Chord Mojo vs ipad/iphone

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by roybenz, Feb 4, 2017.
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  1. Roybenz

    I am using the original usb cable that came with, and the apple camera connector usb. Works nice. Was most supprised that the iPad Pro 10,5” and the mojo sound so alike. Maybe a 5% difference in mojo being better, softens and darkens the sound a tiny little bit.
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  2. Hooster
    Are you sure that is "better"?
  3. Roybenz
    No :) it sound very much like the same
  4. Bla4444
    Haha. Good news. This means i no need to go for the mojo. My hrt dsp sound quite better than the iphone 6s, soo i am almoast sure that it is better than mojo too. Not bad for an under 100$ device.
  5. leftside
    If you have DSD files and a player like the HF Onkyo you'll notice a difference.
  6. LouisArmstrong
    My iPhone X doesn't seem to recognise the Mojo (or the other way round). Is that my Mojo's problem or is it a problem in general?
  7. Swiftfalcon
    Are you using Apple CCK 3?
  8. donkeywalker
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  9. Thor71
    Mojo just arrived for Xmas, paired with Iphone X + Noble X I can hear a difference, mainly in how the mojo put the music all together. The difference is not so much because the Iphone X itself sounds very good but it's still there.
  10. phiemon
    Here is not the Chord Mojo but the Oppo HA-2SE confronted with the iPhone X (with Onkyo HF and KaiserTone) + Campfire Andromeda: I just sent the Oppo back because I can barely notice a difference; it is for me just a bit better mainly on the speaker system in the AMP at high volume and with the IEM in the instrument separation. It is for me not worth to keep it.
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  11. AHSiegel
    I think a big part of it is going to be HOW we are using the MOJO with the iPad. I wonder if you are using the Camera Connection, if you are still just using the iPad's DAC and then going through the MOJO. I'll be getting the POLY next week which should allow me to stream TIDAL at 16/44 (CD quality...but still limited, sadly). I'll be listening for a difference then. By using the POLY, you by-pass the iPad DAC completely...
  12. Swiftfalcon
    I was under the impression lightning port already bypasses the internal DAC.
  13. donkeywalker
    Can someone recommend a good connector cable from Mojo to iPhone X?
  14. AHSiegel
    I thi
    I think you may be right...when I get the setup next week, you can bet that I will be testing the heck out of it in multiple configurations. I'll even be brining my Ray Samuals Emmeline Shadow into play to see if that adds something to the mix.
  15. Roybenz
    I was using the camera cable connection cable. I should go pass ipads dac?
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