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Chord Electronics Qutest DAC - Official Thread

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  1. kerisabe
    Glad to hear that. Thanks for the assurance.
  2. dac64
    You may want to look at the output of gryphon cd player or dac.
  3. kerisabe
    Smart suggestion! Actually the diablo 300 dac single ended output documented at 2,15V which makes sense since I did changed the output on the qutest at 2V yesterday and I thought it sounded the best. And this fact confirms it. At 3V the sound gets distorted and at 1V it sounded too weak I had to crank the diablo way up. Thanks @dac64
  4. Zzt231gr
    Chill man!I was being sarcastic.I am using stock PSU and I am not changing my mind cause of Rob's words!
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  5. Baten
    Oh, my apologies in that case
    Last edited: May 26, 2019
  6. Chop-Top
    Would the Mojo be an acceptable substitute for the Qutest for office listening?
  7. betula
    Far but acceptable. Mojo is my mobile compromise. Nothing comes close for the price but don't expect Qutest performance.
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  8. miketlse
    Mojo doesn't have galvanic isolation, so the Qutest has an advantage there.
    However add a pair of Aeon Flow Closed to the Mojo, and it does a fine job with

    and many other tracks.
    Last edited: May 26, 2019
    Chop-Top likes this.
  9. Chop-Top
    Thanks! Would the lack of galvanic isolation matter if I do a direct USB feed from a Sony NW-A35?
  10. miketlse
    When I used the Mojo a lot, I compared the following:
    • playing music stored on phone, via a usb cable to Mojo - needed a ferrite core added to usb cable to remove the RFI beeps plus clicks etc. Still left a slight brightness to the music, but some owners do prefer that
    • playing music stored on Shanling M1, via a usb cable to Mojo - no need for a ferrite core adding to usb cable, and my preferred usb solution instead of the phone
    • playing music stored on computer, via an optical cable to Mojo - inherent galvanic isolation, and my preferred solution when possible
    Your Sony probably represents a similar scenario to the Shanling M1, so the lack of galvanic isolation may not serious issue for you.

    Hope this helps.
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  11. Chop-Top
    Yes, It Does. Thanks!
  12. Qute Beats
    A lot of talk of optical cables recently. I certainly now prefer optical to USB, but is there really a significant difference between cheap plastic fibre and more expensive multi stranded glass? I get the difference with USB cable quality making a difference and experienced it, as essentially it's still an analogue cable transmitting rising and lowering voltages as 1 and 0s. But with optical it is a purely digital transmission of light pulses, on or off. As long as data is transmitted without error, why does cable construction matter?
  13. Baten
    In theory too ****ty cable could have wild fluctuations in signal interity etc.

    In reality over a reasonable short run pretty much any super cheap super thin cable can do at least 24/96Khz. Only with longer runs or 24/192 the cable quality can start to matter a lot (drop-outs).

    But we are all neurotic :p so yeah
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  14. Qute Beats
    Thanks. Well mine will do 24/192 no issues, so is all good.
    Just that some folk say they hear differences between different toslink cables and I don't get why that should be the case.
  15. kerisabe
    Actually i heard the same. And specifically heard something special about the lifatec glass toslink. Mine should be reaching sometimes this week. Will let you know how much of an improvement compared to my present toslink im using.
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