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Chord Electronics Qutest DAC - Official Thread

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  1. Qute Beats
    Thanks Rob, I'm satisfied that jitter is of no concern.
    I guess the other issue that could arise would be a poor cable producing data transmission errors, which the DAC can't fix as in the signal already, but this would be clearly audible as clicks or pops AFAIK. As my cable does not have these issues I conclude that an upgrade is likely not needed (though I will look forward to @kerisabe doing a comparison :))
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  2. dac64
  3. HumanMedia
    Or maybe, like USB, the tranceivers that interpret the incoming signal generate noise internal to the receiving device, and the harder it is to interpret a jittery signal the more noise they generate. The digital data you hear is reclocked so no jitter there, but is there electrical noise from the tranceivers that can be heard?
  4. Qute Beats
    Or the signal generators inside a general purpose PC, hence why noise reduction gadgets like Jitterbug can work? More likely that than the receiver in a quality DAC perhaps. I read folk preferring sound from Mac to Windows PC say. I put this down to the quality of the internal USB chip doing the work in the PC rather anything to with the OS. The JCAT USB card is supposed to be very good, though also very expensive. Same could be said for the optical generator in the device sending the data via toslink presumably.
  5. dinus777
    I'm a new member here.
    My setup is as follows : Audirvana(Win10)+Tidal -> Intel NUC -> Chord Qutest -> Naim Nait 5si -> ProAc Responce D20r

    I'm very happy with Chord Qutest. Recently i noticed that it really has electrical noise , especially if i set amplifier volume at 11 o'clock. So i purchased Anker 26800 external Power Bank. I immediately
    could hear difference - highs, 3D sound stage, mids improved by a huge step. Sound stage is more open, more 3d. And no noise. My brother did same to Chord mojo - Anker Power bank and disconnected internal batteries - and he can hear same effect for Mojo also.

    My next step will be change amp to Sugden A21SE Signature or Sugden Masterclass IA-4. And want to try mac mini late 2014 with audirvana instead of Intel Nuc
  6. Qute Beats
    Welcome aboard. Strange you had noise, I never found any difference between supplied plug and battery, but good you're fixed. I use the NUC as well, bought especially as music server for its optical output.
  7. dinus777
    I use NUC6CAYH . Also looked for optical output. I've tried it with AudioQuest cable, but that only supported 24/96. Today i received sysconcept cable and it should do 24/192. I'll try

    As for the noise, this is how i did discover it - after a very low level track , when amp volume was at 10-11 o'lock , i could hear it even from 1meter distance from loudspeaker. Then i've disconnected Chord Qutest original PSU, leaving only Naim 5si - no noise. Connected Qutest to Anker Power bank - no noise.
    To my surprise - it not only removed noise, sound changed very much. I was astonished by how much . I never believed in PSU upgrade thing. Now i'm starting to...
    Last edited: May 28, 2019
  8. Simon Price
    My video review of Qutest

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  9. jwbrent
    Big fan of the Sugden A21 series amplifiers. This Class A SS integrated has beautifully rendered trebles. I owned one 20 years ago driving a pair of ProAc Tablette 8 Signatures for my bedroom system ... great memories!
  10. Zzt231gr
    I am not an easy believer,too...
    How much did you listen to?Are you sure it is an improvement and not added brightness?Is the sound now softer and calmer?More natural?
  11. MagnusH
    Seems you don't need it, because you posted a long reply without actually contradicting me. :)

    Yes, some DACs like your own has very little measureable jitter, but all DACs, including Chord, have jitter. Even with synchronizied clocks for DAC and sender you will get some jitter, and reclocking can only reduce jitter not totally eliminating it. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think you need something more advanced in data transport than SPDIF or USBAudio to fully get rid of jitter (like some packet based transport where the DAC chip packs up and handle everything).

    And the practical proof is that toslink cable matters for Chord DACs as well, just not as much as for most other DACs.
  12. dinus777
    I have now 2-3weeks Qutest connected to power bank. It is like more of everything in midrange, and cleaner, more precise highs. Better distance between instruments and wider stage.
    amazon fr have now deal of this Anker 26800 , it would be really interesting if someone can buy and also share their experience ....

  13. kerisabe
    image.jpg Actually ive tried connecting qutest to a powerbank and it sounded soft, not enough punch to the sound? So went back to original psu. Lifatec optical is here. Listening now....
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  14. Zzt231gr
    Have you compared it to Poweradd Pilot Pro2?
  15. FredQc
    I have tried the Anker Powercore II 20100 with the Qutest and what you say here is exactly what I observed. Mudded sound and lack of dynamics compared to original psu...
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