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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by magiccabbage, May 14, 2015.
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  1. Harty Contributor
    Hi Geoff,

    I prefer the Cera-Discs due to them being a bit more stable, the stillpoints dissipate energy, but they're very pricey, so some of the ones mentioned in this thread might be a cheaper alternative to the stillpoints.

    Best wishes,
  2. wswbd
    Could you elaborate the sound improvement using these disks on Dave?
  3. DaveRedRef-III
  4. Harty Contributor
    I would say that the Cera Disc's are just below the stillpoints ultra mini in performance, clearing up all the frequencies a nice bit, everything is just purer and cleaner sounding, but a lot cheaper, so if your on a budget and can't afford the Stillpoints Ultra Mini's, then the Cera Disc's would make a good choice, as well as what other suggestions have been mentioned, just letting people know that something like this exist, as they are hard to find with no advertising. pursuit Perfect System on youtube shows and explains these in a few of his video's, type Cera-Disc on his channel search box.

    Best wishes,
  5. Thenewguy007
    Pretty sure Pursuit Perfect Systems is a dealer who sells all those products.
    Isolation feet are a dime a dozen, from cheap (herbie's audio) to some boutique ones that go for $1,000s.
  6. naynay
    I do remember him saying that he had some input on the design of the Cera-Disc?
  7. marhol
    Couple of weeks with DAVE and I have to say I´m really impressed with this DAC/amp/preamp. I feel that all superlatives have already been mentioned but still I would like to express it definitely met my high expectations based on head fi and other online forums. What I like most on DAVE is (regarding SQ) probably its neutrality, transparency, dynamics and and overall purity of sound which is free from digital artifacts. These qualities probably contribute the most to the perceived "musicality" and " analougeness" of DAVE presentation. I also like the design and compact size of this device. Listening to music via my Dynaudio Focus 110 A active speakers or HE1000 V2 headphones is an event !
    I am positively surprised that sibilant recordings are more listenable via DAVE than via iBasso DX90. I thought DAVE would be even more ruthless than DX90. And fortunately
    thats not the case. While not as forgiving as Lumin A1 (my previous DAC) DAVE to my ears sounds very organic, smooth(even analogue with some recordings) and at the same time true to the source.
    Thats a remarkable achievement.
    Thank you all for your impressions and contributions to this thread.It has been really helpful and enjoyable to read !
    I have just one question: is it possible to use iBasso DX90 as a transport with DAVE ? I know some people successfully use DX90 with Chord Hugo (1 and 2) via coaxial out but DAVE does not have coaxial inputs... Is there any possibility to connect DX90, or mobile phone (e.g. Samsung) with DAVE ?
    Thx, best regards Martin
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  8. JaZZ Contributor
    Hi Martin

    Yes, you need a digital cable (ideally 75 Ω) with a 3.5 mm coaxial plug at one end and a BNC plug at the other end. Alternatively an RCA plug instead of the BNC plug with an RCA/BNC adapter.
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  9. ecwl
    Sure. when I bring my DAVE to our local Head-Fi meet, I just connect my iPad (or iPhone) to DAVE using the Lightning to USB adaptor and a regular USB cable. And then I just play streaming lossless music from Tidal. You should have no problems doing the same from Samsung to DAVE with the correct adaptor. What I am not familiar with is how Android controls sample rates for music playback in order to get bit-perfect playback...
    marhol likes this.
  10. marhol
    Thank you for your replies ! I hoped some cables with proper adapters could do the job. DX90 with my stored audio files and user friendly control would be an ideal option as a transport at late evening listening.
  11. iDesign
    Out of curiosity has anyone seen other covers like this that may fit the DAVE and Blu Mk II? I have wanted something like this to keep dust and sunlight away from my DAVE+Blu MK II while they are not in use. The execution of these covers leaves a bit to be desired like the non-seriffed font which isn't used by CHORD. Although I can easily fabricate something like this, I wish Chord offered something like this as an accessory.

    Last edited: Aug 24, 2019
  12. ZappaMan
    Have you tried using a nice tea towel?
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  13. Amberlamps
    Hello there gentlemen, serious question, I have an excellent offer of a new Dave which I've basically accepted already, but one question remains.

    The headphone out, how good or bad is it at driving headphones ? To put it into perspective I never ever go higher than -15H on TT2 for brief periods, the rest of the time it's at -30H or higher, like 35 -45H

    I don't own Susvara or the likes, so will I be able to get loud music via Dave's headphone output, I'm using HD800S and Mr Speakers Aeon Closed and easy to drive Audio Technica's.

    1, will I get a good loud volume with my headphones.
    2, am I likely to have problems due to dave only having 2watts on it's headphone out port ?

    Basically, am I likely to notice the lack of power on daves headphone port ?
  14. ecwl
    Based on your current Hugo TT2 usage and headphones, you're not going to have problems driving the headphones with DAVE. I drive my Aeon Closed, Focal Utopia and HD650 perfectly fine and at my local Head-Fi meets, DAVE drives HD800S and my headphones more than loud enough for everyone there. (I tend to listen at 10-20dB quieter than most people at my local meet). I find at the meet, it's really only with some headphones like HE1000 or LCD4 where some people who prefer a much louder volume where they would want DAVE to go beyond +4dB. Based on your current listening volume, I don't think you'll run into any problems.
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  15. miketlse
    Is this dave instead of the empyreans?
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2019
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