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Chord Electronics Qutest DAC - Official Thread

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  1. Windseeker
    +1 this.

    But I experienced "brain burn-in" anyways, so ... :beyersmile:
  2. Staxaphone
    Just used the Qutest for first time as the front end dac for my Woo GES/Stax 009. Great synergy this combo. The transparency and drive of Qutest mate well with the tubed Woo and the electrostats, Sounds more enjoyable than with my PS Audio DS DAC. That was a tad too warm for the full emotional excitement to come thru unscathed. Anyone else using the 009 with the Qutest?
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  3. Windseeker
    I do, and definitely agree that there's a great synergy. Transparent, highly musical, and utterly non-fatiguing. On weekends, I can listen continuously for hours. :)
  4. Staxaphone
    What HP amp are you using with your 009?
  5. Windseeker
    I use Accuphase C-2150 as a pre-amp, and SRM-727 II with volume bypass ("direct switch") activated -- which means SRM-727 II is only used as a energizer.
  6. Staxaphone
    Thanks. I've never tried a solid state amp with them although I came close to buying one of Mjölnir-Audio's KGSSHV Carbon but could never pull the trigger since i always love the GES every time I listen. Maybe someday just out of curiosity.
  7. Windseeker
    I've been a STAX user for a little over three decades (Lambda Signature, Omega 2, and then 009) and had been using tube amps (alongside solid states) for the last twenty years. So, yes, I can definitely relate to how you feel.

    In fact, I decided to go pure SS only after acquiring Chord Qutest (and M Scaler later) last year. Of course, I absolutely don't mean to say that Chord DACs don't pair well with tube amps. It just that I'd become more interested in maximizing transparency & avoiding colorization to the extent possible. ... At least for now:o2smile:
  8. Staxaphone
    I'd like to the add the M Scaler eventually. Did you listen with the Qutest for a while before adding the M Scaler? Curious if its addition would be merely a subtle improvement or more of a quantum leap when heard through the highly resolving Stax.
  9. Eylrik

    I’ve got a slight issue when I connect my 2qute to the my Kef LS50 wireless speakers, using the 2qute as a dac.
    My source is an Aries Mini hence connected via usb to the 2qute then linked to the auxiliary rca input of the Kef ls50 wireless.
    My problem is that for a few songs only, the music saturates. This is annoying even though it happens only with a few songs (also not hi-res files) but mostly noticeable on voices.
    Could it be that the high output voltage of the 2qute might cause some issue with the rca sensitivity of my Kef LS50 wireless?

    Thanks for your help and thinking here !
  10. betula
    Zeos has reviewed the Qutest. He said he can't hear any difference between the Qutest and his £200 DAC. Lucky man. Can save a lot of cash.
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  11. Nautrachkfriend
    I'm sure we all wish we were that lucky... I disagree with a lot of things he said in that video. But everyone, including Zeos, is entitled to their opinion. Still get a kick out of the dumb things he says sometimes, top notch entertainment.
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  12. kumar402
    That's why not everyone can be a reviewer.
    I seriously think it requires long listening session to compare a DAC. Quick A/B never helps. If you give long playing time to DAC you will invariably come across passage in song where a DAC may perform better then another.
    I can clearly hear better details in Qutest as compared to Mojo when I was listening non stop thru it yesterday. I am using same headphone Zeos was using, Empyrean.Who knows if I start doing A/B to compare I will miss those things that separates it from other DAC. An audio equipment reviewer should be well versed with the details to look for in a song and how it was presented thru a DAC in a listening session.Just playing random song and saying I can't hear a difference doesnt make someone a good reviewer.
    I got SMSL SU 8 based on his review and review in some other website but when I heard it, I could easily make out it was thin sounding. But when I started doing A/B I was struggling to find a difference but if I hear songs thru that DAC for long time I could feel the Body and soul was missing. That's when I realized A/B ing is no good for me.
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  13. kumar402
    I feel a reviewer must present example from passage of songs where he felt DAC provided more details, better layering, separation etc. Even I can create a video saying lot of things. Doing A/B and saying I don't find any difference.
  14. Nik74
    Of similar entertainment value are the comments on that review. They make head fi feel like a parallel universe :)
  15. kumar402
    I wish he could have used few more DACs to see if he can tell any difference among anyone
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