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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by magiccabbage, May 14, 2015.
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  1. HeeBroG

    The Townshend Seismic Isolation products purport to do the same thing. They have one product that can work with existing racks. http://www.townshendaudio.com/hi-fi...-isolation/seismic-isolation-support-corners/. I got the Seismic Pods which are a bit cheaper for my subs and speakers to good effect. I use the older version of Solid Tech Feet of Silence for DAVE/BLU2 with rubber O-rings rather than the newer ones with metal springs but I think the principle is the same; 3 dimensional freedom of movement.
  2. HeeBroG
    I think the vibration is natural seismic activity and not related to the music playing out loud so yes; it can work with headphones only systems as well. Always try before purchase as all systems are different. Perhaps they are more effective in places like San Francisco:)
  3. onlychild
    Your timing couldn’t be better Ray. Vibration control was the next thing on my list to tackle. Any chance you are using the Lvl3’s with you Dave on the Chord Choral stand? Pics if possible?

    I don’t think they will work with the stand.
  4. TheAttorney
    Yes, it is very relevant to headphones users. As I said in my earlier post, I'm a headphones-only HMS/DAVE user, so the usual explanation "it must be the loudspeakers" does not apply.
    AC mains and transformers can and do cause vibration, but HMS has a DC input, so it's not that.
    Individual components can themselves vibrate - e.g. my battery powered laptop's motherboard buzzes when under higher loads - presumably it's the CPU.

    So "mother earth" is as good/daft an explantion as anything else - low level vibrations do transmit readily through solild building structures, but even so, it's still a mystery to me why such low levels could possibly impact the SQ of hifi components.

    I think sound leakage from headphones is even less plausable than mother earth - it couldn't possibly be the headphones :)
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  5. Deano1974
    Ray-dude can you take some photos of the balls and cups please, would like to see them and where you position them also please


    Last edited: Aug 8, 2019
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  6. miketlse
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  7. Deano1974
    Awesome thank you, where did you get the silver cups from
  8. ray-dude
    I got mine from Michael at Ingress Audio:

    there are many options for this sort of thing (including DIY options, like described in the Barry Diament article). If you go the DIY route and hear a big lift, easier to justify getting some custom machined stuff like Michael offers
  9. iDesign
    The subject of isolation is curious. For example, one member in this thread experimented with low and high-cost isolation devices and boasted about audible improvements. The same member later switched to the Chord Ensemble stands and remarked he couldn't hear any difference between them and his previous isolation platform. So which is it? The Ensemble stands were designed for stacking and aesthetics but not to address vibration (hence why there is no mention of vibration or isolation on the Chord website). Draw your own conclusions about the effectiveness of isolation products.
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2019
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  10. BallisticGT3
    I had the opportunity to audition the Quadraspire QPLUS Reference Supports installed underneath a DAVE at a recent UK HiFi show. I was so impressed with the difference that they made (improved sound stage, more detail and better defined bass) that I've decided to go the whole hog and ordered an X-Reference HiFi rack.
  11. Arcabonne
    I agree; I have Quadraspire QPLUS Advanced under Dave and Blu and the difference is felt.
  12. naynay
    Not sure if you have made a purchase on a cable yet but the SHUNYATA are highly rated by a few Dave owners but at a cost.
    They have recently released the new SHUNYATA VENOM NR-V12 & NR-V10 at a more affordable price which may be worth a look?
  13. ubs28
    Does the Mscalar introduce latency?

    I use the Chord Dave in combination with my TV (as it provides streaming functionality for the Chord Dave for free basically) via optical.

    It would be a waste if the Chord Dave would strictly be useful for only streaming music if the Mscalar introduces latency.

    I still have a Mscalar on order for more than 1 year, but I am really close to cancel it.
  14. ecwl
    Short answer is yes, M-Scaler introduces latency BUT don’t cancel your order.
    I was just watching TV and movies last night with Blu2 (so basically M-scaler)
    There is a video mode in M-Scaler which gives you 2/3 million tap which is minimum phase so that the audio latency is similar to DAVE. So if you’re watching TV with DAVE, you can use the video mode of the M-Scaler and continue to watch TV. I can tell you that the 2/3 million taps video mode is far superior than DAVE’s 164000 taps.
    For music, you can switch back to 1 million taps.
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