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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (On or Over Ear Headphones)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by slowpickr, Oct 5, 2016.
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  1. slex

    As far as i know, not available in tabao yet. But my local forum has an MO going on. At around Sgd$148 ( US$104 ) a pop.
    vapman likes this.
  2. vapman
    Looks killer for just over $100 USD. Consider me interested. I'll be watching for info on where it can be purchased!
  3. slex

    Woody with biodyna and its an open headphone. That the first combination i have seen. Already on the MO list.
  4. vapman
    Just wanted to send shouts out for your Larry Bird avatar. Born and raised in Boston....
    If there is any way I can buy one in the USA I would be extremely interested?
  5. Saoshyant
    I'd be tempted to give that one a try as well.  It looks quite interesting.
  6. slex

    Driver Size:50mm
    Cable length:1.8m
    Audio Jack:3.5mm gold-plated

    Weight: 180g- This is unbelievable light !!!

  7. Saoshyant
    If I remember, that's less than MA900 weight, which would mean either this is smaller than I expect, or it's truly light weight.  Either way I'm curious.
  8. slex

    Looks like a full size hp to me :nerd:
  9. wastan

    No they're light weight porta pro equivalent in terms of sound. Come with really nice cusions. They used to make a vmoda clone called LP2 but I've not heard that.
  10. Roderick
    that pic is photoshopped. I'd guess those are large on ear or small fullsized.
  11. Pharmaboy

    Clearly that's not a normal/functioning pair of Yenona's. If you're able to, I recommend you return them for exchange.
    My first pair developed a deal left earcup immediately upon 1st listening. I returned them to the ebay seller for credit (I wanted an exchange, but they weren't able to accomodate that). I purchased my 2nd pair for $20 from Amazon and they were fine.
    Oddly enough, they've become brighter after ~300 hrs of use, something I really don't understand. Am playing around with pad switches &/or fabric lining in earcups to modify the sound--because I'm so fond of the Yenona's. Their initial sound quality just knocked me out, not to mention they're easily the most comfortable headphones I ever used.
  12. slex
    Another comparison on size.
  13. vapman
    Thanks bro! I would have got myself a set already if I knew they were open. Cool, I will give them a try at that price.
    I signed up on the MO. Now just hoping the sound does not disappoint! =)
  14. mikp
    Im waiting for some ausdom m05 bluetooth headphones, just got them for the 33$ price. dont know anything about them.
    But i ordered 3 or 4 pairs of hm5 pads when they where on sale for 16.5$ and 5% off for next ones, so had to use them on something.
  15. jant71
    May just grab a pair myself. Since they are dual entry I'd cut that pleather headband off and go the old school skinny band I haven't had since the PX 95. Shave 10 or 15 grams off as well most likely :)
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