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Chord Mojo vs ipad/iphone

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by roybenz, Feb 4, 2017.
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  1. Roybenz
    Anyone tried comparison between mojo and iphone 7 or newer ipad? I can't seem to spot much difference. The mojo seems a little darker in some tracks. Using tidal hifi. Anyone know anything about general sound quality output from iphone/ipad/imac?
  2. Cannabase
    Don't know if I'm answering your question, but I find the mojo sounds really good with my Macbook pro and my PC.  When I hook it up to my iPad Air 2(using camera connector), I'm quite disappointed to be honest.  The sound just seems really bland on the ipad for some reason.  I thought that it should technically sound the same since the DAC/AMP gets the same audio file information and spits out the same sound. But there is definitely a noticeable difference. 
    I am using SE 535s when I'm listening and I'm using Tidal because it's the only way to get HQ music (that I know of) on my iPad.
  3. Music Alchemist
    To my ears, the Mojo sounds many times better than conventional DACs. I don't use Apple, though.
  4. Jimster480
    The Chord Mojo will run circles around any Apple product.
    Apple products have mediocre at best sound output and very little actual amp power.
    They also downsample music (i believe there are some workarounds) and play things at 16bit/22khz (I think this is it).
    I notice the difference with my 1More Triple Driver & my Panasonic RP-HT360's with my iTouch 6G and my HTC 10 and my FiiO K1. The iPod sounds the worst of the 3 (and the 6G iTouch is said to be the best sounding apple device by some).
  5. Roybenz
    It depends what you use. I have tried for hours with Sennheiser ie800. It's really hard to point out difference when running them through mojo or direct from iphone7/ipad air2. I would never have been able to point out mojo in a blind test. When trying with he1000v2 it's a different case and much difference. They're much harder to drive then ie800.
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  6. AlanU
    My iphone 6+ sounds better than my wifes iphone7 w/ 3.5mm female lightning dongle. 
    The Apple dongle actually sounds substantially "thinner" and if my memory recalls more similar to my old android Note 4 which was a step down from my iphone 6+.
    I guess my question would be the headphones your driving. Are they efficient? IEM's??
    I know my recent visit to my local headphone shop I was excited to test the Dragonfly Red. With my Denon MM400 the sound quality was not much of an improvement over my 3.5mm output from my iphone 6+. I actually think it sounded noticeably worst as the DFR seemed like all of the music from Tidal hifi was lifeless. I tested ifi nano iDSD and it actually seemed marginally better but still remained "thin". I tried the Peachtree shift and it suddenly made my Tidal stream more engaging with rich sweet mids, pleasant treble but not enough to give big airy soundstage. Soundstage was "nice". The peachtree put the Dragonfly red to severe shame as I tried to crank the volume on the DFR. The peachtree could potentially rip my eardrums to cause deafness. 
    So the issue I have is the physical size of the mojo for portable use. The Dragonfly RED is truly "MEH" with my Denon MM400 so i'd rather plug my headphones directly to my Iphone 6+. This is where so far a reasonably priced Peachtree shift can run most of my headphones I own with no problems. 
    When I upgrade my iphone to and iphone 8+ in the future I'll really consider an apple approved product Peachtree shift. I'll be auditioning an RHA Dacamp L1 for thin form factor. 
    I see so many people on the mojo band wagon. Cool product but like any audio product it all comes down to intended use and personal preference to sound signature. 
    If your happy with apples output ...... be happy :)
  7. Jimster480

    I think this really depends on the quality of your headphones. The Headphones you mentioned were noted to have a very V shaped signature (in some other threads on this forum) and not very clear highs. I found that the iPod output was very good with headphones like these (such as RP-HT360 & WA Jawbreakers) but very bad once I moved into the 1More TD especially but still respectable on the RP-TCM 125's.
    I personally don't have a mojo but I have a HTC 10 which many have said is 85-95% as good as a mojo and its a night and day difference.
    But you are right, if you are "used to" that sound signature then you will be bias towards what you are conditioned to.
  8. Music Alchemist
    I haven't heard either of those, but I have heard the original HE1000. Anyway, even with my cheapo Koss KTXPRO1, I can easily tell the Mojo apart from the DAC in my Alienware M11x R2 laptop. (And in the past I could not tell the Schiit Modi 2 apart from the laptop's DAC!) It's actually easier for me than with the Elear because I'm a lot more familiar with how the sound of the Koss changes on different systems.
  9. Roybenz
    It really bothers me that I can't hear any difference between ipad and mojo. Anyone got any songs I could try?
  10. Jimster480

    What headphones?
  11. Roybenz
    I have sennheiser ie800 and he1000v2
  12. Music Alchemist
    It's best to use songs you are most familiar with, as long as you listen to enough genres.
  13. mag3472
    You must realize when using streams like tidal, Pandora ect you are using and receiving a compressed file no matter what they say. It will never sound as good as a direct file from your PC and or player! It will sound better but not like if you playing it from your own files. Also Apple products always have issues playing with other products, they don't play well with others lol.
  14. Jimster480
    Compressed files are fine. Spotify Extreme is OGG VBR ~320kbps. Honestly that is basically as close to FLAC as you can get and virtually indistinguishable from FLAC even on high end headphones or speakers. 
  15. mag3472
    Yes I understand but you still don't get the 320k. 320 from a personal file that has been done correctly is basically the same as a FLAC. Not from a stream you still lose something no matter what, close yes.
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