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Chord Electronics ☆ Poly ☆ (wireless & microSD module for Mojo) ☆★►USEFUL INFO on 1st PAGE!!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Matt Bartlett, Jan 5, 2017.
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  1. Peter Hyatt

    Great news.

    We’re still waiting for reply.
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  2. paulgc
    Chord has said that there is an issue with a limited number of Mojos with a faulty component. To me if you are taking ownership as a manufacturer you recall the defective products and make the S/Ns available. Not sure why there is even any question about that. Mistakes happen and you just need to own them. But not owning it is a worry. There could be a number of reasons from lazy, not enough resources, not customer centric, through to financial risk in the most extreme circumstances. In this case I am not going to speculate or make any assumptions. Just want Chord as a respected company to do the right thing. Make sense?

    For me I do have nuisance power-up issues (especially when cold). Been pretty consistent on my posts... generally happy other than power up is never the first time (hence the reason I want to rule in or rule out if I have one of the impacted units with release of S/N#s), like all looking forward to seeing the very long awaited (overdue) app, and most recently determining that the Van Nuys Premium Leather case might not be made available in North America (more to come on that) .

    Hopefully that puts the post reply from a prior in prospective. Like this post if you agree or feel free to make a negative comment.

    BTW - Still a Chord/Rob fan and looking at the Hugo 2
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2018
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  3. mmwwmm
    Thanks for taking the time to try to replicate the issue in your unit.
  4. jarnopp
    I was in the same boat and emailed Chord and they are swapping out my Poly. At this point, I don’t think your Mojo SN matters, because whether a component was “faulty” or just a bit out of spec for what Poly expects, it seems they have redesigned the Poly itself to be triggered on by a different method, not Mojo voltage but some other state change. So, if you have an issue at all, you’d want a new Poly version. Mojo SN is irrelevant now. If there is even a consistent pattern to which Mojos generally work well or not with the initial Polys.
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  5. fredster
    A quick question on phone compatability is you can help please.

    Has anyone tried a Mojo with either an HTC one mini 2 or an LG Optimus L90, I am seeing conflicting reports on if they are OTG or not ?
  6. Signal2Noise
    We need a GoGuessWhenGoFigureAppIsReleased app.

    Originally we were told it was imminent back in late October of 2017.
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2018
  7. headmanPL
    Since the last firmware update, mine powers within a few seconds. As such, I would say you should email/call the guys at Chord to get yours exchanged.
  8. paulgc
    Just took your advice.
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  9. Peter Hyatt

    same boat as...?

  10. StevieDvd
    ...as @paulgc :)
  11. jarnopp
    Yes, as StevieDVD said. The slow power on issue (4-5 minutes, usually 2-3 power cycles when cold). Perhaps the "recall" of many of the initial units is behind the price increase. Maybe they can be retrofitted and sold as refurb for less!
  12. paulgc

    Well kudos to Chord today. Emailed them with my issue and device info. Tom @ChordElectronics got back to me within hours and indicated the description sounds like a replacement Poly is in order and will be allocated. They will work with my dealer @MoonAudio (not Moon Electronics... Inside joke)
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2018
  13. Peter Hyatt

    Poly + Water = :triportsad:
  14. GreenBow
    I am wondering if it's worth buying a Poly to use only as a file source from SD-card. Meaning no worries about getting it to connect to wifi etc. ....... Is the only issue then to worry about, the switching on thing? Or if the Poly will talk to the Mojo?

    I'd like to get a portable music solution. I could of course use a phone, but that makes a large item to put in a pocket. My last option is that I have my mind on the Sony NW-ZX300. It has great battery life and a growing number of legion of fans. (Many saying it's close to the flagship Sony DAP.) I am still waiting for pro-reviews myself. The ZX300 is supposed to be very good sounding. I would be happy that it most like will not match the Mojo/Poly. However I really don't mind that.
  15. Peter Hyatt
    I think those who had the issues are all being taken care of by Chord. My wife's sole use now is SD card. I think those who received replacements seem to all be happy. I think it is safe to make the investment.

    I hope to buy Hugo 2's "2go". the Poly of Hugo 2 for the same reason: I can bring 400gb of music with me anywhere,. and listen with superior sound quality. What's better than that?

    2Go likely delayed as the focus seems to be on Poly, but my confidence remains the same in Chord quality and customer service.
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