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Chord Electronics - Blu Mk. 2 - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ChordElectronics, Jan 5, 2017.
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  1. Jawed
    I haven't been able to find a 110 ohm terminator/shorting-cap/-plug for the AES input, so I have a 120 ohm one instead. I also use eight 75 ohm terminators on all the BNC sockets.

    I haven't found a difference with them. Maybe I'll have another go, but I'm definitely not prepared to recommend them right now.

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  2. marcmccalmont
    Can you get your hands on a pair of Clearer Audio coax for comparison?
  3. Natronious
    The 3 month wait I had, turned into 10 days! So excited to have it here. 1st cd at random I loaded (still playing) is Pink Floyd's The Endless River. I'm not worried about further refinements, that can come later. For now, this is easily the best I've heard my system sound. Good stuff. IMG_20180228_191953.jpg IMG_20180228_183742.jpg
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  4. esimms86
    Congrats. Very cool. BluDave and Gallo Strada speakers on Mapleshade stands(same as me). Clearly, you have excellent taste!
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  5. marcmccalmont
    I’ll give you a week and you’ll be tweaking your system!
  6. analogmusic
    blimey this thread seems to be all about ferrites and cables...? not about blu2 anymore LOL
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  7. Natronious
    It's in our nature!! I think my abstinence from tweaking comment was only meant to defend my first evening, haha...As the previous comment touches upon, this thread can mistakenly give the appearance of there being flaws which need to be addressed to properly enjoy this gear, and the phenomenal achievement that it represents in digital audio. The truth be told, many of us possess a never ending 'seekers mentality', that drives us to push ever further on, in the pursuit of some unattainable perfection. I'm ok with that, it is just human nature, I think. To be ever curious, and to seek new horizons. I recognize it, and enjoy it, and I am happy to hold this reality simultaneous to the reality that in our household, we LOVE good sound, good music, and I attest that I'm thoroughly enjoying what I am hearing. In fact, I will say that I consider it to be HIGHLY encouraging to hear the profound improvements with music reproduction in my system, as limited as it is. I can look forward to sourcing better interconnects (possibly trying out another set of digital cables), figuring out my ferrite situation, and one day getting a world class amp. Maybe by the time I'm ready for an amp, the fabled Chord digital amp will be available.

    I would like to especially thank @ray-dude and @bacon333. The words that these two gentlemen wrote made a significant impression upon me, and sped up my timetable for purchasing a Blu II. I already had the idea that I wanted to pursue obtaining one, but fresh off of purchasing a DAVE, I was thinking that it would be a year or more before it happened. Especially ray-dude, your impassioned review of both DAVE and Blu were difference makers for me. And even with my current setup running the combination through a preamp, etc., my impression perfectly corresponds with what I have read. The sounds of instruments and voices has taken a quantum leap in sound quality, everything has an increased space/depth and naturalness. And this applies to ALL manner of material, as has been mentioned.

    So let my voice be one more, serving to let others know that BluDAVE is every bit as good as it is billed to be, and represents an utterly worthwhile pursuit.
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2018
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  8. Clive101
    Thank you all for posting the different cable variations and based on your all your suggestions ordered the following two cables to try,

    I will be placing order for

    RF Cable Assemblies HD-BNC ST PLG-BNC PLG Belden4855R 36in https://www.mouser.co.uk/ProductDetail/523-095-850-187M100

    Silver-line Optimus Reference Speaker Cable https://www.cleareraudio.com/products/silver-line-optimus-reference-speaker-cable

    I have also ordered a set of

    Chord Sarum T https://www.fanthorpes.co.uk/cables...ables/chord-sarum-t-digital-rca-interconnect/

    If I may ask one question ( no tech knowledge sorry ) are these the ferrites in the ball park to try ...? As 25MHz 35Ohm but RS state "They are also suitable for EMI problems between 100 MHz up to 2.5 GHz and can reduce USB 2.0 disturbance." so some what confused...?

    https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/ferrite-core/5002972/ Wurth 74271622S

    I will report back when I get the Blu2

    Again thank you all for the help.

    Edit above should read cleareraudio bnc interconnect and not speaker cable
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2018
  9. Beolab
    Maybe i could, but i think i already got the best possible BNC cables money can buy to compare with, but if i can buy it with a 30 days try - and return policy i can manage it.

    Find this clip on MIT technology , sounds like Star-Trek , but they got many points about cables that many do not know, or think of:

    Please watch

    Last edited: Mar 2, 2018
  10. marcmccalmont
    The reason I ask is I’ve never been impressed with MIT cables but you never know and I purchased the CA coax because a friend tried a lot of cables and found the CA coax better than anything else by a fair margin which I concur with in my system but only 4 or 5 cables to compare with. Yes CA gives you an audition period.
  11. marcmccalmont
    For the 2 coax between Blu2 and Dave either the 2.5 ghz Wurths or the 61 material Fair Rites (1/2 the cost) you will need at least 16 per cable and the inside diameter should be a close match to you cables diameter
  12. oscarnr
    I usually read this thread and agree with you. I have a Blu2 for 9 months now, put a (good) pair of BNC cables on it and never looked back. Too much ferrites talk. I believe the Blu2 is simply stellar with little more. Best to all
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  13. DaveRedRef-III
    Good to see someone take vibration seriously. Nice setup
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  14. DaveRedRef-III
    One of the comments that crops up regularly when people first hear Blu MkII in my house is “that must be a remix”. Room reverb stands out so clear with Blu MkII that they assume it just wasn’t on their own recording. Someone said on the Dave thread that it’s like it remastered your whole collection. This is a fair assessment for the Blu II also. It paints a living space.
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2018
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  15. Beolab
    Okey, but have he realy tested the CA against Transparent Ref 5 BNC , Nordost Valhalla BNC , Harmonix BNC , the new MIT Oracle MA-X Ver.3 BNC , Apogee Wyde Eye Studio Pro , Artisan ultimate silver dream BNC , Canare 12G , Belden 8k cable?

    I have also borrowed two exotic cables from Bibacord and a Silltech Anniversary Silver / Gold BNC from a friends store, so the tests can begin.

    i dont really see what the CA will do diffrent, but if somenone like to send me two loaners i can test it out, but i am sceptic it will over power all the mentioned cables as the holy grail.

    Is it the CA Silver Line Optimus Reference BNC you are referring to?

    Last edited: Mar 2, 2018
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