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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by magiccabbage, May 14, 2015.
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  1. Drewligarchy
    Disagree - I think it’s preference. I greatly prefer my LCD 4 directly out of Dave vs V281, and I’ve always loved that amp with them. Same with my Auralic Taurus.

    Now I don’t doubt I might prefer a tube amp but it would be a preference thing. I find absolutely nothing lacking with the LCD 4 Dave direct. No decrease in soundstage, no decrease in bass quality, no strain, but much increased transparency.

    I think it’s truly a subjective thing by definition.
  2. hehaw77
    I think you can't help yourself since you've been around so much. I still think planars sound better on tube amps. Tubes match well with them... tubes are warmer ; solid state can drive them they just don't sound good... analog vs digital.....
  3. hehaw77
    It's ok your allowed to be wrong..
  4. Drewligarchy
    It’s kind of like saying that “you’re wrong if you don’t believe oranges are the tastiest fruit in the world”

    I know from your many many posts you are in the Moar power camp. If you love your planar setup, I’m happy that you enjoy your system.

    I like Dave direct better - and I didn’t think I would. So I’m gonna enjoy it.

    If it’s wrong thanI don’t want to be right.
  5. hehaw77

    I like them both I've also written on that... however if I want a larger sound stage and larger bass I go with the amp... the Dave just can't compete there.....

    Dave is great for details.. if you have the equipment for it.
  6. astrostar59
    Nice idea, but not relevant. I can chill with my headphones anytime. The point is, lower mains usage locally (other houses) probably means less one distortion, pending there factors such as weather and such. Short story, I wouldn't go back to dirty mains and the direct connection. It's no secret a lot of high end demos set up at shows use power regenerators. The Living Voice Olympian room at Munich even had a huge battery bank, no mains.
  7. Drewligarchy
    Dave is not running off the Surface, but rather Auralic Aries not pictured. Roon has a new feature that lets you send the now playing screen to any web browser / chromecast tied to a specific zone.

    My compact New York City apartment setup:

    Headphone New.jpg
  8. koven Contributor
    Has Roon DSD upsampling improved at all or is HQP still far superior?
  9. tunes
    Which model Torus Power conditioner is best for the CHORD DAVE/HMS combination? Can you plug both into the conditioner?
  10. Clive101
    Yes you can plug both in at the same time to any Torus, there are a few models, some models also control voltage ( AVR Models ). I have two a TOT AVR which runs a headphone system rated at 4amps and a 16 amp Avr2 which runs a HiFi system and is powerful enough for two 1000 watt monoblocks plus all the other equipment.
    The TOT Avr is running at the moment 243volts input 229 volts output.
    There is a lot of power protection built in just go to the Torus website for more information.
    If you have poor or noisy power to get the best from your equipment I would say treat the power supply, the dealer stated everyone who tried a Torus on demo ended up making a purchase, no-one so far has sent one back.....
    I tested as an overall system amps server router etc all plugged in, I have not tested with Dave alone I could......
    For me it was an instant purchase, guess I have poor power...?
    Get a demo first it's free, but be warned you may end up making a purchase.
  11. Triode User
    I don’t listen to headphones ‘cos I’m a speaker sort of guy but someone popped in today to listen to my system and he had just happened to have three sets of headphones with him.

    Well, it would have been churlish to pass up the opportunity to listen to them.

    So in pretty fast order I was introduced to headphone out of the Dave with (I hope I have got them right) LCD4Z, Focal Utopia, Meze Audio Empryrean.


    So now I at least a vague idea about some of the things you guys talk about.
  12. STR-1
    Did any of them offer up anything you liked?
  13. xxx1313
    I would rather use two conditioners. They need not be expensive ones, but separating HMS and DAVE is important, imo.
  14. hehaw77
    The Torus is pretty flexible and they have different options... the one I use is the basic version... I have a power distribution block; which goes to the Torus then from the Torus to the Direct stream from Ps Audio... i changed positions between the torus and ps audio and found have the Torus before it goes to the ps audio produces the best sound... the new ps audio units have a dac in them and produces a dsd sound wave.. so it really improves the sound quality all around.. however if you don't want something that elaborate you can get a Torus that has all the bells and whistles like a voltage monitor keeps it around 120v and other options they have...
  15. Triode User
    I prefer my speaker set up. I find it more transparent and better able to cope with bass shape and resolution. Each of the headphones was good in many ways though and I can see why each has a following.
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