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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. Arpiben
    The culprit is his ICAN.
    On top of this, his amp seem to be AC powered by this three prong power.


    No ground connection.
  2. rkt31
    shock means there is no ground connection or faulty ground line , it is as simple as that. plugs having no ground pin are the main culprit.
  3. Light - Man
    Well then don't mess around with it - as there is absolutely no need or benefit to doing so and may be dangerous to you as well as damaging the Mojo including a fire risk.
    If you start messing with the Mojo its warranty and resale may be affected - instead spend your time exploring new music! [​IMG] 
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  4. Arpiben
    Current is shared between the two outputs depending on their respective loads. Current is halved only if both outputs presents same load.
    With pure resistive loads there are no issues.
    When dealing with the reactive part of impedances currents may flow between both outputs, interacts each other and alter frequency response.
  5. vapman
    If you need to ask others what voltage the mojo runs on you shouldn't be working with AC! I'm sorry, it's not meant to offend anyone, but rather prevent electrocution! I have felt 110V AC enough times to know it's serious
  6. ninetylol
    Guys what sampling- + bit rate are you using in windows with the mojo?
    I know you should prefer WASAPI but if its not possible what would be the optimal settings? Talking about music and gaming and i think 44.1kHZ 16Bit should be the most uses source format so should i set it to that? Or better 24 Bit?
    Or in other words if i set it to 192kHZ 24Bit will windows just up and downsample everything and ruin the quality?
    Please help me!
  7. AmusedToD
    Hi guys, I am using my Mojo both as a headphone amp for my B&W P7 wireless, and a desktop DAC for my stereo system (Arcam A29 integrated amp and Dynaudio Focus 260 floorstanders).

    Could anyone who owns one of the Oppo blu ray players test the Oppo's internal DAC (meaning the analog outputs of the player into an amp) against the Mojo via the 3.5mm output to RCA into an amp, and post the results.
  8. WCDchee

    Yes, it does! I wish more people could try it :frowning2:

    You also have to engage the digital coaxial mode on the Esther, makes a surprising difference!
  9. TG04
    Maybe I am not understanding this right, but on my setup the 3V fixed line level output is too loud on most tracks (though not all). I use 9 volume down ticks from there, each worth 1 dB according to RW -- which would seem to mean -9 dB (from the 3 volt level) but output is certainly not zero!  Actually, the post I read indicated that this level corresponds to 1 Volt.
    Regardless, with this setting, I typically have the volume pot on my Beyerdynamic A20 dedicated headphone amp at about 12 noon, same as with the preamp in my stereo setup when connecting the Mojo to an Aux input.
    Your mileage may differ ....
  10. Chris1975
    I have read some debate on this thread about whether different digital sources actually impact the sound produced by the Mojo, i.e. whether a cheaper DAP (old phone) connected via digital USB sounds worse than a more expensive DAP (e.g. M1Pro). 
    A related question is whether Mojo sounds better when using the Coax, Optical or USB. Which is best?
    I am guessing that my question needs refining, but thought I'd at least throw it out there.
  11. Egoquaero
    Hi guys!
    I own the Sennheiser HD800. Cambridge CXA60 is the amplifier with DAC integrated (originally bought to drive my pair of Tannoy XT6F) used to drive the headphones for now. They say it's a pretty good DAC as well. Now I just don't know how good.
    Music is played by my Macbook Pro 2016 that is digitally connected to the Cambridge using toslink connection (through a Behringer UCA202).
    1) Is it worth for me to buy the Chord Mojo?
    2) Does it deliver a substantial improvement over the internal DAC of the Cambridge CXA60?
    3) How much of the HD800 potential is Chord Mojo able to unlock? Let's say that the HD800 delivers a 98% with Chord Dave. What would be the estimate with the Chord Mojo? An 85%, a 90% or a 95%?
    I know it's difficult to assess with aseptic numbers but that's the only way for me to have an idea since I can't test the product myself right now.
    Thank you so much for your help, guys!
    Have a nice day!
  12. maxh22

    Leave it at 16 bit 44khz. If you want the best SQ don't upsample before sending the data to Mojo.
  13. maxh22

    I have already done this test a while ago. I own an Oppo BDP 105.

    To my ears the Mojo is better than the oppo. When I did the tests the Oppo was sending a balanced signal while Mojo was sending a single ended signal, still preferred Mojo's sound.

    The Oppo had a wider soundstage, but Mojo had greater depth when it was appropriate.
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    0dBV is 1 Vrms. dB is a log scale.
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  15. AmusedToD

    Thanks for that. I am eyeing the new Oppo 203 (AKM 4458 DAC inside). My intention is to use the Oppo as a hub (receiver) for my cable box via its HDMI input as well as my TV's internal apps via ARC.
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