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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by magiccabbage, May 14, 2015.
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  1. esimms86

    DAVE wins out big time when it comes to improved soundstage, ultra (yet exceedingly musical) detail, instrument timbre, decay and timing. The Vega sounds more hi fi technicolor, kind of like goosing the color, brightness and tint controls on a flat screen at Best Buy. Don't get me wrong, the Vega sounds great but it's a little euphonic to my ears, especially when you compare it to DAVE. DAVE sounds great when setup for DSD but, to my ears, DSD is one area where the Vega might have a slight edge. For PCM the Vega is not even close.

    The microRendu BTW makes red book sound closer to (though not generally indistinguishable from) hi res. In my experience this is true with all 3 DACS. Of course, this is IMHO and YMMV.
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  2. Beolab
    That was not an answer to my question from Rob, but yes i have a microRendu on order, just to try it out against my Auralic Aries and my Aurender W20 streamer.
  3. stvc

    Hah, definitely not, i thought you purchase this purposely to power up the Rendu. Thanks!
  4. esimms86

    I had a brief, cordial exchange with Barrows Worm at the Computer Audiophile forum. Barrows is the co-designer(along with Adrian Lebena) of the Sonore Signature Power Supply. Barrows informs me that the Sonore PS has better regulators than the JS-2 and also that the Sonore PS is designed specifically with only the microRendu in mind. The JS-2, on the other hand, is designed as a multipurpose high end power supply. In short, the JS-2 is great but the Sonore is the gold standard. If you have the funds and you are only looking to power the microRendu then the Sonore is the way to go. The JS-2 sells for 999 USD and the Sonore sells for 1399 USD(1589 with Synergistic Research fuses). HTH.
  5. yellowblue
    For us living in Europe the MCRU power supply for the mRendu and maybe the SBooster (they are to come with a 7,5V power supply sson) may be alternatives to the US high price power supplies.
  6. paulchiu
    The Brits voted and the #Brexit folks won, to leave the EU.
    Overnight, the Pound fell to as low as 1.32 to the US Dollar.  That means for you guys waiting to get a DAVE, it's 12% cheaper than a day ago.  Some view the Pound will continue to fall from here.
    For those in Japan waiting to get a DAVE, even better news for you.  The YEN vs Pound is even stronger.
  7. Mython Contributor
    You were right, and I was wrong [​IMG]
    As a Brit, I am disappointed that so many of my fellow countrymen/women are evidently unable to see the bigger picture, but, at this point in time, it is what it is, and good luck to all of you looking to obtain a DAVE, cheaper.
  8. Dillan
    I wonder if products from the UK will go up actually.. Interesting..
  9. paulchiu
    It could but over the short term, probably unlikely.
    I remembered in the 80s when the Yen fall to 250 and most electronics toys were actually being marked down. I bought a Nakamichi Dragon during the summer of 1985 while vacationing in Akihabara, Tokyo.
    I was planning to visit Japan in August.  Now I am really eager to go.
  10. lovethatsound
    As a Brit,I think most of my fellow countrymen/women DID see the big picture.I wish all of you good luck in getting a cheaper Dave,but be quick,because it won't be long before the pound back up.
  11. paulchiu
    Lol, we were all surprised.
    I did not hedge for the Brexit risk either.  The FTSE100 did rally hard after the -10% open and closed only 3% lower.
    The Pound did not recover much, if any.  I wonder what this will do to your economy.
    Yeah, I do hope the DAVE remains at $16,600 USD and folks here in the US can buy it cheaper due to the weaker Pound.  Great for those who waited.
  12. paulchiu
    Yes, the pound's pounding may be short termed.  Crazy forecasts that we will get to 1.15 or 1.20 GBP/USD may never happen.
    Better get the 12% off a DAVE now in the US or 18% off a DAVE in Japan now.
  13. DesiGuy79
    So where would anyone buy Dave in USA? I am sure delears won't lower there price right away...
  14. ecwl
    I was talking to my local dealer. He guessed it almost depends on how much stock the distributor already paid for. It would be unlikely that the distributor would discount the existing stock until they're all sold to the dealer. After that, I guess the distributor could lower the MSRP for Canada and US. Of course, that doesn't stop the dealers from discounting but they would be the ones lowering their profit margins, not the distributor.

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  15. nepherte
    Don't forget the +- 20% import duty and customs processing fee I would have to pay as a citizen of the EU now that the U.K. leaves the EU. More than balances out the drop in the Pound - Euro exchange rate.
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