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  1. rayl
    Pretty sure RG59 is 75 ohms.

    RG6, the other 75 ohm cable sometimes used for S/PDIF, is a thicker version with greater bandwidth. Usually used for SDI video at higher resolutions (like 12G) or over longer distances.... tends to be less used for audio as it's a lot stiffer, but I know that BlueJeans, for example, defaults to an RG6 cable unless you request otherwise.
  2. Jawed
    RG59 is 75 ohm. Sorry, I was trying to agree with you and wrote the wrong thing.
  3. Rob Watts
    Unused BNC inputs are perfectly fine; left floating the OP from the SPDIF interface receiver is fixed at zero, so noise on the unused BNC inputs will not affect Dave.
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  4. ZappaMan
    Hi, would there be anyone in Belfast or even Ireland with a DAVE, Hugo2 or Blu2, that would be as kind as to let to have a listen at your home?

    I’m really excited about the prospect of owning a Dave, but trying to ground myself by thinking I should hear it first!
  5. etnt
    If you can own a Dave, just go ahead and get it. Then plan for the Blu Mk2 after.
  6. ZappaMan
    That’s likely the way this will roll! I’ve had a mojo for a month and it’s quite the gateway drug.
  7. seeteeyou
  8. chordguy
    Zappaman ........ Jim Moore of Moore's Hi Fi, Newtownards will be very happy to help you.
    He's the only Chord electronics dealer in the whole of Ireland, been a Chord dealer for many years and a top guy.
    He has both the Chord Dave and Blu II transport in stock and he has a pair of Chord Sarum T bnc cables too so you should be able to hear the combination at it's best.
    Give him a ring and arrange an appointment and he'll have everything set up and warmed up, ready for you to listen to.

    Oh, and by the way bring your cheque book
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  9. ZappaMan
    You just made my day!
  10. ray-dude
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  11. jacc
    Great review Ray. Very useful for those who want to drive to the max level of bludave
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  12. zimzim2001
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  13. onlychild
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  14. penguin140369
    Hi all

    New Dave owner here, in black (that's the Dave, not me - I have no reason to mourn its arrival!). I'm about 20 hours in on it, I was just wondering whether Rob/Chord have specified a specific number of burn-in hours for the Dave?

    Also, if anyone is running the Dave with unbalanced cables into valve monos then I would appreciate any cable recommendations. I've just acquired a second hand pair of Quad II 80's and there is no balanced input, and the only good quality RCA's I own are Audioquest Victorias, which are like conjoined twins and thus not so useful with separate monobloc amps! I currently don't have the opportunity to demo cables, which is why I am asking. Thanks in advance.

    As a side note, I am getting excellent results from an iPhone Tidal wifi stream into a Neet Airstream device, connected to the Dave by toslink. At 24 quid, this device is I imagine among the cheaper front ends that get used with a Dave!

  15. winders

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