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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by magiccabbage, May 14, 2015.
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  1. yellowblue
    DAVE (+HMS) and HE-1000SE is a combination made in heaven. There are at least two on the HE-1000SE thread reporting about that. I am one of them. I sold my Utopia because they didn´t get any listening time any more. Be sure though that you listen with a HE-1000SE that is well burnt in (at least 200 hours) because the mids are sounding a little thin and dry in the beginning, plus that the treble is a little overemphasized. This will settle down after a while.
    The new HE-1000SE now have much higher efficiency than the older HE-1000's which is a really good fact regarding the DAVE.
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  2. x RELIC x Contributor
    Yes, the 1000se is 6dB more efficient , but electrically speaking either one will do just fine with the DAVE's power output.
  3. koven Contributor
    Efficiency aside, any thoughts on how it sounds vs Susvara?
  4. dac64
    Dave without a HMS is just like Christmas without turkey!
  5. seaice
    Try the Susvara from your V281 (and from Dave directly as well). You may be surprised how good the Susvara is.

    I have never heard Abyss Phi or Focal Utopia but I have the whole Stax bunch (see my signature).
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  6. tunes
    What about Empyrean and DAVE?
  7. saudio7
    This is perfect match.
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  8. tunes
    Does the addition of the HMS to the DAVE increase the soundstage of the HEKse? What are the main additionally SQ engancements afforded by the DAVE + HMS vs DAVE alone with the HEKse? I have heard that the Abyss PHI has an even larger soundstage than the HEKse but not driven as well by the DAVE without an intervening amplifier. I hope to compare the Abyss, Empyrean and STAX SR009s(Carbon), with DAVE/HMS at the NYC CamJam In February.
  9. seaice
    The addition of the HMS to my Dave/Suvara setup has improved many things. The soundstage is one of them but it is not bigger but rather more 3D and holographic. And I have observed the same with my other HMS/Dave-based headphone setups so I expect that it is similar with a HEK(se).
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2018
  10. bidn
    Koven, if this may help you, l compared with my test tracks (mostly metal, and little polyphony and dark ambient)
    at my dealer the Dave driving the Susvara, HE1000se, HE6se and LCD-4z (I had tested other headphones with the dealer's Dave at other times, and already a time before the Susvara and 4z with other hps, but the HE1000se and HE6se were not around at previous times).

    All our differing opinions depend on what kind of music and at what loudness levels we listen to (probably the latter creates a lot of divergence among opinions re. amplification).
    I am anomalous in the sense that I listen at abnormally very low levels of loudness, each time surprising again my dealer who knows of noone like me (and at home I listen at even lower levels than at the dealer...).

    Re. personal amplification requirements
    In average, I was using on the Dave, at the dealer, something roughly around - 50 dB for the 4z, - 40dB for the HE1000se, -30dB for the HE6se and -20dB for the Susvara.
    Given how much louder most people listen than me, I can assume than for most people the Susvara (and the HE6se) would not be sufficiently driven directly out of the Dave, although that was no issue for me.

    Re. my sound impressions on the HE1000se vs Susvara on the Dave:
    - I think that they share the same kind of improvements (vs previous HE1000xx and the HE-6) in deep bass impact, which has become impressive and feels more akin to Audeze. This would probably be fantastic for those who like electronic beats or (slow) percussions, but for me this is nothing because I find it way too slow for the pace of most of the metal music I listen to.
    - None of them sounds neutral to me, both stray off neutrality in its own manner in the region between 1k and 6k
    - re. differences the HE1000se still lack a lot in dynamics, are too soft and laid-back for me. I really try hard to listen a lot to them and to like them because I was never able to like any of the previous HE1000xx, so I was hoping that this improved versions would fit my taste. Unfortunately they could not render for me the dynamics and aggressivity of metal, I could not enjoy them and got bored by them. On the other hand the Susvara (although requiring more amplification) had much better dynamics, was lively and really enjoyable for me.
    (this depends on each person, I own some headphones which I find rather boring... my HD 800, Ether C, Aeon C... so I don't want to buy too many headphones which I don't enjoy much afterwards).

    Another previous time I compared the Susvara to other headphones, and like the LCD-4 and 4z it has no chance for me against the much cheaper Clear re. speed, detail, dynamics, imaging, neutrality, etc., not to speak of comparing with the Utopia.

    In the end I purchased a HE6se, though it was less detailed and with less sub-bass than the Susvara, I found it to be quite more neutral between 1k and 6k, and much cheaper, so that I could at least add one Hifiman to my collection of headphones.

    I also tried the Empyrean out of the Dave (I forgot the loudness level for those), they were "buttery"... "butter" on my head in the sense of their being super comfortable, and also all butter with the sound which was very soft, but too soft for my personal taste.

    I see you own the Utopia, for me this is the star which shines, my favorite ones.

    Other people listening to other kinds of music and having different tastes may like what I don't like, and vice-versa.

    Merry Christmas,
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  11. jarnopp
    seaice, are you using crossfeed and if so, which setting on your setup? Thanks!
  12. koven Contributor
    Thanks for your impressions that is helpful yes. Have not tried Empryean but perhaps some day. And wow -50 on Utopia is quite low indeed I vary from -25 to -15 which is probably 70-80dB. :p
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  13. jlbrach
    i have not heard the new SE but i thought the HE-1000 v2 was outstanding and very easy to drive.....the susvara on the other hand simply cannot be properly enjoyed out of the dave without an external amp
  14. x RELIC x Contributor
    What type of music? I usually listen around -30 to -35 with the Utopia with albums like Eric Clapton’s Unplugged, or some of Chesky’s binaural music. I measured the output at the earcup and I'm around 85dB average at those volumes, with peaks around 95dB.
  15. koven Contributor
    Mostly jazz and female vocals. I measured just now and it's about 85dB at -15. Hmm interesting difference..
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