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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by magiccabbage, May 14, 2015.
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  1. x RELIC x Contributor
    Ok, that's your opinion, but don't try to enforce it on me.
  2. hehaw77
    Lol...... .. do what you want...
  3. x RELIC x Contributor
    Well, do you have any clue what most headphones even draw for power. My Liquid Gold is capable of 9W (at max volume), but if I fed that in to my planar headphones I would likely damage them. I don't subscribe to myths and false pretense. Tuning, synergy, and preference I can get on board with. Saying that (generally) planar headphones require unused power is not accurate. Perhaps a couple of the very most difficult to drive headphones, yeah, but not generally.
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2018
  4. astrostar59
    With what instrument, show me a pic of it please, I also want to measure this 'noise'. I can here noise in my mains if I hook up my DAC direct and leave a unit using a SMPS in the same mains line. And notice the difference with it removed. I also can hear the sonic improvement using the P10 to straight into the mains.
  5. astrostar59
    Total power is important as it means the amp driving the headphone is well within it's threshold and dynamics and rise times do not suffer. I could hear hideous compression in many Stax amps driving my 007s for example, but not the later KG amps I had, partly as they had twice the drive and reserves. Also the power supply design (how good it is) in any amp is crucial to the sound you will get.
  6. hehaw77

    Really you want to tussle with me about this.... The majority of planars I have heard on the DAVE were atrocious. Enough to make me nauseous. It wasn't until I got the WA33 and listened to planars on them at the literal begging of some of my friends because I couldn't stand planars before that I though they all sucked and anyone that liked them had hearing deficiencies.

    It's a well known fact planars require more power and prefer amps with more wattage. I'm not familiar with your amp or the quality of it but on the WA33 the planars sound spectacular on the DAVE they are ok you can't compare the DAVE amp to a seperate high quality amp period..... who's saying you have to use all 9 watts... planars do require more power do your research...
  7. Triode User
    It depends what you are calling sonic improvement. And you say you hear noise in your mains, what do you mean by that, how does this noise in your mains sound?
  8. x RELIC x Contributor
    Done my research and been around enough. You can generalize all you want. I disagree.
  9. hehaw77
    lol.... see above do what you want...
  10. astrostar59
    The sound was smoother and blacker, better dynamics and less edgy I think is the best description. I am assuming that was effect of the noise, but it could also be the wave form and less line distortion. There is a Multiwave on the P10 which also improves the sound to my ears, better bass definition. It brings the 2am sound to all day listening is the best way to describe this.
    If anyone here finds they love that 2am sound, this is why - line distortion and noise in the mains (IMO).
  11. x RELIC x Contributor
    Yes, of course, we agree on this. The difference is that generalizations were being made that aren't accurate. For someone's preference it's a different story. I'm NOT debating that someone likes an amp better. I'm saying that the generalization that planar headphones need unused power is false. The DAVE has far and above enough power (Current and Voltage) for loads of headroom for 120dB SPL dynamic peaks (hopefully no one listens that loud) without distortion using MOST planar headphones.
  12. Triode User
  13. hehaw77
    I see so you believe that the Utopia's are just as easy to drive as a planar. The issue here is not unused power. The discussion is about power and pairing.
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2018
  14. hehaw77
    the new units are way better at handling thd you should look into the trade program they have
  15. Triode User
    Thanks but I sold my P10 and do not miss it at all.
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