listening at home while editing photos but I'll do more critical listening to my 2 channel hifi system with more holographic experience.

    Not ideal but even my Peachtree higher powered amp can give me adequate SQ with my HE 560 which are not very efficient. The mojo isn't that expensive but I'd justify spending more money on a home desktop amp vs an expensive portable amp. This is one reason I "settled" for a cheaper extremely capable portable amp made in CANADA !! :)

    However like anything in life everyone has their individual "thing" and have preferences. I still feel headphone world is one of the cheapest approach in incredible high quality sound vs the 2 channel hifi world. Iphone (with built in headphone jack) or Apple product is a good example of great bang for the buck in the Audio world for something that is as ordinary as crest toothpaste or a toaster oven. I have my iphone sitting in my pocket and it does amazingly well with my on the go listening in a convenient package.

    When I get my iPhone X or 8+ I may also just even lug my old iPhone 6+ as a portable setup instead of lugging my headphone peachtree amp to be used with my new phone.
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