Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by magiccabbage, May 14, 2015.
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  1. audio_1
    I had an EMM Labs XDS1. It sounds great and is musical compared to other CD / SACD players but there is no comparison between the XDS1 and the Dave / Blu 2 imho. Try to listen to a Blu 2 with your Dave. You will be surprised. You could also dispense with your pre-amp if you have no other analog sources. DSD is soft, diffuse, lacks dynamics and doesn't time.
  2. rgs9200m
    Yep, I did want to mention that I really should hear the Blu2, as the EMM transport (from Esoteric/Toshiba) is said to be a major factor in its performance.

    I just thought I would mention that I am very grateful for the astounding work of both Ed Meitner and Rob Watts who have both brought me great audio/musical happiness over the years. I respect them both and marvel at their genius.

    They are both great people who have made great contributions to the intersection of art/science/engineering in this untidy world and I'm in awe of both of them.
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  3. tkcha
    Everybody Please wake up. I am not going to diplomatic way to say things this time. Rob again said that Pcm is his preferred format than DSD again. He claimed DSD is freud format so his whatever done to his Dave DSD format is no better than his Pcm but still claim that It better than other DACs because measured better? I Do not agreed with that. From my last experience say no already . Only I trust my ear and my listening enjoyment. You still can denied what you hear and It was best DSD sound ever heard but what you hear, what you believe not always agreed and true. Why Dave is so big here head-fi but not other higher end forum.U guys just not exposed enough out there. Not get real great sound quality is all about. Specially DSD play back. Too bed I still not got answered. Still too little or no love for DSD and make believe for certain not real. And know what really all about ? And last Analog sound still better if done right even lower coast. But good DSD recordings are very closed to analog sound now and Dont tell me MQA sound better than DSD. 20171122_150959.jpg
  4. Muataz
    Your ears is connected to your heart, and If you like the DSD that is fine but does not mean it is technically sound better.
  5. Rob Watts
    The intent is not to re-create analog sound; as vinyl sounds nothing like real unamplified music. The intent is to re-create the sound of unamplified music, and DSD singularly fails and will always fail to do this, as the format is not transparent.
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  6. tkcha
    So now case closed DSD for Dave is freud so no love for DSD . That is it I move on.
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  7. jlbrach
  8. Sonic77
  9. jlbrach
    I certainly know who that is lol I just didn’t see the relevance
  10. Triode User
    I assumed he meant fraud.
  11. miketlse
    I assumed that he had drunk too much Christmas spirit, and felt like a good rant to clear his system.
  12. SuperBurrito
    I'm really enjoying my Dave. My current digital source is my PC (USB and JRiver).

    I'm thinking my source may be a weak link. Any thoughts on what the ideal source would be, e.g. Roon with a NAS and a renderer, Roon with a standalone music server, or something else?

    Thanks in advance.
  13. ray-dude

    When I first got my DAVE, first thing I did was implement Roon, and I absolutely love it (I have a hybrid of local content and TIDAL). Before the DAVE, I had my Mac Mini home server directly connected to my Oppo HA1 DAC in my living room.

    What I did is install Roon server on my Mac Mini home server, physically move the Mac Mini to my closet (where my cable modem comes into the house...I connected the Mac Mini via ethernet), and purchased a Sonicorbiter SE as a Roon Bridge that I connected to the DAVE via USB.

    Separately, I bought a RasberryPi for my office and installed DietPi and RoonBridge on that, and another RaspberryPi with an amp from HiFiberry that I connected to my patio speakers.

    I now run Roon local on my laptop and on my Mac Mini server at home, and have Roon Endpoints on all my audio systems. Fantastically convenient.

    As to quality, I have seen significant issues with different USB cables connecting the Sonicorbiter SE to my BluDAVE (now tracked down and mostly addressed), but I haven't noticed any notable variance when connected directly to the DAVE.
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  14. Jawed
    Does your PC have an optical output? If so, use the optical cable that came in DAVE's box. Make sure that you disconnect all other source inputs from the back of DAVE, so that optical is the only cable connected. See if you like it more than USB...
  15. SuperBurrito
    Thank you for the suggestion. I really never even considered trying to use the PC's optical output since I thought that USB was considered far superior. Guess i'll have to find a Toslink cable and try it out.
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