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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (On or Over Ear Headphones)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by slowpickr, Oct 5, 2016.
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  1. Braekfast
    I'm hoping this is an acceptable place to ask this: I'm currently looking for some budget headphones for use in the office. Normally I'd use my portapro's, but I work in a quiet environment with other people so leaking sound is an issue. The obvious answer would be IEM's, but I've tried them with a bunch of different tips and the inside of my ears just gets super uncomfortable after 15-30 minutes.

    My budget would be somewhere around 40 euro or so. Over/On ear doesn't matter much, but I will be lugging these around every day so maybe no absolutely massive pairs. I currently use a HD555 at home, along with portapro's and VE Monks when not at my desk, in case that helps narrowing down my taste. From most to least used it's HD555 > VE Monk >>> Portapro. I'll be going back through this thread for juicy finds, but if anyone has any models to recommend directly that'd be swell.
  2. baskingshark
    Hi I'm an IEM guy, due to their portability and better isolation. But would like to seek your advise on a good CHIFI closed back headphone. Budget < $150 USD, prefer a sound signature similar to the Sennheissers, something warm. Comfort is a plus. Gonna drive them from desktop -> Khadas tone board -> fiio A3 amp.

    I'm a big fan of CHIFI and I've bought the OKCSC ZX1 but wasn't too impressed with them in terms of details and clarity compared to some CHIFI IEMs at the same price.

    TIA for your advise!!!
  3. Pharmaboy
    I posted several days ago about the really nice sound I was getting from my E10K + Marantz MPH-2 headphone while on vaca. In some ways, it's the best sound I've gotten yet from this clone of the ISK MDH9000 (I owned 4 pairs of the various clones--sonically identical, gave away 2). There are many references to these clones earlier in this thread--including a complete list of all the clones.

    The MPH-2 is somewhat bassy, very musical/ear-friendly (no rising treble here), with better mids & soundstage than one would expect from an inexpensive ChiFi sealed back. I've tried these clones on 5 SS amps, from silly money cheap (FiiO E10k) to Violectric V281. The E10k takes the prize for best sound: the whole FC range sounds flat, neutral, less bass emphasis, though bass is still excellent. Soundstage continues to be very good.

    Just read an interesting comparison of your FiiO A3 vs the E10K:

    Based on the similarities this reviewer found between the sound of the 2 units, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend any of the ISK MDH9000 clones to you. They all sound identical, assuming the same pads are used.

    Here's the MPH-2 (my favorite of the clones, in terms of appearance/color). The quoted price is in Canadian dollars because I'm in Canada today. In USD it's ~$42, dirt-cheap for this very competent, comfortable, good-sounding closed back HP.

    Here's the MPH-2 on Amazon/US: https://www.amazon.com/Marantz-MPH-...=gateway&sprefix=marantz+MPH-2,aps,199&sr=8-3
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  4. mbwilson111
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  5. Pharmaboy
    These clones really sound good, better than I ever expected. That's why I ended up owning 4 of them.

    I really couldn't believe the sonic jump I heard amping the MPH-2 w/my cheapest AIO DAC/amp, the FiiO e10K. I never expected that, but now I'll listen to this pair often when back home IMS.

    Besides sounding really good in stock form, these headphones can be modded:
    • A talented & knowledgeable Head-Fi'er who posts often here, @Slater, did a series of mods on one of the clones at my request.
    • The result was a fully open-backed version of the clone, complete with sound-shaping/attenuating materials installed around driver & in earcup, plus a cable entry mod that allowed use of any 3.5mm after-market cable (really beautiful work)
    • The sound remained the basic sound of the clones, but became more refined & dynamic, w/greater resolution & soundstaging.
    I made the mistake of "loaning" this modded clone to my twin brother, to whom I'd already given my 1st (stock) MPH-2. He put that clone on, listened 30", and said, "Wow! This is even better" (this from a dude would knows nothing about headphone audio). I'm never going to get that modded clone back, I just know it...!
  6. hifi80sman
    I have the LyxPro HAS-30 clone and they're great paired with my ES100, so I can at least retain some level of potability.
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2019
  7. Lurk650
    Put the HAS30 on my recently acquired JDS Atom (iFi Micro BL DAC) and it's killer. The HAS30 do def need power behind them to shine.
  8. BenF
    You are welcome!
    Did you manage to purchase Pro 82 or GM200 during the sale?
  9. BenF
    For a warm but clear presentation, Bosshifi B8 is unmatched.
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  10. Jumbotron
    Yes, I opted for Pro 82. I don't need a mic on the headphones and I prefer the more balanced sound signature of the Pro 82. In some 2-3 weeks I hope to receive them. Thank you once again for your help when I asked. :beerchug:
  11. jaguor
    When you say unmatched, how good of a headphone is it compared to other commonly recommended ones? E.g. ATH-M50x

    I'm currently debating between getting the BossHiFi B8 and one of the better recommended DIY IE800 clones (not a dodgy one, one actually well-regarded by Chinese reviewers).
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2019
  12. raccoon city
    I actually prefer the ISK MDH9000 clones to the Bosshifi B8.
    They're cheaper, and a lot lighter, though they may not be as durable.
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  13. mbwilson111
    The Bosshifi B8 is certainly prettier with the wood cups but it is also less comfortable to me. I agree that the ISK MDH9000 clones being lighter. One of my most comfortable headphones. I am not worried about durability because I am very gentle with my things. My headphones stay at home and live in cases... except this clone which hangs on a hook at my desk. I have no case for it. I think it sounds fuller than the Bosshifi B8 so I prefer the clone but sound preferences vary among people.

    Between the two I would probably choose the B8 for classical but would actually choose an open headphone over either for that. Otherwise I find the clone to be a good all rounder.
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  14. pack66
    Just wanted to say thanks to this thread, I've found and been extremely happy with my OneOdio Adapter Free DJ Pro Studios...or whatever they're called.


    I have the brown version.

    I've been looking for a decent set of closed back headphones with a detachable cord to use as a gaming headset. My first iteration was to try a pair of the vaunted Monoprice 8323s they were $10usd on CL and I thought, why not? I hated them...at first. Then I did the rolled up paper mod and really started to enjoy them. Purchased some cheap Aliexpress pads and I was set. Started to look for a headband when they broke (the cheap plastic headband). Since then I've tried the Monoprice Retros (wasn't impressed, but maybe they needed more power to drive then what I had from my motherboard, would also need a pad change and I'd need to mod for a cord), SHP9500s (which I still have and love, just needed closed back due to the environment) and the Marantz MPH-2s (due to this thread). The Marantz were comfortable, but the mids seemed a little too recessed for me. I probably didn't give them enough time and almost re-purchased, but then I decided to try the One Audio (aka One Odio, written as audio on my box) to try something different...if they didn't work out, I'd just re-purchase the MPH-2s and be done. Went with the brown version as I thought it looked a little nicer and wouldn't have to change pads as most reported they were comfortable. Short answer, they're perfect for my use. I'm not an audiophile per se, I love music and good sound, but I also have tinnitus/some high frequency loss, which I'm sure effects what and how I hear compared to others. To me, the bass on the One Audios is excellent. The mids are still a little recessed, but not as much as the MPH-2s and there are enough to the highs to be pleasing and clear for me, more so than the Marantz. They're perfect for watching Netflix and playing games in my book. They isolate well enough and have lasted for about six months without any issues. They're very comfortable and I've had no issue wearing them for several hours.

    Bottom line, if you're looking for a decent gaming headset on the cheap, these HPs are worthy of your attention. I've paired mine with a Vmoda Boom Pro and everything works perfectly. I've purchased a set for my son with a cheaper Boom Pro knock off and so far, so good for him as well.

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  15. BenF
    B8 (IMHO) is better than B&O H6, Sennheiser Momentum 2 Over Ear, Sony MDR-Z7, Denon D7200, Audio-Technica ATH-ESW9.
    In the giant-beater category it's second only to Takstar Pro 82/GM200.
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