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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (On or Over Ear Headphones)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by slowpickr, Oct 5, 2016.
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  1. SabaDen
    Oh, cool!  Didn't know that ... Thanks! :)
  2. vapman
    There's a Xiaomi headphone (the 50mm one) on eBay ending soon, and I can't decide if I should bid or not. Seems like there are really mixed opinions on, well, everything about it...
  3. Vidal
    With the grado style foams I really like the sound, not much isolation though
  4. robervaul
    crabdog likes this.
  5. crabdog
    Tell me more!
  6. vapman
    I would be all over a KZ over ear or on ear headphone. but no need for bluetooth. I have been itching for a new headphone that is open and can accomodate lots of input power. Anyone know something like this? 
    I  was thinking the xiaomi mi headphone but then that seemed like it was really cheap...
    no need for isolation, just want a good clean clear sound!
  7. Lurk650

    AKG 7xx seem to take a ton of power. Black version is $200 on MD again. I have the Red version
  8. wastan

    They do have the LP3
  9. crabdog
    Got my Yenona today. Early impressions are they're very good for the price - I paid $35 on 11/11. They're almost worth that much just for the awesome ear-pads. [​IMG]
    Lurk650 likes this.
  10. kietakas
    Recently got the yenonas as well. I feel there's too much treble, sometimes the highs hurt my ears. Also the channels are mixed up, the L speaker plays right channel and vice versa.
  11. mysacisanorange
    I think I'm looking at the BassStyle TH-5001's
    They look like rebranded Takstar pro80's. Very slightly different specs, but most likely margin of error. I doubt the company changed much sound wise.
    They have a removable cable, and thicker pads. Anyone give them a try yet?
  12. vapman
    Looking to spend ike $80 tops and happy to try my luck on a lesser known brand, also not much of an AKG fan, but thank you
    closed though aren't they?
  13. Saoshyant
    vapman I'll be curious to see what you pick. I know I'll most likely try the BT KZ can, especially with my new BT dap. Just got a new BT headphone in today for $80, and curious how the Asian market will compare. Either way, I've been itching to try a full sized given how well that community does with IEMs and earbuds.
  14. slex

    Any comments? using bio diaphragm.
  15. vapman
    Where can it be purchsaseD?
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