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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by magiccabbage, May 14, 2015.
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  1. thomaskong78
    I had comparison of Jay's Audio CDT Mark2 and Cocktail Audio X30 with 2T SSD as source for Dave and HMS.

    The former give slightly more details and transparent soundstage while the latter give more analog sound with better texture.

    Soundstage width and depth are almost same.

    Overall, I prefer the sound from Cocktail Audio X30 to Jay's Audio CDT Mark2 with analog texture.

    It may be that Dave and Hms is more sensitive to upstream source.
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2019
  2. supabayes
    What connection did you use between transport and hms?
  3. thomaskong78
    Double Sablon Panatella BNC cables after trying out two more of them.

    It give balanced sound with good details and nice dynamics.
  4. astrostar59
    IMO this is more about another device in the chain than the DAVE itself. Looking at your system, I would go for the Curious USB, not use the Phasure Lush. I had the Lush 1 and it was very slow and dull sounding, too much energy was lost. MK2 is supposed to be better but I am betting the Curious will open your system up a LOT. Then look at your interconnects between the DAVE and your amp. Get some nice silver cables like the Audio Note AN-Vs for example. Finally look at your power supply. I would say the PS Audio P5 would sort that out for you, get the noise related stuff down and the bass and dynamics up.

    Good luck!
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  5. xxx1313
    I would not give the advice to replace the Lush^2. I had both Curious USB and Phasure Lush1 (yes, the latter can sound slow and dull, indeed), but Lush^2 is an entirely different animal, imo. Extremely versatile with its different jumper configurations. I am still kind of blown away every day from what this cable can do in combination with M-Scaler/DAVE. However, I agree that clean power is important as well for the highly resolving Chord products with their low noise floor.
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  6. simorag
    Hello @astrostar59 and thank you for your input!

    After about 1 year of using the XI Audio Formula S / Powerman in combination with DAVE + AB-1266 and more recently with the Phi TC upgrade, I decided to sell the XI Audio in preparation to the next stage of my audio journey.

    To my ears / tastes, the performances of my system in the areas you mention, like bass response, dynamics, resolution, openness are actually very satisfactory (not sure which part of my 2018 post was mentioning deficiencies in these areas).

    What I am looking forward at the moment is a new amp to:

    a) drive both headphones and efficient loudspeakers;
    b) reduce upper midrange / lower treble energy towards a warmer coloration of the overall sound signature, aiming to a lusher midrange, without trading off on transparency etc..

    In the next couple of months I am going to audition several amps like the Pass XA25, Accuphase E650, Riviera Labs AIC-10 and Air Tight ATM-300 to get a feeling of what a maxed-out (within my budget) set-up of my HMS + DAVE + AB-1266 Phi TC is capable of produce. By the way, if my budget was 15k and my rack allowed the placement of its massive 70kg of beautifulness, I would have contacted you @astrostar59 for an Aries Cerat Genus quote [​IMG].

    In the meanwhile I will audition the RAAL SR1a + Chord Etude as well, in order to check what I could get from a different path (i.e. not towards warmth, rather towards even more pronounced speaker-like and neutral listening experience).

    After that I will decide what direction to take.
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2019
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  7. Triode User
    It sounds like a fun time ahead. It is always a good thing to have the excuse to listen to new kit. I am a great fan of Pass Labs and I have heard good things about the XA25 so it will be interesting to see what you you think of that. Likewise the Etude which although different had also been getting some great feedback.
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  8. naynay

    Just a question regarding BNC cables, if the cable has a separate earth at one end, if used between Dave and M Scaler i am assuming the earth cable connects to a spare BNC on the Dave?

    Thank you.
  9. Deftone
    Comparison with Dave in this video.

  10. ecwl
    I think some would call me a Chord fanboy because I truly appreciate Chord DACs since the QBD76. I have not listened to dCS Bartok so in reality, I really should give it a listen when I can before I pass personal judgment.
    That said, having skimmed over the video and only listened to the portion comparing DAVE & Bartok, I find it amusing that the reviewer said on one hand, Bartok sounds smoother and on the other hand, everything just sounds sharper and more exciting. To me, this is a common comment I see with people who are used to DAC chip DACs or DSD DACs because the noise floor modulation makes everything sound sharper and more exciting even when it's supposed to smooth vocals but because the actual timing and transients are imprecise, sometimes the sound is also smoother. That said, I could be wrong because when you add M-Scaler to DAVE, you also get better timing and transients so true attacks are sharper but smooth vocals are smoother.
    Ultimately, I've definitely heard from people at my dealer preferring DACs other than DAVE. Some people also prefer headphones with really non-neutral frequency responses. At this price level, I think people just have to be sure they like the sound of the DAC before purchasing. As long as people are happy with their purchases, good for them.
  11. iDesign
    Agreed. It is hard to interpret some of John Darko's subjective comments and fully understand his preferences (I sense that he and I have completely different preferences based on the albums he listed). I am very interested to see complete measurements of the dCS Bartók versus the Chord DAVE to establish a baseline of objectivity. I have always found the headphone output of the DAVE to be ideal because it allows me to listen for multiple hours and without fatigue. Impressions of the dCS Bartók seem to unanimously state that the variable headphone output is more powerful, and combined with its other traits, I suspect I would find it fatiguing over multiple-hour listening sessions. I am certainly interested in testing the dCS Bartók and evaluating its network options.
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2019
  12. dac64
    My outdoor temp is between 32 - 36C all year around. 34-35C indoor in Bangkok condo did surprise me initially. However, after considering "urban heat island" effect, it's a norm in Bangkok, after all, many pack high raises in Bangkok.

    Anyway, after switching on a quiet ceiling fan, the Quest was metal cool, and HMS was as cool as human body, while played.
  13. analogmusic
    Hey ho

    This is an audiophile forum

    We are not interested in your yoga views.

    Please avoid in future

    For QUOTE="Christer, post: 15061947, member: 439374"]Some others work with half dB volume steps which I find very useful to really fine-tune loudness levels. I don't know why Chord uses whole dB steps? To me 1 dB louder or lower can be quite a step.
    But I am also finding that with the Wave Fidelity BNC cables I am trying in my system I also don't need to turn up the level as I used to have to do to hear very low level inner detail clearly.
    With a calmer clearer more open window to the music I enjoy things even more than with the stock BNC.

    Very OT maybe? But since you mention mild tinnitus, have you heard about the new treatment apparently helpful both against traumas and also tinnitus,with electrical stimulation at the point just above the eyebrows on the forehead?

    To an old yoga freak like me, familiar with that buzzing point, it looks almost as if the third eye brain connection may just have been validated scientifically?

    According to the TV documentary I saw recently ,there is even a direct nerve connection between that point on the forehead in Yoga referred to as the third eye or Agnya Chakra and deeper regions of the brain like the amygdala.
    And electrical stimulation of that point on the forehead has obviously been shown to be beneficial not only for patients with lingering traumas, but also tinnitus.
    PS The yoga tradition "third eye" was never mentioned in the programme that is just my own personal reflection when I saw the point where they put the plaster.
    The treatment seems to be firmly based on accepted science and since I first forgot to mention where I saw this, it was in a recent episode of Mosley's "Trust me I'm a doctor" on BBC.
    Cheers CC[/QUOTE]
  14. Rob Watts
    The headphone output from the dCS website:

    Headphone Outputs

    1 stereo balanced pair on 1x 4-way male XLR connector. 1 stereo unbalanced pair on 1x 6.35mm (1/4”) 3-pole jack. Full-scale output levels are 1.4W rms into 33Ω, 0.15W rms into 300Ω. Output levels are 0, -10, -20, -30dB, set in the menu. Minimum headphone impedance is 33Ω.

    This is identical output power to Dave - and is presumably in balanced mode against Dave's more transparent single ended. Note also that the minimum headphone impedance is 33Ω, suggesting that it doesn't have much current output (Dave's is 8Ω).
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  15. Thenewguy007
    Would the higher Ω account for the larger volume headroom difference?
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