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Chord Electronics ☆ Poly ☆ (wireless & microSD module for Mojo) ☆★►USEFUL INFO on 1st PAGE!!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Matt Bartlett, Jan 5, 2017.
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  1. JeremyLaurenson
    I see all of this just like you but it doesn’t play.
  2. emgeebee
    Ah I see, I did wonder where your numbers came from. Yes I did, so I'm already one of your 2.
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  3. Brushane
    Firmware upgrades and app are coming, so this is the solution and you know this. Chord has said this many, many times. If you can't accept a temporary solution and wait for the fix, I am not sure what it is you want. Another temporary solution?
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2017
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  4. headmanPL
    Likewise, though my experience is in Android rather than IOS. It feels from feedback that either IOS users are having more issues, or are more vocal about the issues. Android seems less "noisy"
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  5. McCol
    You can if the product is not capable of doing what it is advertised as being able to do.
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  6. Priaptor
    Really?? I would like to hear this from Chord or Moon rather than a post from an end user. Maybe Matt can weigh in on this
  7. McCol
    I've had refunds from 3 different UK retailers more than 3 months after purchase on DAPS made by Fiio and Cayin that were not fit for purpose, that was after trying replacement models that were also not able to perform as claimed.

    There's a little difference in terminology here, the Fiio and Cayin were not faulty, they were simply unable to perform as advertised.

    The Poly for some users may be the same, if after the app and firmware upgrade are released there is still issues for people then they can push for replacement models to rule out faults and then a refund if problem persists.
  8. Matt Bartlett
    Sorry I can't answer. This would be down to the individual dealer. We would of course give as much support as we can.
    Chord Electronics Stay updated on Chord Electronics at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/chordelectronics https://twitter.com/chordaudio http://www.chordelectronics.co.uk/
  9. Priaptor
    Without belaboring the issue I think Matt gave the answer. Call me cynical but it doesn’t seem like Chord, at least according to Matt’s reply is going to be offering refunds and here in the States refunds have time periods not trial periods based on promised updates.

    I will be a very happy camper if I can use my Poly without dropouts with Roon on my LAN and simply play off the SD card on the go; and of course no paper clip for settings. I’m easy to please and want nothing more.
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  10. McCol
    I'm honestly not trying to troll or cause issue just pointing out to UK users (should've pointed that out really) can if they are not happy try and claim a refund on the basis I already mentioned. Not suggesting they should but I think people need to cut a little slack to Chord. If i remember right people were moaning at the delay in the product being launched, now as far as I'm aware and I am probably wrong but the Poly is a new type of product to market that maybe with foresight should've been advertised and released as a limited beta product to get some real world testing in larger numbers. So many variables with a product like this but I'm not saying anything that hasn't already been said by others so I'm going to shut up:neutral_face:
  11. ChordElectronics

    Poly Free Case Promotion Update

    Hello Head-Fiers! It has come to our attention that there has been some confusion regarding our current Poly Free Case Promotion following an earlier email newsletter.

    We would like to clarify that this promotion is currently only open to in-store purchases made within the UK, although other countries/territories may opt-in on a case-by-case basis, please check with your local dealer for details.

    Online purchases are not eligible to receive the single use redemption code to claim back online and cases claimed overseas are unable to receive shipping outside of the UK.

    The email newsletter was sent by our UK distribution agent and Chord Electronics would like to apologise for any confusion that may have occurred.​
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2019
    Chord Electronics Stay updated on Chord Electronics at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/chordelectronics https://twitter.com/chordaudio http://www.chordelectronics.co.uk/
  12. corius
    In the UK this is nothing to do with Chord or a vendor's willingness to refund but is covered by law as specified originally in the "the Sale of Goods Act" and now by the "Consumer Rights Act". If a product is not fit for purpose then a refund must be made.

    Fit for purpose would be measured against the marketing claims/brochure for the product. The "promise" of future firmware updates would not override the right to expect a product to operate as described when originally purchased.
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  13. Andreeas1978
    Yep, my feeling too! Which might put more of the focus on IOS rather than Poly, they (Apple) always had those compatibility/security issues with...everything else. I`ve had a few Apples and my wife still goes full Apple, phone, laptop, iPad, but I just needed the ''luxury'' of audio jacks, my own samplerates and bitrates, the complex ''copy-paste'' operation on my phone, not to mention some not so legally acquired games and programs (I only bought the ones I really like, I`m not the supreme pirate) ... let`s not blame Chord so much here... My MojoPoly works flawlessly from day 2 on Android and Roon PC. Power up, listen, power down. Or fall asleep..
    And I didn`t complain even once for a free case, just bought it on Amazon. Can`t complain over a gift, Chord made some of us a present, that`s it. If they wouldn`t, they wouldn`t have to take some of the punishment they took here. Would that had been better? I`m getting in too much English grammar for my knowledge here, hope I didn`t loose it.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2017
  14. paulgc
    Then how did they get my email address. It was only shared on Chord’s site for newsletter sign up. Something doesn't make sense. Just more Poly drama.
  15. corius

    Unfortunate choice of words perhaps?
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