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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by magiccabbage, May 14, 2015.
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  1. racebit
    I found just now this old but very interesting post of yours, Rob. Could you please explain why Davina can output an MScaled redbook and MScaler cannot. I didn't even imagine Davina contains a MScaler (but I am sure the MScaler contains a MScaler).
    Is that because Davina has USB out and MScaler does not?
    If Davina contains a Mscaler, does that mean that it samples at a smaller frequency (eg redbook) and then mscales it before putting it out?
  2. iDesign
    Thank you for this. What a difference a day makes. My opinion and the consensus over the past few years was that the Chord DAVE was superior to the dCS Rossini and Vivaldi. Most of those reviews pointed to their bright, fatiguing, analytical, and sterile tonal qualities (anyone can do a Google search and see all those comments ex.1). Given that the dCS Barkók is largely based on the Rossini's DNA and the same up-sampling and digital filters, etc. etc. I have to question some of the recent Bartók impressions. The dubious flipflop of opinions is the very problem with subjective reviews that use rosy superlatives to describe hi-fi audio equipment. Something can’t summarily be worse but better, now but not then. So which is it? Certainly measurements don’t always tell the full story but I appreciate that Rob Watts puts the AP measurements out there which often speak for themselves. I will listen to the dCS Bartók soon and report back.
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2019
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  3. Rob Watts
    Yes Davina has a USB out, and full range of digital in; so it can function as analogue>digital (768) or digital (48)>digital (768 - M scaling) or digital (768) >digital (48 decimation) - the numbers are for illustration purposes, it's not limited to those numbers.
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  4. racebit
    Thanks Rob.
    Could you explain what is the function of a MScaler on the ADC functionality itself? I assume it has an important role for it to be included there, as we know the MScaler can induce noise on analog sections, that being the reason you chose to not integrate it in your DACs. The ADC, like the DACs has an analog section I am sure you would not want to risk potential noise unless the MScaler really has to be there.
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2019
  5. Rob Watts
    The intent is to only use the M scaler for digital inputs - so it's not being used when recording (a different FPGA program is used for that).
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  6. racebit
    Thanks, that makes it clear.
    I hope some day that digital conversion capability (or really USB out capability) can arrive to a future model of MScaler, as I am very interested in it (as many others I guess for mobile mscaled listening), but I am afraid of the cost of such a super high end device as Davina, while I don't really need the ADC function, which should be the costlier part by far.
    Wish all the best with all your ongoing projects. Thanks.
  7. Skyhawk182
    Hello all.

    I currently have the TT2 & HMS driving my T8000/Stax 009s

    My dealer has an upgrade opportunity. Trade in my TT2 and get a Dave.

    Has anyone done this? Big improvement?
  8. buzzlulu
    Upgrade your T8000.
    Have a look and research on the Stax threads - you will come to the same conclusion
  9. Triode User
    I am a 2 channel guy so can’t comment about your headphones but I do have TT2 and Dave with HMS and in my opinion the DaveHMS is a stunning upgrade on the TT2 HMS but only you can decide by listening I’m afraid.
  10. George Hincapie
    What was the difference in cost? Do you feel the performance increase that you perceived justified the additional expense?
  11. Triode User
    You can look up the difference in cost in whichever country you are in but yes, I thought the difference in cost here in the uk was more than repaid in the quality difference.
  12. AndrewOld
    Big difference for me what I went from a straight TT to a DAVE, but don’t know about the TT2. If your dealer is any good he will let you listen at home and make your own mind up.
  13. George Hincapie
    Interesting. Must be some improvement. Surprising given how highly everyone speaks of the TT2. I wouldn't have though it would be that much of a difference. Not the night and day difference I would expect for the cost at least.
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2019
  14. Triode User
    As ever it is down to the individual doing the listening and the sound that they prefer but for me that Dave transparency is in a different class compared to TT2 and that applies all the way through the frequency spectrum. I was also surprised that for me at least the Dave bass was tighter and with greater clarity of notes. So if one has the money willing and able to be spent on HiFi then the Dave is a no brainer provided that one doesn’t need or want the extra output power from the TT2. This is not to take anything away from TT2 which is a class act in itself but rather that the Dave is even better and by some margin. All IMHO and YMMV but I am pretty sure of what I hear.
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  15. odessamarin
    Here is my 5c after Dave upgrade and what I hear...
    Get Dave, feed with a good source and you will reexplore all your music collection as you never heard before.
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