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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. Zojokkeli
    Thanks! Looks like I can get a steady charge from my regular USB-port, but not from an old phone charger or Schiit Wyrd. [​IMG]
  2. Light - Man
    If it starts blinking at you - best to look the other way - or else! [​IMG]
    giphy.gif giphy.gif
  3. Jazic
    I don't know if it really increases it's transparency but it does have more clarity and detail up top. It is possible to clean up a signal and amply it in the process but you're not going to be able to get more out of something that isn't there to begin with. 
    I can definitely hear more air up top and bass punch with the Lyr 2 vs just the Mojo. 
    I'm not saying the Mojo is bad and teh differences are very very small but they are noticeable to my ears. 
  4. quodjo105
    I'd like to recommend the services of @PETEREK to anyone who is looking for  a coaxial interconnect cable for the mojo . he can build the cable to your specification  based on the DAP you're using . He's based in the US so folks in the US can take advantage . Turn around time is Excellent . Here is one he  built for me to connect my dx90 to the mojo . I'm sure some of you may have already been in contact with him as he also builds iem/headphone cables, mods etc . its just a heads up so feel free to contact him if you need a cable for your mojo . thanks  97929763_P1040023.jpg
  5. EagleWings

    That's great news. A couple of months back, when I reached out to him, asking if he could make me a custom co-axial cable, he said, he did not make co-axial cables. I guess he must have received a lot of requests. All the better for us.
  6. quodjo105

    He said same to me when i first contacted him for a coaxial cable . I went back to him a week ago and this time he agreed to give it a shot .
  7. EagleWings
    Thanks, I will contact him to see if he will be open to take up orders from other Mojo owners as well. If he is willing, we can request Mython to add his info to the 3rd post.
    Hopefully he will fill the void that Dyson Audio left after he went MIA.
  8. Mython Contributor
    It'd be nice to see some right-angled connectors... the connectors in the above pics look worryingly long.
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  9. quodjo105

    i think he can do angled connectors too. At the time i asked him to build mine he didn't have a right angled 3.5mm 2 pole connectors which  i needed for my dx90 . the picture below is one he made with right angle connector but that was for another  device . so i believe he can do one for you too 0723afec_P1040017.jpg
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  10. Sound Eq
    i really enjoy the mojo with fiio x7, it is now the top sound quality i am getting from everything i tried so far, second best comes the cowon plenue s as a stand alone dap which i sold after i heard the fiio x7 and mojo combo.
    i think this is by far a great great stack, if only i can find a case that holds both together with having access to the screen of fiio x7 as this combo deserves a nice case to hold them in a neat way
  11. NaiveSound
  12. NaiveSound
    Getting rid of my dx80, it served as a purpose as Transport for the mojo, but recently have switched To Note 5 with Tidal hifi and transport via OTG cable to mojo.

    Not much portability, what could I do to attach my mojo to the back of a cheap dedicated note 5 case.

    Any of you have any idea or even has done this themselves?

    I'm looking for semi permanent solution... Not velcro tape
  13. Subhakar
    Dear Rob,

    Now that you conquered the sub-$1000 portable DAC/Amp world with the incomparable Mojo, could we expect you to go a step further and do a smaller big feat of doing something in the size of Dragonfly/GeekOut but in the very revolutionary Chord way as you are indeed so capable of doing effortlessly? Please?! If not a Chord DAP, a ChordFly, huh?!
  14. NaiveSound
    I just hope that there won't be a mojo 2 for another 5 years.
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  15. EagleWings
    A similar question was asked to John in this interview I think. You may want to check it out:

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