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Chord Electronics Qutest DAC - Official Thread

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  1. HumanMedia
    Interesting stuff.
    I wonder if it’s similar to this strategy and these devices?
  2. kerisabe
    Last edited: May 29, 2019
  3. kerisabe
    Yes the difference is not massive, but definitely noticable if you paid really closed attention. As I said, it might be more noticable but just too many breaking in process im doin now, will do a a/b comparison later when everything is settled.
  4. Ivodam
    A question / suggestion to Mr. Watts:

    Dear Mr. Watts,

    I had the pleasure to visit your company's room at the Hi-End Show in Munich earlier this month.
    I was quite curious about the new phono stage called Huei and I have found it to be quite amazing, so I am waiting
    impatiently now for the market launch.
    As a Qutest owner I was especially glad to find out that you have used practically the same body for Huei,
    as for Qutest. I think they will make a nice pair on my rack. :)
    What I especially liked very much in the design of Huei as compared with Qutest is first, there is a power switch
    - I find that very very good; second - Huei has as well balanced outputs. This makes me very happy, since the manufacturer
    of my beloved Moon power amp recommends always when possible to use the balanced inputs.
    My question would be if you intend to offer us as well balanced outputs with the next version of Qute - whatever the name? And maybe a power switch too would be very agreeable. :)

    Yours sincerely
  5. Qute Beats
    Interesting article with very positive claims. I'm put off buying from RA again because I tried the Silencer which made no difference (to me), and also a power cord (a freebie with hifi mag subscription) which also did nothing (to me). I say to me, others may have got benefits, who knows. The there was this https://www.asa.org.uk/rulings/russ-andrews-accessories-ltd-a13-228690.html. He was later cleared of the charge, but I've have had distrust since. You can make up your own mind, just putting it out there.

    edit: removed word 'apparently' from statement 'was later apparently cleared of the charge. RA was officialy cleared.
    Last edited: May 30, 2019
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  6. dac64
    Huei? It will be banned from entering to US market!
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  7. rq1111
    Just to share that I have tried recently using handphone power bank to power up my qutest and it works beautifully. Before trying battery, I have tried using ifi products but none of them have good synergy with my hifi system. It sounds muffle and veil instead. So i thought why not try battery.

    I didn't compare the sound using stock psu and power bank but it seems to me that i hear blacker background and good layering using battery power bank.

    I believe battery operated is better than any power conditioner so since that day i use battery bank.
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  8. Ivodam
    Same with me - I hear no difference between battery power supply and the original charger. But I use a mains filter for my whole system, and this is very likely an explanation for not hearing any difference.
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  9. Ivodam
    Yeah, very funny...
  10. Zzt231gr
    Generic or of some brand?
  11. dac64
    I bet trump wasn't able to differciate between Huei and Huawei.
  12. rq1111
    I am using Samsung battery pack.
  13. OctavianH
    What interconnects are you using? I was thinking about an upgrade since the Chord Clearway I currently have sound somehow dark to me and seem to have recessed highs.
  14. kerisabe
    Vermouth Audio’s black pearl mkii interconnects.
  15. kerisabe
    The other day, Ive tried switching from using optical input (lifatec glass cable) on the qutest back to its usb input (atlas usb element se cable w no decrapifier). Wanted to try again dsd upsampling of audirvana. Boy was I wrong, the optical input sound is so far better sounding than the usb input. The optical input sounds very clean and alive. The usb input sounds like it doesnt have focus, not clean and tight. The high freq sounds super bright where the optical input really toned down the high freq but still w alot of details. I think im good for now just running tidal at 24/96 it sounds way better than my usb input upsampled. Maybe its my usb cable and no use of decrapifier.
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