Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by magiccabbage, May 14, 2015.
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  1. rayl
    Fair enough if one interprets only literally, though I would propose the inference that burn in time is >= warm up time.... i.e. if you receive DAVE in a box brand new via FedEx and it is ready in 10 minutes, I would imagine that retrieving it from your drawer or even just flipping the power switch should not take more time unless something has since degraded (which is possible as all things age, but hopefully not for a few years!)
  2. GryphonGuy
    My experience is somewhere inbetween. After 20 mins of warming up from cold start there are no discernible changes for me but definitely in the first 10-15 mins DAVE can sound "odd" on some familiar tracks. So I usually just play a warm-up album at lower volumes for 20 mins and then DAVE is ready to deliver its sublime musical entertainment.

  3. Jawed
    I was looking at this page:

    which mentions "BNC 50 ohm terminator", along with these worrying words:

    A 50 ohm terminator is, as far as I can tell, different from a BNC shorting cap. The 50 ohm terminator is presumably safe to use on both input and output BNC connectors on the back of DAVE, whereas I presume a shorting cap is not safe to use on the outputs.

    Something like this:

    So with luck these are completely safe to use on all the unused BNC sockets on the back of DAVE and would be preferable to using just shorting plugs on the BNC inputs. What do you guys think?

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  4. rayl
    Wouldn't one at least choose 75 ohms over 50?
  5. Triode User
    I haven't a clue. Why not address a question to the designer of Dave? ie @Rob Watts rather than leaping to conclusions?
  6. Jawed
  7. rayl
    Pretty sure RG59 is 75 ohms.

    RG6, the other 75 ohm cable sometimes used for S/PDIF, is a thicker version with greater bandwidth. Usually used for SDI video at higher resolutions (like 12G) or over longer distances.... tends to be less used for audio as it's a lot stiffer, but I know that BlueJeans, for example, defaults to an RG6 cable unless you request otherwise.
  8. Jawed
    RG59 is 75 ohm. Sorry, I was trying to agree with you and wrote the wrong thing.
  9. Rob Watts
    Unused BNC inputs are perfectly fine; left floating the OP from the SPDIF interface receiver is fixed at zero, so noise on the unused BNC inputs will not affect Dave.
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  10. ZappaMan
    Hi, would there be anyone in Belfast or even Ireland with a DAVE, Hugo2 or Blu2, that would be as kind as to let to have a listen at your home?

    I’m really excited about the prospect of owning a Dave, but trying to ground myself by thinking I should hear it first!
  11. etnt
    If you can own a Dave, just go ahead and get it. Then plan for the Blu Mk2 after.
  12. ZappaMan
    That’s likely the way this will roll! I’ve had a mojo for a month and it’s quite the gateway drug.
  13. seeteeyou
  14. chordguy
    Zappaman ........ Jim Moore of Moore's Hi Fi, Newtownards will be very happy to help you.
    He's the only Chord electronics dealer in the whole of Ireland, been a Chord dealer for many years and a top guy.
    He has both the Chord Dave and Blu II transport in stock and he has a pair of Chord Sarum T bnc cables too so you should be able to hear the combination at it's best.
    Give him a ring and arrange an appointment and he'll have everything set up and warmed up, ready for you to listen to.

    Oh, and by the way bring your cheque book
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  15. ZappaMan
    You just made my day!
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