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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by magiccabbage, May 14, 2015.
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  1. naynay
    I have just tried the newer lower priced Shunyata power cable purchased from KJ West One but had to return it as the fit in the power inlet of my Dave was a little loose the cable would keep dropping it wouldn't keep at 90 degrees so it would cause the power to fluctuate.

    How did you find the fit of the Shunyata cable you tried as i may have just had a faulty kettle socket on the one i had?
  2. STR-1
    Actually, I did have to have the power socket (and entire power supply) replaced under warranty on my DAVE quite recently. I was experiencing increasing difficulty getting the power rocker switch to properly engage power. It sometimes took several attempts to get DAVE to power up and you could often hear fizzing from the switch as it tried to engage power. The report back from Chord after they did the replacement was that the mains filter was not working properly and that in these instances they replace the entire power supply as a matter of course. It is working fine now with a Shunyata Alpha NR, which has an area of shelf to rest on behind the DAVE so as not to put strain on the socket.
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  3. Thenewguy007
    You can use this


    Also Furutech sells more expensive cable holders
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  4. naynay
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  5. rkt31
    Heavy power cables put a lot of stress on the power socket. I use a small rubber block made by stacking rubber erasers below the power plug of my amp.
  6. Musikfan
    Hi, there are various sizes listed on aliexpress in mm..are the different sizes to accommodate the width of different power cord plugs or for the height of the absorber pad? How do you know the size to order. Sorry for the dumb questions. Thanks for any advice.
  7. Thenewguy007
    It's just for height. If you are using 3rd party footers & it raises the DAC a few inches, you can order one of the taller ones
    I believe it is measured from the ground to the bottom of the power cable barrel. So the smallest one they sell is is 21 millimeters tall from the bottom to the top & you can also adjust it higher up to 28mm.

    Here is the pic for the different sizes
  8. Musikfan
    Hi, thanks very much, very helpful... Regards.
  9. Matez
    Yeah, NCF Booster or something. Looks good and probably useful with thick and heavy plugs, but is way too expensive for me.
  10. Deano1974
    I have just used a similar set up as Ray Dude and can say that this system for isolation works extremely well, everything becomes tighter and much fuller, I don't have ceramic or stainless balls yet, I am using marbles,

    Will order some ceramic b IMG_20190818_192115.jpg all bearings and see what difference they make

    But a big thank you to Ray dude for sharing this idea
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  11. STR-1
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  12. rkt31
  13. ray-dude
    I’m finding that the harder the material and the more spherical the better. The idea seems to be to have as little friction horizontally as you can

    i currently have grade 25 tungsten carbide, and they are a clear step up from chrome steel.

    my next step is to try things in a “sandwich” configuration, with a bowl below and above the bearing. That would give two ultra smooth surfaces for the bearing to move across.

    I continue to be surprised by how effective this setup is in my room. Completely unexpected.
  14. Harty Contributor
    I bought Cera-Discs from Kridon at Plinth Design in the UK, you get four Stainless Steel Cera-Discs including 12 ceramic bearing balls, 3 per Cera Disc: £148 plus delivery.
    These are heavy. Height 27mm Diameter 50mm. or you can get one larger Ceramic bearing ball bearing per Cera Disc for use in the centre hole only, instead of three smaller, I have mine with the three Ceramic balls as shown in the picture, I also use mine without the Nitrile rubber o rings, three under each component.


    https://www.plinth-design.com/ Scroll to very bottom of page for Cera Disc info.

    He also does a bigger Cera-Disc 12 with 12 Ceramic Bearing Balls, I think these are £125 each, he says these Cera Disc 12 are better on top of the chassis of components.
  15. HeeBroG
    Hi Harty,

    I think the plinth-design supports work with a different principle as the ceramic balls are fixed in their recesses and not free to roll in a concave platform to allow energy dissipation.

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