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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. Uyski

    Yep, just tried charging it, and it's impossible due to it getting disconnected. Contacted them on Facebook asking for advice since I live outside the US, they've seen my message but not answered it.. 
  2. rcoleman1

    No longer needed...my wife purchased a LG V10. BRAND NEW just received Pure Silver Lightning to Micro USB Chord Mojo/Hugo Interconnect from Lavricables for iDevices. Eliminates the need for the Apple CCK. For Sale/Best Offer. PM me if interested
  3. jamestux
    Where did you get Jimi in DSD?

    Chord live outside the US too (in the UK) and it's 7pm here, I imagine the office has been closed for an hour or so.
  4. Uyski
    So I've tried the USB cable that came with it. Lifting the mojo up disconnects it, including when it's charging.
    So I tried the USB cable that came with my S6 EDGE +. Lifting the mojo up disconnects it too.
    Then I tried the cable that came with my PS4, and for some reasons it doesn't disconnect when I use that cable. It's really weird, but atleast it works okay-ish now.
  5. twelvebears
    I'd be interested to know if anyone has tried pairing the Mojo with an iBasso DX50 - size-wise looks a perfect match and would side-step the limitations of the DX50's DAC and amp.
    Also now they are discontinued, there are some good deals on the DX50 to be had.
    Thoughts or experiences welcome
  6. mathi8vadhanan
    Do the cables click-in satisfyingly? May be they're not connected properly?
  7. Uyski

    All of them click-in satisfyingly, but only the PS4 cable can be poked at and not be disconnected.
    I'm really glad that I found this out though, for a moment there, I though I was holding an expensive paperweight. 
  8. mscott58
    Still sounds like it might be worth getting it swapped out for another unit as this does not sound like typical behavior IME for the Mojo. 
    And say "hi" to Norway for me - my lineage is from near Trondheim. 
  9. RamblerBoy
    hey guys,
    i am having plans to get this. i learnt that it supports coax, usb and optical inputs. i won't be using the optical one but i am a bit stranded between the the other two.
    my guess is that the usb output from my dap will send audio files to the mojo's usb input without getting tampered by the dap's dac or the amp. am i right?
    what about the coax output from my dap? will music files pass through the dap's dac or amp (i believe the amp doesn't touch them but what about my dap's dac?) before being sent to the mojo's coax input?
  10. Uyski
    Yeah, I'll contact chord electronics and see what they say. Hopefully I'll get it swapped :)
    And will do!
  11. jamestux
    It depends on your DAP but none of them pass files through, they will all need to convert the files to an audio stream.

    Earlier in the thread there was a bit of heat on this topic as some DAPs were definitely altering the output (eq and volume were having an effect).

    Oh and some DAPs do not output digital at all like the AK jr and Fiio x1
  12. emilsoft
    I had this problem with specific USB cables - might not be the Mojo, some cable connectors are not as tight. Have you tried different cables and are getting the same issue with all of them?
  13. Mojo ideas
    Did you have any other input connected at the same time?
    Angular Mo likes this.
  14. emilsoft
    I never believed that audiophile USB cables make a difference, but was proved wrong recently when using Supra USB (with Audioquest micro adapter) with Mojo; the difference between the out of box usb and this is rather significant; wider soundstage, better instrument separation, less harsh - so I can only deduce Mojo likes good quality cables.. still don't understand how this works, digital is digital is digital
    On another note, Mojo + HD600 (with HD650 cables and important 100 hour burn in) is a stunning combination. After going through Shure SRH1840, Oppo PM3, Hifiman HE560, the HD600s come on top as the most honest to source/balanced sound with the Mojo. 
    jamestux likes this.
  15. Ike1985
    Swap it, not normal.
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