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Chord Electronics ☆ Poly ☆ (wireless & microSD module for Mojo) ☆★►USEFUL INFO on 1st PAGE!!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Matt Bartlett, Jan 5, 2017.
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  1. Mojo ideas
    It’ll be six weeks from the iOS release as it always was I’m afraid we have one guy who’s written the Ap the iOS version has kept him busy writing and rewriting until we launch the first version he had done some work but has said it’s not a simple transposition from the iOS version.
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  2. keithmarsh
    Hi John

    Thanks for the update. I’m a little confused as we’re getting more conflicting messages.

    On the 19th of January you stated

    “We are running concurrent development for the Android version of Our Go Figure App However this is running about six weeks behind.”

    This is clearly stating that the Android is being built at the same time. Now you’re saying his is definitely not the case.

    Also, if you have been waiting on Apple (for several weeks) to approve the app, wouldn’t this free up the developer to work on the Android version?

    Just trying to get a bit of clarity as there’s a lot of frustrated users.
  3. Mojo ideas
    I was told then it would take about six week more work to complete after the iOS version was complete. I Was in a meeting with the software guy and asked him if the android version would follow sooner as there had been delays to the iOS version he said because of the additional work on the iOS it would still be around six weeks. I’m not trying to make excuses but when you have iOS changing all the time there are consequences to all hardware and software products linking into it and we are not immuned.
  4. keithmarsh
    Thanks for the reply - I think we all appreciate a bit more detail so it can help us understand! :)

    The more information we have the happier we are as we can empathise with he process you’re going through when it comes to these delays.

    Sounds like things are falling into place now though.
  5. Amberlamps
    I am sorry if you take offense John, but Chord has been saying for ages/months that the app is at the final hurdle, or its with apple and just waiting for them to approve, now its ios is changing hugely so we cant release just yet even though its been approved ???

    The only huge change I can see for ios is ios 12, but thats not due for atleast 6 months or even til next year, so why no release ? You can push fixes if needed later.

    I also feel that only having 1 person to do both the ios and android version, is a HUGE mistake, it should of been a team effort.

    I dont mean to offend, It’s just how I see things.
  6. Mojo ideas
    Well this is how I see things. I have always tried to given our all information in an open and honest way.
    I don’t want to have to justify information that I’ve given out all the time. If you want me to continue to spend time to give you additional information. As and when as it comes to me Please it’s important to understand that just sometimes the information I put out does change because of circumstances beyond our control as in the case of Apple’s sudden request for hardware after three months of the Gofigure Ap evaluation. I am prepared to continue posting if I don’t continually have to argue every nuance point every time we Chord have been wrong footed. I always give the information that I have at the time that I pass it on it’s passed honestly.
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2018
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  7. tomi1976
    I am waiting for quite a while now too and I was disappointed a couple of times, but I think, this time it really is about to be released and I think a little bit of further waiting and patience is what will be speeding up the final (iOs) release
  8. Bengkia369
    It seems there isn't any screws on Chord Poly itself, is it repairable and is the battery can be replaced if necessary?!
  9. JeremyLaurenson
    My replacement is here... charging.
  10. Amberlamps
    I do believe that their has been poblems and holdup’s outside of Chord’s control, Apple suddenly asking for hardware to test being a prime example.

    We are frustrated and I guess yourselves are also frustrated with the release of gofigure, but I do believe communication between all parties involved could of been better.

    Nobody want’s you or other chord employee’s to stop posting updates with regards to poly or anything else and I can see your point, why post if people are going to pick apart everything you say, I would feel the same.

    I hope that you can see it from our point of view as customers who are awaiting a crucial part of our purchase and have been told on numerous occassions and in good faith by yourselves, that we are nearly there for it to then be snatched away.

    Hopefully it wont be long before both versions are released and all posts are happy ones.

    One question, if you are able to answer ? the gofigure app for mojo/poly, will that also be the app to control 2go when its released ?

    My last post was not meant to offend John, if it did I apologise.
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  11. Amberlamps
    Their is hex screws on the bottom of poly to open her up by qualified and authorised technicians to repair or replace batteries under warranty.

    If you open I guess you void any warranty that comes with poly.
  12. andrewjamesdean
    the underlined words perfectly sum up Chord's view of Poly's entire release - the issues have been caused by everyone but themselves (the customers, wifi systems, third party chargers, Apple etc)
  13. miketlse
    I think you are being very uncharitable.
    Would you like it, if every time you said anything, a crowd of people pounced on every sentence, and minutely compared it to statements that you made 6 months ago.
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  14. McCol
    Helpful post.

    There’s part of me wants Chord to stop posting here, I would in their position. Some of the stick they have taken is uncalled for.
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  15. emgeebee
    For those looking to create some mpd playlists in advance of the app, i've been playing with some scripts to create them.

    Disclaimer: I'm sharing this for people who are comfortable using the command line and want inspiration, I'm not suggesting that this is something everyone should be doing and I'm not looking to tech support giving this a go, sorry.

    So my first script is to find the 100 latest mp3 files in a folder called "cd's", and put it into a playlist called "latest", change the values as needed for your setup: https://gist.github.com/emgeebee/73de596e14a0b86f0ff8f0adfd0d9d28

    I'm going to experiment with some others too. There are similar tools already available:

    I'm also going to see about getting MPD clients to save the "current" playlist to a physical file - this would facilitate "resume" like behaviour when restarting poly with the help of something like tasker on android.
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2018
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