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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (On or Over Ear Headphones)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by slowpickr, Oct 5, 2016.
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  1. Pharmaboy
    This is interesting! Was the seller talking about a new Yenona HP? If so, this is news--that brand has my complete attention now...
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  2. Lurk650
    Yeah i use 3.5 and since the 3.5 input does not secure the cable I didn't want a regular AUX cable, I chose a custom 6.3 to 3.5
  3. Pharmaboy
    (this is so bizarre)
    3 days ago I gave my (thoroughly broken in & totally satisfactory) Marantz Pro MPH-2 headphones to my brother. My thinking was, "I'll just order new ones." I paid a shockingly low $39.99 for mine @Musiciansfriend.com, and saw them for sale several places early last week for $49.99--which I'd happily pay for these over-achieving cans.
    So just now I searched online for these headphones--and they're flat-out GONE! Nobody any. Every place that had them last week is "Currently unavailable (we don't know when these will next be in stock." Not even aliexpress has them...
    Does anyone know where these headphones can be found?
  4. lugnut
    A quick search shows a Guitar Center in ILL. shows them for $29.00 + free shipping , unless I am missing something .
  5. Shinry
    It's the Marantz MPH is it any different?
  6. lugnut
    I missed that, 1 vs 2 ! There are 2 places on ebay showing the model 2 and several model 1.
  7. Pharmaboy
    The first thing I found when searching for the MPH-2's is that the 1's are being aggressively marketed now--and yes, they're definitely different--probably because they're being discontinued, too.
    The MPH-1 looks like an exact copy of the AT-50X's, and that's one headphone I have no interest in at all.
    I also found the 2 ebay listings for the MHP-2's: the link you show is for a "display model" with admitted "issues" (no thanks). The other (see below) is $81 for a purposedly new pair that can't be returned & has no warranty (again, no thanks).
    But this gets weirder...I know the Marantz' are a rebrand of the ISK MDH9000's, which also are not available (haven't been for weeks). Just now when I searched Amazon for them, I stumbled over a virtually identical (to the Marantz' rebrand of the ISK) headphone: the "Freeboss MDH9000" @$62.88 & free shipping:
    I never saw the brandname "Freeboss" before, and apparently no one else has, either. If you google it, all you get is Amazon listings. There's a fair amount of PA-type equipment by Freeboss on Amazon--but apart from that, nada.
  8. atarione
    Aren't these just re-branded LyxPro HAS-30's anyways?  $50~ on amazaon right now.
    or more amusingly $40 from SkyMall
  9. trivium911

    Have you tried aliexpress? I bought my isk mdh900s from there. Epacket is supposed to be faster shipping...but we shall see if thdy show up this week. Could always pay $20 shipping from china to get quicker.
  10. Pharmaboy
    You're so right. I appreciate the reality check, @atarione!
    Just ordered these from Amazon (SkyMall has miserable ratings on resellerratings.com).
    With all this re-branding, it gets very confusing. I have no idea which version of these headphones is "original":
    --  the LyxPro HAS-30's
    --  or the ISK MDH-9000's (which actually are available on Aliexpress...just found them)
    -- The Marantz' MPH-2's are an obvious re-brand (Marantz doesn't make headphones)
    --  I suspect the "Freeboss MDH-9000" iteration I just found are also rebranded
    --  And finally, yet another rebrand, the Stellar Labs "Full Size Monitor/DJ Headphones" (HC-5985)
    There appear to be 2 basic iterations of this headphone. One is all black; the other is all black except for a silver accent on front & back of each earcup hinge.
    The Marantz/all-black iteration:
    And the LyxPro/ISK/Stellar Labs iteration:
    I really liked the all-black (or maybe ultra-deep brown) color scheme of the Marantz'...also the fact those hinges weren't silver.
    But I decided not to sit around and wait for headphones that may never see the light of day--especially when a functionally identical version is available right now on Amazon.
    (thanks also to @trivium911 for very helpful recent comments about the ISK's...looks like you & I will soon own the same headphones!)
  11. Pharmaboy
    I ultimately did find the ISKs on Aliexpress--that site has more pages than WAR AND PEACE, and many aren't google-linked. Anyway, the price was a 2-3 bucks higher than the apparently identical LyxPro's on Amazon, plus the wait time is longer (at first it said "29 to 56 days" (to me in NY state), then it changed to "12 to 20 days." Amazon said 7-10 days...we'll see.
    As long as they come in <2 wks or so, undamaged, I'm a happy camper. I routinely burn-in new headphones 100-200 hrs, which takes quite awhile, so it's not like I plan to listen to them immediately (I have other HPs, as many of us  do).
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  12. trivium911

    Yeah the site is frustrating...and some sellers stores dont show up in the search even on aliexpress so the only way to veiew the product is to open the sellers store and search within their store.
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  13. trivium911

    Oh and word of advice with alieexpress...use epacket for shipping. This is my first time buying aliexpress, so far i bought the isk 9000s and the 5ba custom iems so hopefully something showes up soon. I recently purchased the KZ ZST from gearbest and they took 1.5 weeks to prepare the order which is just shipping today...so im a little bitter about that.
  14. Pharmaboy
    Good advice. I've read conflicting things about aliexpress here on Head-Fi...mostly along the lines of "they're trustworthy, but you'll be on Social Security by the time the package arrives."
    I've heard some not-so-good things about GearBest, so I never bought from them, despite temptation to do so when I was shopping for my Swan M200 MKIII powered speakers (ended up buying them direct from the mfr). Then again, I also heard bad things about MusiciansFriend (where I just bought the Marantz MPH-2's ~1 month ago), and besides taking 10 days for the package to arrive (excessive for a stateside website), the transaction was perfect.
    IMO an invaluable research tool for evaluating websites you're not familiar with is www.ResellerRatings.com. Just go there and put in the name or web address of the website in question, and up pops a summary/numerical rating for that site, based on user/buyer reviews collected from every source out there (ie, Amazon, Google, NewEgg--anyplace that collects lots of user reviews). Check it out.
  15. Melfyce
    Hello again, since my very first post on this platform didnt got noticed I just repost it. It also adds some infos to that LyxPro confusion.

    Hey there, i've been following this thread and similiar ones to this for quite a while and I am intrigued by these relatively inexpensive mid to high quality china-headphones. 
    In particular the iSK MDH9000. I'm very new to the headphones-topic and still figuring out the basics but i like to spend some money to buy a new pair of headphones. 
    Being a user of a HyperX Cloud, which seems to be a rebranded Takstar Pro80 or  iSK HP 2011, i'd like to know if the iSK MDH9000 could be considered as an 'upgrade' to the headphones i have.
    Furthermore i'm wondering if the LyxPro HAS-30 are really the exact same headphones as the iSK MDH 9000. On the outside they appear to be identical, expect for the branding of course. But on the inside im not sure that they use the same drivers.
    iSK MDH9000:  Frequency Response Range: 10-30000Hz whereas the Lyxpro has a frequency response of : 15Hz - 26KHz

    Can someone clarify that?
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