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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (On or Over Ear Headphones)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by slowpickr, Oct 5, 2016.
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  1. peter123
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  2. pkrussel
    If my budget is 300 us dollars and I want a chifi headphone. Is the BossHiFi B8 then still the best option?
    If so where should I buy it. If a random Ali express seller sends it, I might need to pay customs.
  3. slapo
    You might want to describe your criteria for "the best".
  4. pkrussel
    Sound quality wise driven by a mobile phone.
    I don't mind using a Bluetooth headphone, but a wired headphone like the B8 is not a problem either.
  5. raccoon city
    The BossHiFi B8 isn't too bad, but I like the ISK MDH9000 clones much better.
    They're great if you like bassy, closed, over-ear headphones.
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  6. BenF
    What sound signature are you looking for?
    What kind of music you enjoy most?
  7. pkrussel
    I listen mostly to pop, rap and acoustic music. Sound signature, neutral. I don't like an overly bass headset. I currently use an iem cuz it is handy.
    Somehow I feel that an overhead headphone provides me more detail.
  8. BenF
    Since you have a 300$ budget, the solution is very simple:
    1) Pro 82 v2 at 62$ - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32808454492.html
    2) Bosshifi B8 at 62$ (68$ minus 6$ coupon) - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32944382637.html
    3) Shanling Up2 at 79$ - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000008394295.html

    That's a total of 203$, plus you can use a "5$ off 99" store coupon when ordering Pro 82 and Up2 together - so now it's 198$.

    Pro 82 and B8 compliment each other very nicely - you will like some music better on one, and some on the other.
    Up2 will allow you to drive both of them adequately - both from smartphone (over Bluetooth) and laptop/PC (over USB).
    Just don't use Bluetooth with your laptop/PC - they don't support advanced codecs.

    To make the headphones easier to use over Bluetooth, you can buy shorter cables.
    This 4$ cable works great with Pro 82 - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32798495447.html
    Shouldn't be too hard to find a short cable for B8 either - any 3.5mm to 3.5mm with narrow plug should fit.
  9. pkrussel
    Thanks for the info.
    Buying 2 headsets and an amp is not really what I had in mind, but at least it verifies that the pro82 or the B8 are the best that fits my budget.
  10. peter123
    Fwiw the Pro82 is one of my biggest disappointments in full size headphones. The lack of dynamics in them makes them very two dimensional and boring sounding. I tend to find something good in pretty much every pair of headphones cheap or expensive, but the Pro82 is a rare exception unfortunately. As always YMMV.

    Are you looking for closed headphones or are open ones also an alternative?
  11. pkrussel
    I want to use them in my office. Open headphones leaks too much and will result into complains.
    I have read positive things about the 1more triple driver. But that looks like an open model.
    Back in the days I read lots of positive stories about the pm-3, but it is hard to find in the Netherlands. And it needed to be driven by a powerful source.
    I'm reading up about the Shanning UP2 that @BenF recommended. I wasn't aware that bt amps existed, they might solve that power problem.
  12. mbwilson111
    They are closed. I love mine. I often keep them hanging near my desk.
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  13. peter123
    Noted on closed headphones, I really haven't found any closes Chinese ones that can compete in the price class your looking for. For $300 the Meze 99 Classic are a highly regarded option. Maybe the the 99 Neo and a BT amp is an even better option.

    For BT amp the Radsone ES100 is also a very good option, you can read more about it here:

  14. nraymond
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  15. nereus
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