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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. Light - Man
    I suppose it depends on who's driving and how far you want to go? [​IMG]
  2. zerolight
    Thanks guys. I've actually been through #3 several times and the manual from Chords site. The manual says nothing about requiring a full charge before you switch on for the first time. Post #3 doesn't really either. Both talk about how long it takes to reach full charge but neither actually say that it shouldn't be used before a full charge.

    Elsewhere in this thread I've seen mention of Chord recommending a full charge, and the same with the reviews. But it's not documented anywhere. I'm leaving it to charge but it would be interesting to understand why it needs to, and why they don't document that.
  3. Dobrescu George
    I see.. 

    I must have missed that post - I try to keep up with the thread at all times [​IMG]
    I just noticed than on my normal setup I get a similar effect - and I also load the tracks into memory. Makes me wonder if there is anything I can do. 
    It really helps with the battery - prolongs it's life but this is much better explained on the first page [​IMG]
  4. miketlse
    The first two sentence of the "battery and charging" section of post #3 state
    Please note: Instructions advise charging a brand-new Mojo for 10 hours before using, but actually, it is only necessary to charge until the tiny white charging LED goes out. With most brand-new Mojos, this will be around half that. Just trust what the charging LED tells you.
    So I don't understand how you can claim that post #3 doesn't really say anything on the subject. [​IMG]
    There are plenty of individual posts on the subject in this thread - if you search.
    I also think that the FAQ on the Chord webpage mentions charging as well.
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  5. Starwalker

    I just got mine today too.
    The recommendation for the 10hrs charge before 1st use is printed on the box.
  6. jmills8
    Charge until white light turns off. Can be 4 hrs or 6 or 9 hrs.
  7. zerolight
    miketlse Starwalker

    See my point is that the red says it's in the instructions but yet it is not in the manual, any of the quotes from Chord, and unlike star walker's it is not printed on my box.
  8. zerolight
    I'm going to follow the advice of the forum and wait, no question. There's plenty of experts here. My point was merely that Joe public buying one of these devices wouldn't know not to power it on. It literally comes with no instructions, and the online instructions don't mention it. It's just odd and I'm thankful I'm a headfier otherwise I'd be listening to it right now.
  9. TG04
    The point of using Tidal to find new music is well taken, far better to subscribe and peruse anything that might interest you at no extra cost than to continue to buy albums based on the cover art and find out afterwards that you "hate" the music (sad to say but that is what I have done pretty much all my life).  
    One thing to remember though, is that you still will need to buy those tracks that you "love" because once they go out-of-print they are likely to disappear from Tidal as well, or some albums/artists could simply be dropped if not widely listened to. Don't know what their current (or future) policy on this is, but after all there must be a limit to their storage capacity also.
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  10. cpauya

    Under my Mojo box, there's a set of instructions and the first one mentions "Please fully charge the unit before first use (minimum 10 hours).".  And plenty of mention here too starting from the 3rd post.  Did you look under your Mojo box? [​IMG]
    Congrats on your new Mojo and enjoy! [​IMG]
  11. zerolight
    It seems a watched light never goes out!
  12. zerolight
    Still charging. Here's my little device and the box without instructions.



  13. cpauya
    LOL - I couldn't agree more.
    Ah, that explains why.  You have the new box (mine was the small white box) and a free case too I assume.
    Well, I guess Chord thought that whoever's buying the Mojo knows what it is already.
    Stop watching the charging light and finish reading the 1950+ pages of Mojo stuff here.  I bet by the time you're done the light is already off. [​IMG]
  14. zerolight
    Free case indeed! Not sure it's worth £65 but it's nice and makes me feel like I paid £65 less for the Mojo! :)
  15. musickid
    Has anyone A/B'd the modimultibit against the mojo. i have the modi feeding an earmax pro tube amp and cannot decide whether to build a new mojo rig. if the sound is considerably different (not necessarily better) this would motivate me to get off my..........and start the new mojo rig for home use. my idea is to use an intona with b and o h6 cans. would a jitterbug do most of what the intona can do sonically speaking? thanks to all remember the modi is a multibit. the modi is fed from an intona industrial. 250 dollars/250 pounds schitt audio.



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