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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Matt Bartlett, Jan 5, 2017.
  1. headmanPL
    That's good. I am sure you'll be happy with the new unit. Chord looked after me when the battery rattled in my first unit. The new Poly is great (with the pin being the obvious exception)
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  2. Peter Hyatt
    Weird but I was using NePLAYER w Hugo2 via Bluetooth

    My wife was using Poly in the other room.

    I accessed her SD card, via NePLAYER. Poly came up as one of the choices.
  3. lcasadonte
    I thought the poly was a full dlna player/server and should be visible and able to be "played" to as well.
  4. GreenBow
    Thank you Peter. I am aching to get a portable solution sorted out.

    An iPod Shuffle that I have is only 4GB, and that fills up quickly with WAV or ALAC. However I really can't cope with iTunes, and I'd like something better than the Shuffle. It's OK and it's still a pleasure to have music on the go. That's why I know I'd be happy with a Sony ZX300. Even though it's unlikely to compete with the Mojo. (I have the Hugo also, but still appreciate my iPod Shuffle, for letting me have music on the go.)
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  5. paulgc
    Yes. Fingers crossed
  6. LONZO
    I have an intermittent problem with the power on. It happens more when it's cold. I found a workaround though: plug in the power- it wakes up in a few seconds. It's a pain in the butt. This thing isn't cheap. Chord needs to fix the issue. Good luck.
  7. huangwan
    Do you Iphone guys find yourself checking the app store several times for GoFigure each day like I do. Hmmm I guess i’m the eternal optimist:beerchug:
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  8. AudioBear
    My crystal ball said it would be announced this week. Only one more day for that to be true. And yes, I check every day.
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  9. Signal2Noise
    That "workaround" has been the normal since release day of the majority of Poly owners. Sorry, no Founding Father credit for you. :wink:
  10. NYanakiev
    Majority? I’m on my second Poly and I have never had to resort to anything like that to wake it up.
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  11. Mr X
    I've already done the ritual this morning and alas nothing.

    Did get my replacement Poly yesterday though so will test drive that over the next 2 days as I had terrible start up issues with the original. It know is a slightly different shade to my Mojo but I'll live with that for a working Poly.

    A minor note but the replacement did cost me another £10 to sink into Poly ownership as I had to pay postage to return mine. I appreciate the replacement Chord but it shouldn't cost me.
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  12. innocentblood
    for some reason, it wouldn't connect using my Poly name as the server name. so I am using the Poly's IP address when I am at home because I can see this easily when I look under my Asus Router settings. how do I look up the Poly's IP address when I am outside my home, when my Poly is connecting to my iPhone's hot spot?
  13. Matt Bartlett
    Strange - it should work with your polname.local as the server address. With the iPhone hotspot you need to use this method in order for it to connect.
    You can find out Poly's IP address by quickly pressing in the config pin and the 'lady inside' will speak the address.
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  14. innocentblood
    I'm sorry @Matt Bartlett ! you are right - I did not put in the server name accurately. the server name I put in was incomplete as I had left out the dot local part! gosh I feel so stupid now...
  15. Matt Bartlett
    No problem - glad it's working for you now.
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