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Chord Electronics Qutest DAC - Official Thread

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  1. Xinlisupreme
    Hi Guys,
    anyone has compared Qutest with Hugo TT2?
  2. betula
    No contest from what I have read and heard. Double amount of taps. Four times more expensive. DAC/amp with supercapacitors vs single DAC. Are you even serious? :)
  3. jwbrent
    I would agree there should be a notable difference between the digital section of the Qutest and TT2, but quantifying that difference with subjective thought may not lead to a slam dunk conclusion for all listeners that the TT2 is worth the additional expense forgoing it’s other capabilities.
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  4. betula
    Mea culpa, Sir. I was just reflecting on the fact that we are trying to compare an 'engine' to another 'whole car with a superior engine'.
    Talking about what expense is worth to whom is an extremely subjective topic.
  5. jwbrent
    I wasn’t meaning to criticize your comment, just meaning to say we all have different levels of sensitivity when it comes to evaluating components/transducers and whether any cost difference is worthwhile. :beerchug:
  6. betula
    That is true. :beerchug:
  7. kumar402
    Got my Qutest today.
    My rig is going to be
    Roon on MBP-> optical Out -> Qutest(Warm filter at 1v) -> Schiit Sys -> Liquid Platinum ( NOS Tubes) -> Empyrean/ HD800S.
    Does Qutest need any burn in? I haven’t plugged it in yet.
  8. kumar402
    Nice stand....I guess it will provide more height to the sound
  9. kumar402
    Don’t we have switch on or off button in Qutest like we had in Mojo? Does it mean we can leave it on all the time? But as per my understanding FPGA based DAC gets hot hence must be switched off when not in use, Is my understanding correct?
  10. Nautrachkfriend
    You can leave the Qutest on at all times. It doesn't get hot, I'd say lukewarm more or less.
  11. Ragnar-BY
    Tube amp, additional SYS in the signal path and "warm" filter? Strange choice.
  12. Meanstreak242
    My Qutest definitely required a burn-in. The mids were quite bright bordering on glaring when I first plugged it in. I left it on with music playing for a couple of days via USB, and when I came back the brightness was completely gone. Now the DAC just sounds beautiful (to my ears.)

    But with all the differences between systems, ears, and taste your mileage may vary.
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  13. Staxaphone
    My experience also for about the first 8 hours of play, but more so in the upper mids. Beautiful sounding is an apt description now.
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  14. kumar402
    have removed SYS. Had to use SYS earlier with LP as the amp doesn't have a gain switch. However I found with 1v input Ican get away from sys.
    I am little treble sensitive and like Warm sound and thats why I have Z1R and Empyrean. 800s only gets headtime for critical listening or some genre suited for it.I am ok to loose out on details as long as I get treble just right.
    Ya it sounds strange.
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  15. Triode User
    Ask some people and they will say yes. I personally feel it is brain/ear burn in they have experienced and that it is unlikely that a piece of kit such as the Qutest will vary with burn in. For instance I heard a 2 year old Dave and a brand new one straight out of the box and they were identical.
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