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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by magiccabbage, May 14, 2015.
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    Hi All.
    New to the forum (have been enjoying reading the posts in this thread) and i'm in the market for a DAVE. Would like to ask a couple of questions of the community related to purchasing. If its inappropriate to ask questions related to retail please feel free to tell me or if it needs to be accomplished by PM.
    1. Would really appreciate recommendations for specific dealers (in the US I guess as I don't know if we can buy internationally) that they have had good experiences with
    2. How much pricing flexibility do the dealers have? (How much can prices vary from dealer to dealer? None-->Significantly) Have members solicited quotes from multiple dealers or no?
    Thanks very much for any help ahead of time.
  2. hehaw77
    I know some dealers in California that could help you but your in Atlanta...
    That would be brilliant actually if you have had good experiences with particular dealers. I would like to contact a number of recommended dealers across the country if possible.
  4. bubbletop
    In CA I kow of 2 ; Brooks berdan, and Upscale audio fidelity I know Brooks carries the Dave not sure about Upscale... Upscale is quite aggressive...
  5. koven Contributor
    Audio High in Mountain View CA is a Chord dealer as well. :)
  6. Sonic77
    The Source AV is a great place to buy Chord gear, no hassle great guys. Moon audio has Chord gear, but I don't know if they have any in stock. My experience's with Brook Berdan were terrible, and I don't recommend them at all.
  7. SCBob
    Moon Audio is not listed as a Chord Choral line dealer so no DAVE but they have had Mojo, Hugo 2 and M Scaler as quickly as anyone else in US has had them and I've purchased each from them. Excellent people to deal with.
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  8. Sonic77
    That's right no Dave. I bought two Hugo 2's and a Mojo from them, my battery died in my Mojo, so no more Mojo. I bought my Blu MkII from The Source AV, I experienced a very smooth transaction. I really want to go to their shop it's like a candy store for audio people, thing is I'd probably leave broke :relaxed:
  9. Thenewguy007
    Pushy sales people?
  10. jbrownson
    I just bought a Dave from Moon (M Scaler too). Very responsive on email, was a good experience. Bought my first hifi gear from The Source before I moved away from LA, they're great too, and have a great selection of things you can try.
  11. ubs28
    Is Thunderbolt 3 better than UBS 3 for audio? I currently don't have devices with UBS 3 anymore to test it unfortunately.
  12. Drewligarchy
    Would love opinions on best headphone pairings directly with DAVE.

    I'm currently using Stax 009 (via Carbon Amp) and LCD 4.

    The 009 is perfect, even with the additional amp as it's incredibly transparent (and obviously necessary).

    I've gone back and forth via LCD 4 direct and with Violectric V281. I find the direct connection more transparent, without any potential downsides in terms of bass, headstage - etc.

    That said, tastes evolve - and while I love the bass, mids and headstage of the LCD 4 - the treble - which is well documented - seems slightly veiled. I use to enjoy this and the fatigue free listening it provides, but with DAVE, the 009 is also fatigue free and has the best treble I've ever heard in a headphone.

    For that reason, I am considering alternatives to the LCD 4 at the moment to compliment my 009. I do have a good amp (Violectric V281), but if they don't need it all the better. That said - I am willing to consider something that needs to be amped if it's the best headphone. My 009's need to go through an amp and the transparency is still exceptional.

    Would love opinions, so I can narrow down my options. It will be really hard to let the LCD 4s go, as they do bass better than any headphones I've tried - and the imaging/headstage is big, unique, and very different than other presentations - and I enjoy it a lot. Maybe it's time to just try something new.

    First Tier
    1. HifiMan He1000 SE - I've only heard the original HE1000 and had a problem with it's softness and some perceived spikes in the treble from 6-8k. I'm curious if attack has approved and they are less peaky. I've heard some reports of scooped out mids - so interested in thoughts - especially with DAVE. Maybe HE1000v2 as well if it's close, given that the He1000 are $2500 on Amazon right now.
    2. Abyss Phi - From what I've read these would do exactly what I'm looking for. Not sure if they can be driven well from DAVE, though - as mentioned - I only hear improvements with the LCD 4 through DAVE. I want to get that Planar bass that Audeze is known for with super transparent highs. Concern is comfort. In my setup, I wear my headphones lying down on a couch, so this might help - or may be impossible with the Abyss.
    3. Focal Utopia - I demoed these for a week through the V281 and an Auralic Vega. My biggest complaint was perceived grain in the mids. I may just be completely accustomed to planar and electrostats, which seem completely grain free, but this bothered me. It is possible that they weren't broken in enough. They were new, and not sure what the consensus is with the beryllium drivers. Perhaps through DAVE they are a different story.

    Second Tier
    1. HD800S - I had the HD800 for a couple days and really enjoyed them years ago, but the treble spike was fatiguing. While these don't compliment the Stax as well, and don't do bass like the planars, they are not obscenely expensive. If they, or the HD800 for that matter, are just a great match - maybe I give them a try.
    2. Mr Speakers Ether Flow or Ether 2 - Curious about these two. I have Aeon Flow open and Closed - and I actually think I like the closed better as they are more transparent. The Aeon Flow Closed and Chord Hugo 2 is a great match. Curious whether the Ether Flow / Ether 2 treble and resolution can play with the big boys. The Aeon flow isn't quite there, and shouldn't be for $800 - but it gets damn close.
    3. Mr Speakers Voce - Listened to these from a BHSE, and while these certainly can't be plugged into the DAVE - I have a great Estat amp already. I enjoyed them at Canjam listening casually, but don't remember them enough - and may be hard to get a demo.
    4. HifiMan Susvara - I know very little about this headphone, but have seen incredibly positive reviews. I may need an amp, but if these are the best of the bunch (in my particular setup), I'd want to give them a try. But if I am going for a HifiMan sound signature - would the H1000SE be the best way to go direct to Dave?

    Not familiar as much with some of the newer brands offering, so if anyone has any reccos -please send my way.
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2018
  13. koven Contributor
    Utopia and DAVE is like PB&J.
  14. x RELIC x Contributor
    I haven't heard the HE1000 SE.

    Abyss Phi might be very good for what you're looking for but I haven't heard it (just read a lot about it) so I have no comment on it besides the power requirements aren't too much for the DAVE (88dB SPL/mW, 42 Ohm), unless you listen very loudly and/or the track's levels are very low. Preferences may be a different story.

    The Utopia with the DAVE, which is what I have, has zero grain as you mentioned with the V281 and the Vega (presuming the source music was mastered well). The Utopia is extremely revealing of upstream gear.

    The ETHER 2 looks like a good candidate and I'd love to hear one myself. The ETHER Flow is smooth compared to the Utopia but it still has good resolution, just not as much as Utopia. ETHER 2 is reported to have more resolution than ETHER Flow.

    I've heard the Susvara and it was very well balanced to my ears, but it was played off an amp I am unfamiliar with and it was at a show. Depending on how loud you listen, and the level of the track being played, the DAVE may drive the Susvara to moderate levels, but it would be close.

    I've listened to the HD800S and find it unlistenable compared to the Utopia. The brightness was just too much for me and the DAVE won't compensate for that.
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  15. jlbrach
    the Abyss is probably the best bet....I have the 281 and dave/blu2 and i go back and forth between the transparency of the dave /blu2 alone and the grunt of the 281...the susvara is phenomenal but must have the 281 as the dave alone isnt up to the task....the utopia has no problem with the dave alone and the transparency is top notch...all fine options
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