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Chord Electronics Qutest DAC - Official Thread

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  1. Ilias9001
    I will avoid interfering with the previous conversation but i will say this. When someone provides an opinion about some equipment, it is his own subjective view. But you cannot believe you are right and that is just the way it is just because you said it, especially talking about the alternative upgrade you purchased and not some core item in the chain. I will not come in here saying my house's feng shui impacts my sound output and not expect to get criticized. Unless i have actual arguments or scientific proof...
  2. Nik74
    Actually, sorry but no

    It’s an impressions thread and anyone can write what their impression or experience is. Without having to scientifically back that impression because it is a subjective experience. As for the more “esoteric “ system tweaks, whether they are in the realm of placebo or not , well, some of us are into them. If it enhances my experience, if it makes my qutest sound more pleasing, why would I not share it ? Because some people feel it necessary to trash whatever they don’t understand or agree with?
    This hobby is meant to be fun

  3. Ilias9001
    Of course you can share it. But you have to accept people that disagree with you too. I mean, footers on a turntable, yeah maybe. You keep saying people do not understand so they mock. Can you explain what you do unserstand then? Because if not, you are not just making fool of us but also of yourself.
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2019
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  4. Nik74
    I have heard nothing that needs to be explained or understood, I am merely keeping an open mind towards a tweak that I d like to try myself but haven’t heard yet.
    I m getting pissed of at the attitude of some people that feel it is ok to mock because they have different views, yours included and I m calling out the behaviour nothing else
    I want to be able to discuss impressions whether I understand the science behind them or not without having to defent my right to. That’s all I m doing and stopping here .
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  5. Ilias9001
    Do not get me wrong, i believe qutest sounds better than other dacs i have tried but i definitely do not understand the science behind it.
    Keeping an open mind is one thing, believing in magic is another. There is nothing scienc-y about a footer made of quartz.
    Next up: is uranium-235 infused quartz the edge to anti-resonant spikes?
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  6. Joe-Siow
    It is interesting the direction the "discussion" has gone. While we are all agree that the main component ie. Qutest is excellent sounding, there is much sceptism with accessories and expensive footers.

    If you had gone back to see jbarrentine's initial post, it is clear that his post/ mockery was made without having listened to the said accessory and a closed mind. Funny how your post mirrors a case of deja vu.

    Anyway, feel free to mock someone who paid to purchase something and share his impressions for the community. Talk is after all cheap. :smile_phones:
  7. Zzt231gr
    My opinion,too!Where is the science behind those footers?
  8. Joe-Siow
    Feel free to buy a set to try. :blush:

    I first got to hear them from a friend who uses them in between his bookshelves and stands.
    I do not understand the science behind it but I like what I heard so I opened my wallet for 3 sets for the Qutest and bookshelves.
    It is really that simple sometimes. You like it you buy it.
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  9. Zzt231gr
    I agree.But I think I don't need anyones opinion that mine do work!
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2019
  10. nick77
    I wanted to try an isolation product but wasn't willing to spend a lot. Bought some Herbies Tenderfeet Booties for less than $25 and its the best $25 tweak I have ever made!!
    Highly recommend.
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  11. Roybenz
    Anyone tried the qutest against the internal dag of the 430had? i wonder how they differ
  12. T Bone
    I'm conducting a bit of an experiment tonight. I'm comparing my new Chord Qutest to my "old" Holo Spring DAC. I've got my system configured in such a way (albeit temporarily) to quickly A:B both DAC's on the same amp.
    For this test, I'm using a HeadAmp GS-X mk2 headphone amplifier to drive my Focal Utopia's. I have my Chord Qutest plugged into my desktop PC via a Curious USB cable. The Holo Spring is being fed by a Mano Ultra streamer. I am using ROON to stream the same album track to both DACs. .....it's not the most scientific setup, but I've gotten some very interesting results to share.

    (1) The differences between the Holo Spring and the Qutest aren't as wide as I would have imagined. The Holo still punches above its weight class.
    (2) I find the Qutest gives me better separation. Listening to the "Jazz at the pawnshop" I found I was able to easily focus on instruments like an upright bass without feeling other instruments "bleeding over"
    (3) Although I hate pretentious terms like "micro detail", I felt that the sound of a brush on a snare was more realistic on the Qutest.
    (4) Playing a live recording of the Dire Straits (live at the BBC) I actually preferred the Holo. I got a warmer, richer, thicker, more intimate "live" rock show feeling from the NOS mode of the Holo than I got from the Qutest no matter which filter I tried. The vocal's were more intimate on the Holo while the crash of the cymbals was more detailed on the Qutest.

    It's rare that I've had an opportunity to A:B two DAC's so closely so it's been an interesting evening. I'll queue up some more test tracks - perhaps some flamenco guitar, acoustic guitar and acapella vocals to find additional head-to-head comparisons
  13. Jon L
    Isn't it fun though...:gs1000smile:

    Just to play Devil's advocate, the SQ difference between the Mano Ultra Streamer (+which cable?) and your desktop (+USB cable) is likely to be at least as much as the difference between the two DAC's IMHE.
    Quick A-B comparisons can be seductive, but I would put more stock in longer-term A-B comparisons using one source (Mano Ultra) and same connection/cable.
    I do have a Curious USB cable, too, but may I suggest...

    [​IMG]BNCrca by drjlo2, on Flickr
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  14. [​IMG]

    Well I'm a believer now. Let me tell you, I tried this a couple different ways, and every other combination sounded terrible. Whatever you do, don't bother with Tylenol, it imparts a horrible screeching to the sound.
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  15. odessamarin
    Very interesting, thank you.
    how would you describe soundstage holography, deeps, size and dimensionality?
    I personally found lack of this in qutest.
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