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Chord Electronics ☆ Poly ☆ (wireless & microSD module for Mojo) ☆★►USEFUL INFO on 1st PAGE!!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Matt Bartlett, Jan 5, 2017.
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  1. NYanakiev
    @Gr8h8m this worked, thanks a million!
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  2. rwelles
    Sure I'm not the first to see a link here. I'd love to see Chord hire on @joe28 to develop an in-house app!! :wink:
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  3. NYanakiev
    For those on Android- M.A.L.P. is doing an amazing job with Poly so far.
    I have it set up with my wifi at home and at work, as well as with my phone's mobile hotspot.

    I am yet to experience a better and more problem-free way of using Poly.
    Kudos to @Gr8h8m once again for letting me know how the set up process works. If I were @ChordElectronics I would add this app and the steps to set it up as a suggestion on GoFigure/their website.
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2019
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  4. vkvedam
    I second that. Although I have Bubbleupnp I only use M.A.L.P for SD card playback.
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2019
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  5. mashuto
    Hey guys, the 2.0 firmware here is still running quite nicely, and definitely makes using the poly much easier, as it feels much more stable with almost no connection issues anymore.

    However, I am still having issues with audible wifi/rfi interference when I use my CA Atlas (havent tried too many others, I know that less sensitive headphones, like my final audio e5000 and Senn HD6XX dont have this issue). When randomly playing around with it yesterday, I noticed that if I stuck my thumb (or any finger) over the little radio window on the poly, I could pretty much reduce the interference to 0, without fail. I obviously dont want to completely restrict connectivity, but it seems that some kind of shielding helps. Has anyone else tried this or had similar issues, and has anyone tried adding any extra shielding or anything here? I just purchased a leather case from valentinum on etsy. It has a little overhang over that radio window, so I am hoping that the leather might provide some noise suppression, but I wanted to see if theres anything else. I was looking at so called "faraday" cloth, or tape, and was wondering if anyone has tried this, and whether I might just end up losing all connectivity.
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  6. NYanakiev
    That's odd- my daily driver are my CA Solaris. I don't think I have noticed any interference issues as of yet and I would presume that both iems have a similar profile in terms of sensitivity.
  7. mashuto
    Its not loud, but its very very noticeable in certain conditions (like inbetween songs, or in quieter parts). This is my third poly after replacing the first two for other issues and I am likely so far out of warranty (1 year right) at this point that I doubt theres any recourse if I wanted to try exchanging it. And have essentially been told by support that what I am experiencing is fairly normal. And I have heard reports from other users in this thread that they hear the same. So... I am stuck at this point trying to find ways to reduce it as much as possible with the assumption that theres nothing wrong with my unit in particular. Its been one of my biggest issues with the poly since it really does impact the listening experience.

    Dont really know what to do here, some people say they never hear it, others do... I have been told it might be a hardware issue, and then told it might just be normal behavior and a side effect of my specific IEMS. Dont really know. To make matters more complicated, sometimes I dont hear it, and it likely has to do with network conditions. So, kind of spitballing here trying to still figure out a solution.
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  8. Gr8h8m
    Is the interference the same from both output jacks? I'm sure I can remember someone with sensitive IEMs saying it affected one more than the other? (Fwiw I've never heard any apart from standard RF hash interference from having a phone too close)
  9. mashuto
    That was me saying it way back when. And the answer is actually it depends. Sometimes I can get better results from one jack than the other. But I have also been told by chord directly that both should be exactly the same. And yes, keeping my phone too close has resulted in more interference as well, but even with my phone 4-5 feet away, I can still hear it. I was at my desk yesterday using the poly for a few hours, with the hotspot on my phone and it was very annoyingly noticeable. Yesterday both jacks were doing it. I tried moving the poly and angling it differently. I could slightly affect it, but not eliminate it... until I put my finger over the radio window.

    So, still at a loss, I again know that I am not the only one that hears this, but I also know that most people dont seem to hear it. So I dont know if its just the specific combo of the headphones I use (which again, less sensitive ones, I dont hear it at all) or if there is something wrong with the hardware. Though based on every communication with chord and others, I dont think there is anything "wrong" with the hardware.
  10. Gr8h8m
    Ah ok! Does Poly still communicate ok with your finger over the window? If so maybe you could experiment with blu-tac or similar for a quick fix?
  11. mashuto
    When I was using it yesterday it was just as responsive as ever and I had no dropouts with my finger over the window. Then again it was also only communicating with my phone which was only a few feet away at most. Didnt think of blu-tack. I should still have some at home somewhere. Not really an elegant solution, but if it works and doesnt cause other issues I am willing to give it a try.
  12. keithmarsh
    I can hear interference (quite badly) with my CA Solaris! I can’t have Poly anywhere near my phone. It don’t get it at all with any other IEMs or headphones .

    I guess this shows just how sensitive Campfire Audio IEMs are... I have to use an IFI IEMatch with quite a few of my amps with the Solaris, otherwise there is too much hiss/background noise.
  13. mashuto
    Are you hearing hiss or actual interference? I hear some low level hiss with the Atlas too, but the interference is definitely noticeable as interference as it often corresponds to things that would be sending data, such as scrolling through my dlna library. I am not super well versed on the electrical characteristics of headphones and all that, but have you used the iematch with the mojo/poly? I realize theres probably no reason to, and I wonder if it would even be detrimental to the sound, but if it kills the interference and doesnt negatively affect anything, might be something worth picking up. Of course please someone tell me if thats a stupid idea. And obviously if it makes no difference to the interference, then... yea, not gonna waste money anyways.
  14. keithmarsh
    Definitely interference and digital modem-like sounds rather than hiss.

    I haven’t used the IEMatch with MojoPoly but will give it a try. I mainly use it with my valve amps and Oppo HA-1, which would otherwise be unusable with the Solaris.
  15. mashuto
    Cool, I will look forward to hearing if it makes any difference. I know the mojo itself is also meant to drive significantly more power sensitive headphones and not just IEMs, so this is likely an issue of just have super sensitive IEMs here. I know I have to run the mojo at well below the so called "minimum" volume, with one ball brown, and often the other light blue. So its definitely down there. Driving the atlas out of my phone also ends up at like 15% volume for comfort, so yea, just very sensitive. So definitely interested to see if the iematch would make a difference and whether its just maybe a good accessory to have with such sensitive IEMs anyways.
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